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Page added on November 28, 2009

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India: Living with 100% food price hike

NEW DELHI: The past year has been a particularly tough year for households as food bills seem to be headed for a roofless upward spiral.

From vegetables to fruits, milk products to grains and packaged foods, prices of all commodities have been going up since the beginning of the year. The mutton crisis recently also pushed chicken prices through the roof. Since January, the monthly budget for food items has gone up several fold.

A poor monsoon, strikes, inferior quality of seeds and consequent hoarding has seen prices shoot up by as much as 100% in case of some items.

While vegetables and grains were affected by disproportionate rainfall, the price of chicken shot up from Rs 90/kg in January, to Rs 160/kg in October due to shortage of mutton during the strike by butchers. Mutton itself, being in short supply, went for a premium, selling for Rs 250/kg as against its initial price of Rs 180/kg in January.

The Economic Times

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