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Page added on July 30, 2009

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Health care, peak oil and climate change are linked

Municipalities are increasingly implicated in the health of their residents. Recently, the mayor of Bas-Caraquet even gave up her office so that a clinic could expand and offer space to a new doctor. While this is an example that speaks directly to the needs of rural communities, municipalities will also be involved in health care at more intricate and complex levels.

There are a number of inter-related factors leading to this involvement. The first is health care reform. A recently released document in the United States suggests health care reform is really about transportation reform. As Canadian provinces begin to face the mounting sustainability challenge, the effect of transportation on our health will become ever more apparent as well.

The second factor is the idea of peak oil, which has gained ground in Europe and predicts oil production will peak before 2015. It doesn’t mean that oil will run out, however once it requires a barrel of oil to extract a barrel of oil, extraction will come to an end.

Finally, there’s climate change — I don’t want to get e-mails or Tweets about how it’s all a farce; let’s just agree that pollution is not good and any initiative to reduce such while also leading to and/or promoting healthier lifestyles and resource conservation is a noble cause.

The United States, for once, will lead the charge as they undergo what is quite possibly the most dramatic health care reform since Medicaid, or ever. The problem is at what cost? Furthermore, how will they reduce the cost of health care to reduce that cost?

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