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Page added on June 29, 2007

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Groups unite to halt EU biofuels rush

More than 30 groups from around the world have come together to demand a moratorium on the EU’s move towards sourcing biofuels from large-scale monocultures.

In March 2007, EU leaders committed to a 10% share of biofuels in transport by 2020. Even US plane manufacturer Boeing plans to fly aircraft on a 50% biofuel blend. However, concerns have arisen over the environmental impact of bio-fuel production methods.

Presenting their case at the European Parliament on 26 and 27 June, the signatories warn that producing biofuel for EU markets will accelerate climate change, destroy biodiversity, and uproot local communities.

“Far from reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, Europe’s biofuel policy threatens to accelerate global warming by destroying tropical and sub-tropical forests and peatlands, which are amongst the world’s most important carbon sinks,” says Almuth Ernsting, of Biofuelwatch.

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