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Page added on June 29, 2006

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Fission Impossible

Fear not, nuke binge will be a no-go due to skyrocketing uranium prices

CANADA – The Ontario Government is vain enough to think it has made a decision to go nuclear. But let’s get something straight. The only decision it can really control is the one to spend up to $40 bil to build and repair plants.

Actually going nuclear is quite another story. The fact is, if the Libs cancel a full-scale enviro and economic assessment and their plan goes ahead, taxpayer cash will be used to fund reactors that will end up auctioned off as cricket stadiums, tourist traps for jaunts through Ontario ghost towns or folk museums for Homer Simpson reruns and memorabilia.

Why am I saying this? Because there’s no nuclear fission without uranium, and uranium ore is getting too pricey to be splitting atoms for long. Though Canada, specifically Saskatchewan, is the world’s largest producer of uranium, there’s no hometown shopper’s discount for the metal any more than there is for oil.

No one, it seems, worries about the availability of uranium in the industry that humility, Plan B, mundane details, Murphy’s Law and second thoughts forgot.

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