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Page added on September 25, 2012

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Energy: The Book

Energy: The Book thumbnail

ENERGYtakes an unflinching look at the environmental devastation created by our thirst for energy — including supposedly “clean” renewable sources.

From oil spills, nuclear accidents, and mountaintop-removal coal mining to oversized wind farms and desert-destroying solar power plants, virtually every region of the globe is now experiencing the consequences of out-of-control energy development. Essentially no place is sacred, no landscape safe from the relentless search for energy resources to continue powering a culture based on perpetual growth. Precious wildlands, fragile ecosystems, even our own communities and children’s health are at risk.

Featuring essays by more than thirty of the most brilliant minds in the fields of energy, society, and ecology, ENERGY and its companion  — The ENERGY Reader — lifts the veil on the harsh realities of our pursuit of energy at any price, revealing the true costs, benefits, and limitations of all our energy options. Contributors include Bill McKibben, Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, Vandana Shiva, Richard Heinberg, Lester Brown, Amory Lovins, Sandra Steingraber, James Hansen, Winona LaDuke, and James Woolsey. Collectively, they offer a wake-up call about the future of energy and what each of us can do to change course.

Ultimately, the book offers not only a deep critique of the current system that is toxic to nature and people, but also a hopeful vision for a future energy economy — in which resilience, health, beauty, biodiversity, and durability, not incessant growth, are the organizing principles.


3 Comments on "Energy: The Book"

  1. BillT on Wed, 26th Sep 2012 1:08 am 

    Of course SOS will call the chapter on fraking all lies … lol. I may just add this one to my library.

  2. Arthur on Wed, 26th Sep 2012 12:44 pm 

    The links points to an intro of 4 pages. It is a mystery to me where the complete book can be found.

  3. Arthur on Wed, 26th Sep 2012 5:40 pm 

    Ah, now I understand, it is not out yet! We have to wait until October 16.

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