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Page added on January 29, 2008

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Energy security: A new buzzword for Europe

Europe, visually safe, prosperous, and with its own say on major international issues, may lose this profile soon.

The single most important trigger for this risk may be energy security. Without ensuring its energy security, Europe will not have enough tools to be a serious global player, because energy matters are very much intermingled with political, economic, and military issues.

Having substantial energy resources allows countries to advance their interests more effectively, while those dependent on foreign oil and gas are vulnerable to pressures if unable to guarantee effective supply mechanisms.

…If current trends continue, Europe will become more energy-hungry and more dependent on traditional suppliers. By 2030, because of growing energy demands and declining domestic production, Europe will rely on imports for two-thirds of its energy needs. Dependence on imported oil will remain extremely high, reaching 94 percent in 2030. Dependence on imported gas will rise to 84 percent in 2030, and imports of solid fuels are projected to reach 59 percent in 2030.

Turkish Daily News

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