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Page added on March 30, 2006

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Electricity Crunch Looms for British Columbia

Electricity gap is a threat to B.C.’s energy future; Hydro options include coal-fired power generation

BC Hydro threw open the doors Wednesday to public debate about a radical reshaping of the province’s electricity mix by acknowledging that a coal-fired generation plant could be on the horizon.

Hydro chief executive officer Bob Elton said the Crown corporation is “neutral” on the types of energy projects it will accept as part of its effort to restore B.C.’s independence from imported sources of electricity.

Elton said B.C. could be importing as much as 45 per cent of its electricity from spot-trading markets in Alberta and the Pacific Northwest within 20 years — leaving the province’s residents and industries increasingly vulnerable to price volatility and supply risk.

Elton’s comments came as Hydro released its Integrated Energy Plan, a 300-page document detailing a 20-year plan for moving B.C. back to a position of independence from imports.

Vancouver Sun

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