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Page added on January 30, 2008

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Days of cheap energy are over, lawmaker says

DES MOINES — Iowa should implement efficiency standards for utility companies as part of the state’s drive to create green jobs and reduce energy consumption, a group of lawmakers announced Tuesday.

“Iowans are used to the concept that energy will be cheap, and those days are now over,” said Sen. Rob Hogg, D-Cedar Rapids. “Energy is no longer going to be cheap, so we have to become better energy consumers.”

Members of the interim Energy Efficiency Study Committee urged the state to set a goal of reducing annual statewide energy consumption, across all industries, by 1.5 percent.

Lawmakers will draft legislation which, if approved, would establish specific energy efficiency standards for utility companies, beginning in 2011, Hogg said. The bill would create incentives for utility companies to meet the 1.5 percent reduction standard, and set financial ramifications if they don’t.

Sioux City Journal

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