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Page added on February 1, 2010

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Canada: Residents fear prospect race for lithium

The rush to find lithium in West Quebec has some residents concerned that prospectors will cut trees and tunnel or drill on their land to meet the demand for the volatile metal used in rechargeable electric car batteries.

Stelmine Canada Ltd., a Montreal-area mineral exploration company has staked claims on 5,200 hectares of private land near Wakefield in La P
The company is also searching for 14 rare earth elements used in military and high-technology applications because the minerals are sometimes found together.

Stelmine president Michel Lemay said many rare earth elements are used in electronics. He said the demand for lithium is expected to grow rapidly with the push to develop plug-in electric cars.

“These elements are used for all kinds of high-tech equipment, including exploration of the moon,” Lemay said. Lemay said he also expects them to be used in the development of electric tractors.

Lisa Hopkins of Val-des-Monts said property owners have discovered unknown prospectors drilling horizontally onto their land in their search for minerals.

“All my neighbours are affected by the mining claims and I may be, too,” Hopkins said. “North of here they came with bulldozers and dug up everything with no letters, warnings or anything.

“They left the place a total disaster and didn’t fix anything. You feel that you shouldn’t own or develop anything because you could be left completely in ruins and destroyed. It surprised me that we only own the surface rights and people can come and dig here.”

Lemay said mineral exploration companies are turning to lithium as gasoline becomes more expensive.

Ottawa Citizen

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