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Page added on July 29, 2008

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Brazil defends biofuel’s merits

Truckloads of sugar cane arrive from the nearby fields, some cut down by hand, some – in a sign of things to come – removed by machine.

From sugar cane fields to the garages of Brazil, doubts about biofuels in other parts of the world have not visibly slowed the process here.

Marcus Jank, president of the Sugar Cane Producers Association believes ethanol from sugar cane brings environmental and economic benefits.

“The first benefit is to reduce dependence on oil,” he says.

“In our case we have replaced 50% of petrol with ethanol and also it was possible to have reduced the price of fossil fuels because of the competition with ethanol.

“We estimate that if there was not ethanol the petrol price would be 30% higher in Brazil.”


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