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Page added on January 29, 2008

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Bangladesh: Priority to the fertilizer plants, instead of the power plants

The Energy and Mineral Resources Division on Sunday asked Petrobangla to give priority to the fertilizer plants, instead of the power plants, in supplying gas in the ongoing Boro season. An inter-ministry meeting, chaired by special assistant to the chief adviser M Tamim, decided that the Shikalbaha power plant would suspend generation, if needed, so that more gas can be fed to the Raujan power plant and gas supply to Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Limited and Karnaphuli Fertilizer Company can be ensured for smooth production.

Tamim asked Petrobangla to give priority to fertilizer plants as the meeting observed that if there were electricity shortage, Boro cultivation would not be hampered as electricity could be ensured by cutting supply to urban areas, but if there were fertilizer shortage there would be a serious problem as it would take time to import fertilizer. The meeting discussed the gas shortage in the Chittagong belt because of the declining gas production in the offshore Sangu gas-field.

The officials of the Bangladesh Chemicals and Industries Corporation told the meeting that the fertilizer plants often faced gas shortage as Petrobangla gives priority to the power plants, and requested the government to give priority to the fertlizer plants during the ongoing Boro season. The officials specially mentioned three plants

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