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Page added on March 30, 2008

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Bangladesh needs $8 bln investment in energy sector

Bangladesh would require about $8 billion in investment in the energy sector to meet growing demand up to the year 2025, a senior government official said on Sunday.

“Bangladesh will need about 24 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of additional gas to attain and maintain a 7 percent economic growth, and nearly $8 billion in investment to find and develop the required reserves,” said M. Tamim, a special aide to the head of the interim government responsible for the ministry of power, energy and mineral resources.
Bangladesh, with 13.54 tcf of proven and recoverable gas reserves, is facing at least 100 million cubic feet of gas (mmcf) shortages a day, as the country can supply up to 1,738 mmcf of gas against daily demand of 1,833 mmcf, officials said.

“The gap between demand and supply will further widen after five years if we do not find and develop new gas fields,” Tamim said in a presentation at an energy sector meeting, attended by 130 representatives of international energy firms.


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