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Page added on February 27, 2006

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Alternative Energy Is the Greatest Task Before the Nation

By Kim DaeJoong, former ROK president

Look at our roads and highways and think about the chaos that would ensue if the supply of oil and gas is suspended. The mind boggles to think what would happen to our industries, which are heavily dependent on fossil energy. We would be ruined. Oil and gas have poisoned us, and our addiction is on the way to becoming incurable.

This is not confined to us. Asian countries that heavily depend on foreign oil and gas are filled with trepidation. A not-so-funny joke has it that when China develops to a level where it consumes as much energy as Japan, we will need another globe. Add India with its rapid development, and we might need three.

China has been engaged in joint undersea resources development with North Korea for 20 years and was caught by U.S. spy satellites in the act of prospecting off Ongjin, North Korea. On Dec. 24, North Korea and China concluded an offshore oil field development agreement.

Whether they will succeed in any venture is not known, but if the agreement leads to development of offshore oil fields, experts expect it to become a major factor that could change the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Chosun Ilbo

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