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Page added on December 29, 2007

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A Christmas Present – Something You Can Do For Your Kids

Christmas is for kids. Give your kids the present they really need this year: Promise them you will do whatever you can to help turn the corner on climate change. It’s life and death for your kids, for your grandchildren. Promise them you will work hard so that they will have a safe future.

We all know the individual actions we should be doing to reduce our carbon footprints, the business and community actions, but realistically climate change is a global-scale problem and turning the corner from ever increasing greenhouse gas emissions to emission reduction of a scale needed, fast, requires global agreement and action.

And global agreement and action must begin in the US and be led by the US; and the crucial 08 elections must be our window of opportunity for building a mandate for real change, in the US first and then globally.

Promise your kids you will use this window of opportunity to work for their future. That you will do what you can to win a mandate for needed climate change action. Besides your love there is nothing they need more this Christmas.

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