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Page added on July 30, 2008

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4.5 Billion Years in Provence

Recent radioactive leaks in France provide a cautionary tale for America’s “nuclear renaissance.”

As gasoline prices rise along with global temperatures, the nuclear energy bandwagon is gaining momentum, and welcoming aboard Americans of all political stripes. In the past month alone, President Bush, preparing for climate change talks at the G8 summit, urged the world to “waken up to the beauty of nuclear power”, while Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, in one of his June speeches on energy policy, called for the construction of 45 new U.S. nuclear power plants by 2030, 100 over the longer term. Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama and Al Gore have both confirmed that they see nuclear power as a necessary part of the nation’s future “energy mix”

This lesser-evil argument appears to be swaying public opinion: While most polls show Americans about evenly divided on building more nuclear plants, 61 percent say they would support “increased use of nuclear power as a source of energy in order to prevent global warming.” There are even signs of the arrival of “nuke chic”

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