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Page added on March 30, 2009

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$100+ Oil, Not

While it seems like ages ago, it was a just a year or so ago when oil was rising sharply and experts were knocking one another over to be the first to scream for $100, $150 even $200 oil around the corner. The public outcry grew with each rise in gas prices. The crowd in Washington, who has been passing the buck for years rather than address the growing energy crisis, hauled the oil industry executives in front of Congress for the cameras in hopes of the public not realizing they had already kicked the can down the road versus having to actually do something about it.

The great debate a year ago was about Peak Oil. While agreeing with the Peak Oil Theory, yours truly kept saying it was one economic contraction away. Well, I assume you agree we have one heck of a contraction at the moment? If so, it would stand to reason I

Every once in awhile someone or group expresses your own beliefs to a tee. This is true when it comes to this article.

Since turning bullish on oil again back in late December, I greatly increased my fondness for it earlier this month by urging much greater exposure to it. Regardless of what it does the next day, week or month, I

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