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THE Solar Cell Thread Pt. 4 (merged)

Discussions of conventional and alternative energy production technologies.

Re: THE Solar Cell Thread Pt. 3 (merged)

Unread postby asg70 » Thu 15 Jun 2017, 01:22:05

pstarr wrote:I just see it in our crass mass culture.

Whining about "crass mass culture" is a first-world-problem.

Read back in the archives for a description of real dystopia. Empty store shelves, cannibalism, die-off, pandemics, mutant zombie bikers.
“If and when the oil price skewers for 6 months or more substantially above the MAP, then I will concede the Etp is inherently flawed"
--Onlooker, 1/1/2018
Light Sweet Crude
Light Sweet Crude
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Re: THE Solar Cell Thread Pt. 3 (merged)

Unread postby vtsnowedin » Thu 15 Jun 2017, 06:09:01

StarvingLion wrote:....
Intermittent electricity generators generate economic contraction. They accelerate the APOCALYPSE. They are not fossil fuel extenders.


Wrong. As fossil fuels are store-able they can be used as needed. Any intermittent power produced by the renewables reduces the use of the fossil fuels at that moment saving that fuel for when the sun goes down and the wind calms. Having say a twenty five percent renewable capacity on a total years production basis will extend fuel supplies by some twenty percent pushing off the point where a fuel crisis might trigger the Apocalypse.
That does not mean they will help or hinder Apocalypses from other causes such as socialist government policies from happening.
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