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PeakOil is You

PeakOil is You

THE 2016 Oil Price Challenge

Discussions about the economic and financial ramifications of PEAK OIL

Re: THE 2016 Oil Price Challenge

Unread postby PeakOiler » Sat 07 Jan 2017, 18:08:21

Tanada wrote:It could be interesting if you put up the list from after the first report and last report side by side to show how players changed positions from start to finish of the year.

Here's the link to page seven of this thread that shows the first scorecard of 2016:

Just up thread is the final scorecard.

One can always DL the images to your computer too, and then view them side by side.

If you would like a copy of the Excel workbook, please send me a PM.
There’s a strange irony related to this subject [oil and gas extraction] that the better you do the job at exploiting this oil and gas, the sooner it is gone.

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Re: THE 2016 Oil Price Challenge

Unread postby SeaGypsy » Sat 07 Jan 2017, 18:20:57

Pretty damn close Gas, congrats. The prediction genie has left me forlorn again. I shall return.. (rahahahah!)
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Re: THE 2016 Oil Price Challenge

Unread postby salinsky » Sat 07 Jan 2017, 23:29:49

Chalk it up to Chemo fog.

Thanks, SAL
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