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Global Oil Chokepoints - Myanmar

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Global Oil Chokepoints - Myanmar

Unread postby Keith_McClary » Sun 19 Feb 2012, 02:14:45

Global Oil Chokepoints and the New Silk Road for Energy
The map is obviously out of date.
But of all the charts I found, this one most clearly shows you how trade can literally, physically, be choked off.Image
Meanwhile, in the strategic picture, you can see exactly what China is trying to do. It’s building a land bridge through Myanmar. That bridge bypasses the Strait of Malacca, currently patrolled and controlled by the US Navy’s 7th fleet. It also connects China directly with off-shore gas fields in the Bay of Bengal…and further east… all the way to the developing oil and gas provinces off the coast of East Africa.

It’s a new kind of Silk Road, but built for energy.Image
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