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"It is not possible to continue infinite consumption and infinite population growth on a finite planet.”
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HOW to RESEAL commercial 5 gallon water jugs??

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HOW to RESEAL commercial 5 gallon water jugs??

Unread postby hoplite » Thu 10 Mar 2005, 23:00:05

How can I cheaply and reliably re-seal the water cooler type 5 gallon jugs? (the blue kind you see at the office)
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Heavy Crude
Heavy Crude
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Unread postby gnm » Fri 11 Mar 2005, 00:20:16

check with homebrew supply houses they might have an idea. You would probably be better off with commercial 15 gallon re-sealable jugs - cheap and widely available. be sure to treat the water with chlorine before sealing.

or just buy a nice filter set and create a list of local water sources creeks etc... long term stored water gets flat and nasty.

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