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Re: THE Coal Thread pt 3 (merged)

Unread postPosted: Sun 27 Aug 2017, 14:20:45
"...but the same metric does not hold true in China, India, Turkey or most of the rest of the world..."

Not exactly sure what that means. But the US produces more electricity from coal then any other country except China. And twice as much as #3 India. And Turkey? Not even in the top 10. And #10, England? The US produces more then 10X the amount of electricity from coal as England.

No, the US isn't "the world". But noting that the US is one of the largest producers and consumers of coal on the plant as well as a leading electricity generator from coal is not f*cking "parochial" by any measure.

Anyone can try to pretend it is not true but by any measure China and the US are King Coal and Queen Coal. LOL. So it isn't just President Trump telling the Paris Accord to go f*ck itself: so did the collective citizens of the USA. Including President Obama and all the D's in Congress: their words may have represented otherwise but their actions did not.