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Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Sun 06 Aug 2017, 05:02:38
by M_B_S

Jovana Gec / AP
Aug 05, 2017
(BELGRADE, Serbia) — No wonder it's been dubbed "Lucifer."

A relentless heat wave that gripped parts of Europe this week has sent temperatures soaring to record highs for several days, causing at least two deaths and prompting authorities to issue severe weather warnings.
"It is just too much," real estate agent Sasa Jovanovic, 52, said during an early morning walk in Serbia's capital, Belgrade, where the temperature was forecast to hit 39 degrees Celsius (102.2 degrees Fahrenheit) Saturday. "Sometimes it feels as if I cannot breathe."
The extreme heat stifling Serbia, Romania, Croatia and parts of Spain, France and Italy has fueled wildfires, damaged crops and strained energy and water supplies. Authorities in some areas issued traffic restrictions and banned outdoor work during the hottest part of the day.
Spain's national weather service on Saturday issued an emergency warning for high temperatures in 31 of the country's 50 provinces as forecasts predicted temperatures of up to 44 C (111.2 F).

European heatwave kills five as temperatures soar above 40C ... -soar-40c/


Reality summer 2017 @ 410 ppm CO2

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Mon 07 Aug 2017, 04:16:41
by M_B_S
The devil GW never sleeps:

Heatwave 'Lucifer' continues to claim victims with highs over 40C as wildfires rage across south Europe

Today, Seville in Spain can expect to see the mercury hit 40C, Rome, Italy, 39C, and Sicily some 42C-44C, but elsewhere, the areas which have experienced extremely high temperatures over the weekend should get a respite.
Athens, Greece is predicted a high of 37 degrees Celsius, Florence, Italy, 35C, and the French island of Corsica - which has been ravaged by wildfire in the past few days - around 34C.

Read more: ... z4p3hLzSQ7
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Ring the ALARM BELLS again with ACDC

Watch These Disturbing Effects of Global Warming and Increasing Temperature in The World
:!: :!:

Tip watch all videos while ACDC is playing hells bells



ICE COULD BE GONE IN 6 say 6 say 6 weeks

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Tue 08 Aug 2017, 02:35:31
by M_B_S
Iraqis brace for brutal heat wave

Chief weather forecaster Haider Habib said that Thursday's temperature hit 50 degrees Celsius in three areas in Iraq. ... -next-week

Iraqi weather service warns of brutal heat wave, with 124 degrees F ... next-week/

Heat wave in China kills off fish, birds, mosquitoes
Source:Global Times Published: 2017/8/7

The recent heat wave in Southwest China's Sichuan Province has resulted in thousands of farmed fish and quails dying, local media reported.

Soaring temperatures in the region since late July, combined with low rainfall, have led to reduced oxygen levels in ponds at fisheries and scorching conditions on farms, owners told media.

More than 500 kilograms of fish at a Dazhou fishery were found dead on July 29, their deaths are the result of the heat depleting oxygen levels, owner He Xuehua said.

The same fate awaited 26,000 quails at a farm in the city of Bazhong on July 26 after several overnight power outages cut air conditioning in their enclosures, the farm's owner, Hu Yuhua told media.

Even numbers of mosquitoes have reportedly dropped in the region due to the extreme weather.

The rain-starved city of Luzhou reported a sharp decline in mosquito populations after recent temperatures reached 41.6 C, Chengdu Business Daily reported on Friday......

However, temperatures above 40 C can be lethal to the insects, Chengdu Business Daily quoted experts as saying.
Europe burns

Image ... 9169347755
Oh mammals like homo sapiens are going to die too with >42 C fever

:!: ... rvive.html :!:

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Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Tue 08 Aug 2017, 07:13:22
by dohboi
Thanks for those stories and links, again, mbs. Your link on the important China story didn't work for me. For those who want it, I believe it is this:

We have discussed on these threads a few times that the crops and animals that support human life will die even faster directly from heat than will the human (directly from heat, that is). But of course mass loss of crops, livestock and fish will mean humans who survived the heat wave will soon be facing an arguably even grimmer death--starvation.

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Tue 08 Aug 2017, 18:18:04
by jedrider
My daughter reports that Nice was nice! Just look at the photo.

So, Europe, yes, but really Southern Europe, i.e. the Mediterranean region.

‘Lucifer’ heatwave in Europe, which countries have had the hottest weather

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Wed 09 Aug 2017, 06:29:56
by M_B_S
The new normal: Fires, devilish heat waves, and flash floods

Wildfires haven't just been confined to the far north this year either. In the U.S., 5.9 million acres have burned in fires so far in 2017, mainly across the West, which is 1.9 million acres above the past decade's annual average amount. As of Monday morning, firefighters were battling 11 large blazes in California alone, with additional large fires burning in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

Image ... laoayZYsqB

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Wed 09 Aug 2017, 11:35:35
by M_B_S
Super-heatwaves of 55 C to emerge if global warming continues
August 9, 2017


Heatwaves amplified by high humidity can reach above 40°C and may occur as often as every two years, leading to serious risks for human health. If global temperatures rise with 4°C, a new super heatwave of 55°C can hit regularly many parts of the world, including Europe.

Read more at: ... l.html#jCp

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Thu 10 Aug 2017, 05:21:57
by M_B_S
Iraq announces mandatory official holiday due to heat wave

The Iraqi government has announced a mandatory official holiday due to a heat wave.

Wednesday's late night statement calling for a Thursday holiday came from the Iraqi Cabinet as temperatures hit 50 degrees Celsius (123 degrees Fahrenheit). It is the first heat advisory issued by the government this summer.

The public holiday applies to all government workers.

Last on Thursday, the state-run Meteorological Department warned that temperatures in much of the country would reach as high as 51 degrees Celsius (123.8 Fahrenheit). ... e-49129909 ... 609_1.html ... -1.2071886

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Thu 10 Aug 2017, 15:26:29
by M_B_S
Iraq sends workers home as 'ungodly' heat grips Middle East
Power networks struggle in Baghdad and building work halted in Riyadh, while high humidity affects coastal cities

“We had the day off today,” said Mohanad, from central Baghdad. “The heat is ungodly. The generator in my neighbourhood that provides electricity for about 300 houses has caught fire from the heat. All it generates is smoke. We don’t know what to do. Men can go to the pool here but what do we do with our women, elderly and our babies? Even the ACs in the car aren’t working properly. It’s over 53 degrees today.

“It’s disgusting. The government cannot do anything to help us even if they tried; the electricity generators were built in the 1960s and haven’t been changed or modified since. They can’t stand against this heat. We are a poor folk, the Iraqis, it’s hell, it’s misery. Do not be surprised if you hear on the news about people dying from the heat. We’ve never witnessed such a summer before.”

Salam al-Saade, from the eastern suburb of Mashtal, said: “The heat is unbearable. Everyone around me is so sick of it. We are going to the pool and sending our kids there from the morning till night-time to cool off a little. A lot of people are suffering from headaches. The government is not going to help us in any way. We get 12 hours of national electricity a day but it is not consecutive. It comes for two hours then cuts off. When it does cut off we generate our own and pay for it. This year is the worst we’ve seen.” ... iddle-east

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Fri 11 Aug 2017, 07:18:45
by M_B_S ... e-baghdad/

Iraq Is in the Grip of a Ferocious Heatwave and It's Forecast to Get Worse

53 C

USA/Canada Record Pacific Northwest Heat Wave Finally Ends This Weekend

Sydney celebrates Winter heat wave
Published: 11 August 2017

Sydney’s bipolar approach to seasons continues today with soaring temperatures well above the August norm of 18 degrees.

The harbour city recorded 25 degrees at Observatory Hill just after midday today, as a series of dominant high pressure systems block cold fronts to the south.

The mercury will go even higher to the north, with southern Queensland and northern NSW expected to see temperatures approaching the mid-30’s next week.... ... -heat-wave

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Fri 11 Aug 2017, 09:50:09
by dohboi
For us Yanks, 53 C = 127.4 F !

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Unread postPosted: Fri 11 Aug 2017, 12:01:43
by M_B_S
Yep dohboi
Birds fall from sky in Kuwait as temperatures soar to 50C across Middle East
Europe is also experiencing an extreme heatwave due to global warming.
By Staff Reporter
Updated August 11, 2017 15:10 BST

Birds in Kuwait have reportedly been dropping from the sky as temperatures soar to 50C across the Middle East.

The temperature in Kuwait has been consistently above 45C but the added humidity in the region is making it seem even hotter, creating extremely difficult living conditions for both humans and wildlife.....
Yes 127 F is "Sauna" temperature could YOU survive 16 h in "Sauna"

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Wed 16 Aug 2017, 02:09:47
by M_B_S
August 15, 2017 - 10:00 am
Arctic heat wave sweeps across western Nunavut and High Arctic
Record-breaking temperatures from Cambridge Bay to Pond Inlet ... n_nunavut/

8O :!:
Unseasonably warm temperatures over the past weekend saw people in the western Nunavut hub of Cambridge Bay heading out to their cabins or the beach, where some even dipped into the Arctic Ocean to cool off.

However, it wasn’t so long ago—for example, in 1974, according to Environment Canada—that you could expect to find snow on the ground at this time of year.

Recently, temperatures have been rising 10 degrees or more above normal ranges for this time of year in Nunavut’s Kitikmeot region and the High Arctic islands, where the weekend’s heat wave broke Environment Canada records.

Cambridge Bay’s high temperature of 22 C on Aug. 11 broke the previous high temperature of 20.5 C for that day, recorded in 2013.

Temperatures remained warm in Cambridge Bay throughout the weekend—21.6 C on Aug. 12 (breaking the previous high of 21.4 C from 2013) and on Aug. 13, when the high reached 21.9 C (breaking the previous high of 18.9 C set in 1949).

Taloyoak’s high of 21.8 C and Kugaaruk’s high of 22.8 C on Aug. 12 also broke records for the day.

Kugaaruk’s even-warmer high of 24.3 C on Aug. 13 then broke the previous high record temperature of 21 C, set on that date in 1985.

On Aug. 12, the hottest spot went to Bathurst Inlet where the mercury rose to 33.5 C, breaking the station record of 32.2 C set in in 2013.

Kugluktuk also saw a high, but not record-breaking, temperature of 26.6 C on Aug. 10—with more warmth, and a high of 21 C predicted by Environment Canada for Aug. 14.

Pond Inlet and Arctic Bay, with temperatures of 18.3 C and 18.4 C respectively, on Aug. 13, also broke previous recorded temperatures for that date.

The CO2 and CH4 bubbling out from the warming permafrost will rise critical.

Meanwhile people in Iraq / Basra are burning in >50 C heatwave


The Iraqi heat made me epileptic: Kenyan who worked in Basra narrates

Fred Kiserem, 33, was living and working in Basra when he suffered his first epileptic fit. He is back home now and endeavours to live a life as close to normal as possible. By Josaya Wasonga ... a-narrates

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Fri 18 Aug 2017, 04:33:02
by M_B_S

With temperatures toppling 100-year-old records, British Columbia’s raging wildfires have already set the record for the most acres burned. And it’s only mid-August.

Meanwhile, the Northwest Territories have been experiencing their own Arctic heatwave, and equally devastating wildfires. One blogger pointed out that on Monday, the intense fires “rapidly expanded to consume a section of territory larger than Rhode Island in just one day.”

Image ... cc9e62e3f/


While the dirty TAR SANDS are polluting the whole earth......


One of the dirtiest man in power Canadas prime minister Justin Trudeau

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Fri 18 Aug 2017, 11:51:04
by dohboi
Thanks for that smoke plume map, mbs, and for all the many informative articles you share with us here.

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Fri 18 Aug 2017, 13:56:22
by M_B_S
yep dohboi

Taipei is in the middle of its longest, strongest heat wave
The China Post Friday, August 18, 2017, 4:13 pm TWN

In Taipei, it's never been so hot for so long.

By 1:45 p.m. on Friday, the mercury in Taipei had climbed to 37.7 C, marking the 14th day in a row of temperatures above 36 C.

As far as the 120-year-old weather records go, this is the longest streak in Taipei's history.

Banqiao in New Taipei had reached 35.9 C by 11:37 a.m., while Chiayi and Hengchun in Southern Taiwan also had highs above 35 C.

Central Weather Bureau data show that 2017 could go down as the hottest year in Taiwan's history.


Wait 10 years and 2017 looks cool

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Sat 19 Aug 2017, 02:47:01
by M_B_S ... 671455.htm

Because of the opposite seasons in the Southern Hemisphere, and the plateau topography of eastern and southern Africa, Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius and other African countries are experiencing one of their coolest seasons, with the highest daytime temperatures falling below 30 C, which is suitable for traveling.

With an enduring heat wave in many regions of China, a large number of Chinese tourists prefer to spend their vacation in these cooler places. 8O

Reality 2017 millions of Chinese people fleeing the heat @ homeland (120F+) as tourists to "cooler"Africa but wait for 2030 how many people fleeing the heat as climate refugee? Millions or Billions? :idea: :arrow: :!: :?:
=> ... 230_1.html

Heat and humidity in India, Pakistan may become 'deadly' in just 80 years
Yet, the IMD does not take humidity into account in characterising heat waves
G B S N P Varma | IndiaSpend
August 19, 2017 Last Updated at 11:38 IST


Have fun driving YOUR SUV

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Sat 19 Aug 2017, 11:01:20
by dohboi
And more heat is, of course, on the way:

Kuwait's inferno: how will the world's hottest city survive climate change?

It is 9am and the temperature in Kuwait City is 45C and rising, but already people working outside. A row of litter-pickers are already hard at work along a coastal highway, their entire bodies covered to protect them from the sun. Outside one of the city’s many malls, valets hover beside the air-conditioned entrance, while two men in white hats huddle wearily next to their ice cream stands.

Other city residents are luckier. They can avoid the outdoors altogether, escaping the inferno by sheltering in malls, cars and office buildings, where temperatures are kept polar-cold.

For years, Kuwait’s climate has been steadily heating up. In the summer months, the Gulf state now frequently touches 50C, and was last year awarded the grim prize of being the hottest place on earth, when temperatures reached a staggering high of 54C.

But while the capital is making plans to prepare for climate change and the rising heat, there are growing concerns for those residents who cannot afford to shelter inside, and mounting questions about how such an energy-intensive city can survive as resources such as water and oil dwindle.
... ... mperatures

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Sun 20 Aug 2017, 02:25:17
by M_B_S
Heat Wave Hits Southern Morocco For Second Weekend in August
Safaa KasraouiBy Safaa Kasraoui - August 19, 2017 , 4:11 pm
Rabat – Morocco is having another heat wave this weekend, with temperatures over 47 degrees Celsius in several southern regions on Saturday, according to the Directorate of National Meteorology (DMN).

High temperatures have been forecast for the southern provinces, the extreme southeast of the kingdom, Souss, Chiadma, Saiss and Loukkous.

Temperatures between 44 and 47 degrees Celsius are forecast for the south and the east of the southern provinces as well as on the extreme south-east of Morocco.

Temperatures will range between 44 and 44 in Loukkous, Saiss, Oulmes, Chiadma, Souss and the interior plains, the southfacing slopes and the west of the southern provinces..... ... nd-august/

The Sahara desert is jumping to the north EU @410 ppm CO2 in 2017...... :!:

Re: Heat Waves 2017

Unread postPosted: Sun 20 Aug 2017, 09:08:24
by dohboi
As robertscribbler just posted, the globes seems to have undergone a step change wrt heat.

After last years El Nino, global temps should have fallen considerably. But the figures for July just came in and they tie last years record numbers.

So El Nino just stepped the globe up to our new hotter planet, it seems. We have left the old less-than-one-degree-C-above-preindustrial-temps world far behind, and we're well on our way to busting through the always-hopelessly-optimistic 1.5 C barrier on our way to 2 C and beyond.