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Re: Houston, We Have A Problem--Floods Shut It Down

Unread postPosted: Mon 26 Mar 2018, 18:25:06
by dohboi
Underground Tunnels Proposed For Houston Flooding

he flood control district in the Houston area is considering a proposal to build massive underground tunnels to drain floodwaters from bayous across the county.

Harris County Flood Control District officials said the idea could be a bold answer following Hurricane Harvey to dramatically improve Houston’s defenses against deadly floods.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the project could cost several billion dollars and take several years to complete. It would build a network of deep tunnels to carry water from several of Houston’s waterways, so that they’d be able to keep a 100-year storm event within their banks.

Republican Rep. John Culberson of Houston said this project could be partially funded by Federal Emergency Management Agency hazard mitigation grants.

Commissioners will vote Tuesday, March 27, on whether to pursue a feasibility study to assess the tunnel proposal. ... -flooding/

Re: Houston, We Have A Problem--Floods Shut It Down

Unread postPosted: Wed 11 Apr 2018, 14:51:00
by dohboi
Gigantic water tunnels won’t save Houston from the next Harvey

Last month, Harris county officials approved more than $100,000 to study the tunnels project, which would cost billions of dollars and take years to construct. The idea has the support of the city’s Republican member of Congress and his Democratic challenger.

Elon Musk also quickly chimed in his enthusiasm on behalf of his tunnel-drilling company, because... of course he did.
This philosophical clash — build tunnels or plan a careful retreat — is perhaps the first major skirmish pitting climate adaptation against climate mitigation in a major U.S. city. The outcome could set the tone for decades to come. Knowing what we know about human nature and denial, a Texas-sized arms race against the sky feels all but inevitable. .
.. ... xt-harvey/