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PeakOil is You

PeakOil is You

Marketing: Cornucopia or Cassandra?

Discussions about the economic and financial ramifications of PEAK OIL

Are you a Cassandra or Cornucopian?

Poll ended at Sun 17 Apr 2005, 17:14:04

Total votes : 22

Marketing: Cornucopia or Cassandra?

Unread postby Aaron » Fri 18 Mar 2005, 17:14:04

[quote]cor·nu·co·pi·a (kôr'nÉ™-kÅ
The problem is, of course, that not only is economics bankrupt, but it has always been nothing more than politics in disguise... economics is a form of brain damage.

Hazel Henderson
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Unread postby killJOY » Fri 18 Mar 2005, 17:35:06

"the market" is an abstraction; I daresay a superstition:
...humans are poor observers of highly variable data....[O]ur attempts to deduce indirect reasoning are quite fallible, and can lead to conclusions that are dead wrong.

If the hard sciences are problematic, one wonders whether there is any rational reason to favor any conclusions drawn by the soft sciences. Consider economics. An economy is a complex system with multiple interlocking variables, much like a human body. Because it isn't possible to change just one variable in an economy, nor to try an experiment twice by restarting an identical society under new rules,economic analysis is really the equivalent of observational evidence...combined with plausible reasoning, [and that] can lead to conclusions that are the direct opposite of the truth.
--Steven Bratman, "Skeptic Magazine," Vol. 11, No. 3

"peak oil," on the other hand, is an observable, measureable phenomenon.

As for the videos...I hope they're a joke. I don't like either one.
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Peak oil = comet Kohoutek.
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Intermediate Crude
Intermediate Crude
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Unread postby maverickdoc » Fri 18 Mar 2005, 17:43:24

Cassandra looks too video game like. maybe matt’s site but not :)

Seriously cornucopia looks a lot more professional and worth reading
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Tar Sands
Tar Sands
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Unread postby Jack » Fri 18 Mar 2005, 18:15:03

I think the Cassandra video is more emotionally engaging; the Cornucopian version seems to give a mixed message.

In the Cornucopian video, we have disturbing music, some odd pictures of the wicked witch from OZ and some characters from Willy Wonka - but it leaves me shrugging my shoulders and saying "Huh? Is this something about multilevel marketing?"

The Cassandra video would probably be more powerful, and would cause greater motivation to view the site. That being said, it will turn some people off for precisely that reason.

If I were going to fix the Cornucopian video, from my perspective, I would have some disturbing images and music, then segue into positive, hopeful images as the music transitions to something strong and optimistic - perhaps America the Beautiful. (with apologies to our European friends!)

I voted for Cassandra...
Light Sweet Crude
Light Sweet Crude
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