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THE Solar Cell Thread Pt. 3 (merged)

Discussions of conventional and alternative energy production technologies.

Re: THE Solar Cell Thread Pt. 3 (merged)

Unread postby Outcast_Searcher » Thu 20 Apr 2017, 21:40:04

Subjectivist wrote:
Hawkcreek wrote:Wikipedia gives 550 to 740 years for atmospheric persistence of nitrogen trifloride.

I find those numbers hard to accept for a simpke reason. We have been told for decades we have to eliminate flouroCarbons because the last for millenia. Why woul FlouroNitrates break down so much faster?

So should we go with your intuition, or what scientists say? For the 740 years, Wiki cites an IPCC paper. Like with all science (including climate science), it would seem to be better to go with the expert scientists and their research than with laymen's intuitions wouldn't it?

Besides, according to Wiki, the global production of NF3 is in the thousands of tons range annually. CO2 production is a thousand times that. Also, the flourinated gases, (of which NF3 is only one) have a total contribution of about 2% of GHG's produced. ... sions-data

In science, numbers matter -- a lot.


None of this is good, but we should evaluate impacts based on science and expertise, not the intuition of doomers, or anyone else, IMO.


I also checked on how long CFC's supposedly last via Google.

Looking at the numbers from the IPCC, it looks like the impact from most CFC's diminishes greatly for the 500 year duration vs. the 20 year duration. ... table-2-14

Per a Gurdian FAQ on climate change: "How long do greenhouse gases stay in the air?"

"Compounds containing chlorine and/or fluorine (CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, PFCs) include a huge number of different chemical species, each of which can last in the atmosphere for a specific length of time – from less than a year to many thousands of years." ... remain-air

Conflating the worst case scenario with all CFC's isn't going to give you an accurate answer.
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