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Arctic Sea Ice 2018

Re: Arctic Sea Ice 2018

Unread postby onlooker » Fri 09 Feb 2018, 12:10:07

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Re: Arctic Sea Ice 2018

Unread postby Cid_Yama » Fri 16 Feb 2018, 20:28:59 ... egular.png

We may have reached the Max for this year, after this date there is rarely any more significant growth.

gfs_T2ma_nhem_36.jpg (227.74 KiB) Viewed 1185 times

With a significant warming event throughout the Arctic at least through the 24th, we may see declines from here.

Models show a continued wave of 960-980mb LPS buffering the Bering with sustained southerly winds and waves. It seems the Bering front should continue to retreat following the losses from 2/6-14. Perhaps substantially so.

thanks to bbr2314 at asif
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Re: Arctic Sea Ice 2018

Unread postby Plantagenet » Sun 18 Feb 2018, 16:34:04

First Commercial Ship crosses Arctic Ocean in Winter without an icebreaker


And, just to add a note of irony, the first commercial ship in the Arctic ocean in winter was an LNG tanker filled with methane---the super greenhouse gas that is causing rapid warming in the Arctic.


It was just a few years ago commercial ships starting cross the Arctic in summer WITH an icebreaker. Then they traveled in summer without an icebreaker. And now we've got a tanker crossing a big part of the Arctic Ocean in winter without an icebreaker.

Its just A M A Z I N G how quickly global warming is destroying the Arctic Sea Ice.

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