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PeakOil is You

PeakOil is You

Peak Water Pt. 2

Out of Africa........

Unread postby Whitefang » Sun 03 Sep 2017, 13:06:07

On a personal note, we had a bit of water rationing on the Rif, Chefchaouen that is. Morning water closure of 2 hours between 10 and 12.
Harvest of around 1800 kg, all by hand except the milling, done by dieselmachine at a local station where I had my mom's car fixed, blew two tires for driving dirt/4wd and hit the underbelly of her Ford C to the max.
I took two bags back to Holland, enough to bake our own bread for a while.
A full week to travel for having financial challenges, filling up does require handy euro's. Fortunately I had my family tent and survival gear ready.
Borderpolice at Tanger Med. asked me for having any weapons in my fully loaded car, happy that they did no search.......

Summer harvest were ok on the rif, even with that extra heat, maybe they are using heat adapted grains?
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