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PeakOil is You

PeakOil is You

Asymetric War

For discussions of events and conditions not necessarily related to Peak Oil.

Asymetric War

Unread postby onlooker » Sun 03 Sep 2017, 16:42:15

I think this topic deserves a thread of its own. We are living in such a volatile world and the forces of contraction and consequences to overshoot of our planetary environment will increasingly create tensions and stress for all peoples and countries as they seek increasingly just to survive. In this context, asymetric war becomes an ever bigger factor. When people are denied by others what they believe are their rights, they can increasingly seek payback or redress for this.

Two manners in which this is and would play out is online via sophisticated hacking. Another way is by selling and attaining WMD's. I read something about this some time ago in how the US was increasingly shifting manpower and resources to combat and deal with this growing menace. It is sad and certainly becoming sadder as we forge along this downward spiral that peoples and regions will be competing for resources just to subsist.

So I am curious as to what other posters feel about all this and what is the latest intell and data regarding this important topic.
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Re: Asymetric War

Unread postby SeaGypsy » Sun 03 Sep 2017, 17:03:03

War is a private/ corporation & government activity, done for profit. The profit motive affects every aspect of the activity, including propoganda, even the language itself. WMD for instance, applied almost arbitrarily, mostly by nations with the greatest WMD in existence.

A parallel- private prisons. Instead of the interests of the system being to reduce cost, interest shifts to the corporation running the prison making a profit. Ends up you have a mess of vested interests, perpetuating an aspect of society which should instead have it's own redundancy as it's primary objective.

Edit to add- you could apply the same logic to a swathe of negative/ dangerous/ destructive activities of mankind. I vaguely recall an attempted bit of legislation somewhere in Europe someone had a go at putting in place, whereby corporations would have to meet a zero harm qualification to operate. I don't think it flew.
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