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Page added on October 17, 2013

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World Vasectomy Day Encourages Men to Cut … The Population

World Vasectomy Day Encourages Men to Cut … The Population thumbnail

October 18th, believe it or not, is World Vasectomy Day.

According to the holiday’s designated website, World Vasectomy Day (WVD) is the “largest male-oriented global family planning event ever. The goal is to have 1,000 vasectomies performed across 25 countries in 24 hours.*”

This event, which includes live screenings of the 15-minute procedure and other such publicity methods that may seem a bit shocking to some, is in fact a noteworthy cause intended to demystify this (minor) surgical procedure and educate people about the benefits of vasectomies. WVD was organized in part to raise awareness about a man’s ability to reduce the global population boom and participate (beyond the use of condoms) in the birth control process. (Although this procedure can be reversed, it should not be thought of as a temporary birth control option.)

The global human population is now estimated to be over SEVEN BILLION and is expected to reach eight billion as soon as 2025. [1] There are also an estimated 153 million orphans living in the world today. [2] When we look at the overpopulation issues we are now facing and the number of children already in need of a family, many serious questions loom before us:

  • What responsibility does each of us have to slow the population growth?
  • If you do wish to be a parent, should you help take care of the children already on this planet before you biologically reproduce?
  • In this day and age, is choosing NOT to have a biological child in fact less selfish than choosing to have a biological child?

In their letter to men, WVD organizers state: “…making a difference in the world today and [for] the wellbeing of the planet in the future, getting a vasectomy is something you should choose, only if it’s right for you… We might all have different reasons for getting a vasectomy, but at the end of the day, for the vast majority of people the procedure puts us in a place of self-empowerment for our fertility and our fatherhood.”

This is a serious decision for any man to make and not something to take lightly, but I hope that World Vasectomy Day will cause us all to think carefully about the issues this campaign is highlighting


11 Comments on "World Vasectomy Day Encourages Men to Cut … The Population"

  1. rollin on Thu, 17th Oct 2013 12:34 pm 

    Not even a drop in the bucket, stop with the Erlich solutions. Provide contraception and education, much more effective.

  2. dave on Thu, 17th Oct 2013 12:57 pm 

    Will they preform any in Africa? Going forward it will be only this continent that creates the problem.

  3. carla on Thu, 17th Oct 2013 1:28 pm 

    100% Juice, No seeds t-shirt 🙂

  4. Arthur on Thu, 17th Oct 2013 1:30 pm 

    Meet the guy behind the event:

    Mr Doug Stein does this for a living and he is specialized in performing his trade on those segments of the population that already are below replacement level, like the good people of Florida. In this event Stein is going to perform The Cut on Australians. It would have made more sense for him to go to Bangladesh, but that is probably less profitable.

  5. GregT on Thu, 17th Oct 2013 2:31 pm 

    Put 100 women and 100 men on a deserted island, and the potential exists for 100 babies or more, every 9 months. Give 99 of those men vasectomies, and the potential still exists for 100 or more babies to be born every 9 months. If a woman desires a child, she will find a man to sire that child.

    Vasectomies are not the answer to birth control. Men cannot give birth.

  6. Kenz300 on Thu, 17th Oct 2013 4:07 pm 

    The worlds greatest environmental problem — OVER POPULATION

    More men need to take some responsibility for family planning……

    This is a small start but a good start……..

    Access to family planning services needs to be available to all that want it.

    The worlds poorest people are having the most children. They have not figured out the connection between their poverty and family size.

  7. BillT on Thu, 17th Oct 2013 4:12 pm 

    Be patient! The Four Horsemen are saddling up for their ride.

  8. Ghung on Thu, 17th Oct 2013 8:35 pm 

    While it is imperative to curtail population, voluntary or mandatory programs will initially have little effect on consumption. Humans consume all economically available resources, either to survive, or using surpluses to better their standard of living. The US is a poster child for a relatively moderate population inventing ways to consume at an obscene rate. Of course, waste streams follow, generally proportionate to the level of collective consumption, not the level of population. Half of the world’s current population could easily consume and pollute at the same rate as we do now, resource availability being equal.

    Availability of essential resources and climate will be the ultimate limiter of population.

  9. action on Thu, 17th Oct 2013 10:13 pm 


    Totally agree and great analogy. ‘I want to have a baby…’ is what you hear from them, as if they don’t understand that that cute little baby is going to grow up one day and will hate you. Dumb cows need to control that biological inclination and use their brains. Good luck with that though.

  10. BillT on Fri, 18th Oct 2013 3:22 am 

    With the world’s major religions pro large family and anti controls, population is only going to decline in the few places that those religions do not have control. The Catholic Church and the Muslims will make sure that population increases. Education may slow it down, but…

  11. Arthur on Fri, 18th Oct 2013 1:40 pm 

    “Be patient! The Four Horsemen are saddling up for their ride.”

    No difficult to be patient in this case 😉

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