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Page added on July 17, 2017

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Staving Off the Coming Global Collapse

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Humans have a virtually unlimited capacity for self-delusion, even when self-preservation is at stake.

The scariest example is the simplistic, growth-oriented, market-based economic thinking that is all but running the world today. Prevailing neoliberal economic models make no useful reference to the dynamics of the ecosystems or social systems with which the economy interacts in the real world.

What truly intelligent species would attempt to fly spaceship Earth, with all its mind-boggling complexity, using the conceptual equivalent of a 1955 Volkswagen Beetle driver’s manual?

Consider economists’ (and therefore society’s) near-universal obsession with continuous economic growth on a finite planet. A recent ringing example is Kaushik Basu’s glowing prediction that “in 50 years, the world economy is likely (though not guaranteed) to be thriving, with global GDP growing by as much as 20 per cent per year, and income and consumption doubling every four years or so.”

Basu is the former chief economist of the World Bank, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and professor of economics at Cornell University, so he is no flake in the economics department. But this does not prevent a display of alarming ignorance of both the power of exponential growth and the state of the ecosphere. Income and consumption doubling every four years? After just 20 years and five doublings, the economy would be larger by a factor of 32; in 50 years it will have multiplied more than 5000-fold! Basu must inhabit some infinite parallel universe.

In fairness, he does recognize that if the number of cars, airplane journeys and the like double every four years with overall consumption, “we will quickly exceed the planet’s limits.” But here’s the thing — it’s 50 years before Basu’s prediction even takes hold and we’ve already shot past several important planetary boundaries.

Little wonder. Propelled by neoliberal economic thinking and fossil fuels, techno-industrial society consumed more energy and resources during the most recent doubling (the past 35 years or so) than in all previous history. Humanity is now in dangerous ecological overshoot, using even renewable and replenishable resources faster than ecosystems can regenerate and filling waste sinks beyond capacity. (Even climate change is a waste management problem — carbon dioxide is the single greatest waste by weight in all industrial economies.)

Meanwhile, wild nature is in desperate retreat. One example: from less than one per cent at the dawn of agriculture, humans and their domestic animals had ballooned to comprise 97 per cent of the total weight of terrestrial mammals by the year 2000. That number is closer to 98.5 per cent today, with wild mammals barely clinging to the margins.

The “competitive displacement” of other species is an inevitable byproduct of continuous growth on a finite planet. The expansion of humans and their artefacts necessarily means the contraction of everything else. (Politicians’ protests notwithstanding, there is a fundamental contradiction between population/economic growth and protecting the “environment.”)

Ignoring overshoot is dangerously stupid — we are financing growth, in part, by irreversibly liquidating natural resources essential to our own long-term survival.

And things can only get worse. Even at today’s “lacklustre” three-per-cent global growth rate, incomes/consumption would double in just 20 years and produce — in this century — dramatic climate change, widespread extinctions, the collapse of major biophysical systems, global strife and diminished prospects for continued civilized existence.

But even this threat isn’t enough to move the world community to act sensibly to save itself. Like a mind-altering drug, the compound myth of perpetual growth and continuous technological progress obscures reality. Economists thicken the fog by insisting that the economy is “decoupling” from nature — another illusion resulting from faulty accounting, modelling abstractions and the fudging effects of globalization (for example, wealthy countries “offshoring” their ecological impacts onto poorer countries and the global commons).

The biophysical evidence — that is, reality — shows that material consumption and waste production are still increasing with population and GDP growth. Meanwhile, carbon dioxide is accumulating at accelerating record rates in the atmosphere and the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 sequentially shared the distinction of being the warmest years in the instrumental record.

There is little question that the immediate drivers of overshoot are overpopulation and excess consumption, so there is widespread support for the idea of “clean production and consumption.” What only a few realists are willing to state out loud is that this must soon translate into less production/consumption by fewer people.

But this raises another problem. Thirty per cent of the world’s population are still considered to be “very poor” (living on less than $3.10 per day, purchasing power adjusted) and deserve to consume more.

Meanwhile, ours is a world of chronic gross social inequity. Oxfam recently reported that the world’s richest eight billionaires possess the same wealth as the poorest 50 per cent of humanity — more than 3.5 billion people). The richest fifth of people take home about 70 per cent of global income compared to just two per cent by the poorest fifth.

Such inequality deepens the hole we are digging for ourselves. There may be enough of everything to go around, but greater incomes enable the citizens of high-income countries to consume, on average, several times their equitable share of global economic and ecological output. Meanwhile the poor scrounge for crumbs at the bottom of our Earthly barrel. Even within prosperous nations, a widening income gap is known to undermine population health and erode social cohesion, the contemporary United States being an outstanding example.

Our growth-based, winner-takes-all economy has become egregiously unjust as well as ecologically precarious. Perversely, the world community prescribes still greater material growth as the only feasible solution!

How might a clear-sighted neutral observer interpret our predicament? First, she or he would point out that on a finite planet already in overshoot, it is not biophysically possible to raise the material standards of the poor to those of the rich sustainably — that is, without destroying the ecosphere, undermining life-support functions and precipitating global societal collapse. In a non-deluded world, governments would no longer see economic growth as the panacea for all that ails them; in particular, they would acknowledge that enough is literally enough and cease promoting growth as the primary solution to both North-South inequity and chronic poverty within nations.

Instead, a rational world would focus on devising institutions and policies for co-operative redistribution — ways to share the benefits of development more equitably. The goal should be to enhance the material well-being of developing countries and the poor and improve life-quality for all while simultaneously reducing both aggregate material consumption and world population.

Ensuring a socially just, economically secure and ecologically stable global environment requires: a) that rich nations consume less to free up the ecological space needed for justifiable consumption increases in poorer countries; and b) that the world implement a universal population management plan designed to reduce the total human population to a level that that can be supported indefinitely at a more-than-satisfactory average material standard. This is what it means to “live sustainably within the means of nature.”

Fortunately, various studies suggest that planned de-growth toward a quasi steady state economy is technically possible, would benefit the poor and could be achieved while improving overall quality of life even in high-income countries.

Considering the human suffering that would be avoided and number of non-human species that would be preserved, this is also a morally compelling strategy.

The foregoing diagnosis is anathema to the prevailing growth ethic, the naive fallacy that well-being is a continuous linear function of income, and politically correct avoidance of the population question. Many will therefore object on grounds that the suggested policy prescription is politically unfeasible and can never be implemented.

They may well be correct. The problem is that what is politically feasible is likely to be ecologically irrelevant or downright dangerous. Accelerated hydrocarbon development, better pipeline regulations and improved navigational aids for tanker traffic on B.C.’s coast, for example, don’t cut it as sustainable development in a world that should be abandoning fossil fuels.

The data show clearly that we are at a crucial stage of a slow but accelerating crisis. To be effective and timely, sustainability policy should already be consistent with the real-world evidence. Nature can no longer endure the consequences of “alternative facts.”

Failure to implement a global sustainability plan that addresses excess consumption and over-population while ensuring greater social equity may well be fatal to global civilization. Indeed, adherence to any variant of the growth-bound status quo promises a future of uncontrollable climate change, plummeting biodiversity, civil disorder, geopolitical turmoil and resource wars.

In these circumstances, should not elected politicians everywhere have an obligation to explain how their policies reflect the fact of global overshoot

Denying reality is not a viable option; self-delusion can become all-destroying. If our leaders reject the foregoing framing, they should be required to show how the policies they are pursuing can deliver ecological stability, economic security, social equity and improved population health to future generations. Ordinary citizens should assert their right-to-know as if their lives depend upon it.

It is worth pointing out that B.C.’s recent provincial election campaign and Canada’s 2015 campaign ran with no reference to the key issues outlined here or any explanation of the omission (and the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign was even more other-worldly).

Are you worried yet?

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31 Comments on "Staving Off the Coming Global Collapse"

  1. Hello on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 6:13 am 

    It all depends how GDP is measured.
    If I sell 2 apps for a cell phone instead of 1 I doubled my GDP, yet hardly double the resoures were used to do that.

  2. Makati1 on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 6:42 am 

    You are joking, I think, Hello. Apps on an I-toy will not fill your stomach when the SHTF. That toy will be a piece of junk along with most of the ‘stuff’ sold today. GDP is a fictitious number dreamed up by the economist priests to wow the serfs and keep them diverted from their fate. But, pretend that your world is real all you want. It doesn’t affect the real world the rest of us live in.

  3. Davy on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 6:48 am 

    The usual steady state economy talk. At least “quasi” was thrown in. Steady state economics is not possible in a competitive/cooperative, liberal democratic and market based global economic system. We must have growth with some dynamic growth along with destructive change allowing new innovative growth to allow substitution and efficiency. We have to have innovation allowing efficiency to have more with less to accommodate growing populations and their wants.

    What is needed is decline of both consumption and population for our ecosystem to stabilize. It is likely this stabilization will only be a slowing of the destructive change because nature has been forced into abrupt change both with ecosystem and climate. You don’t just cool down the ocean. Once you have a warmer world biomes are disturbed. We are already introducing invasive species throughout the world where they don’t belong and now nature is moving habitability for biomes from warming. Climate is in abrupt change and ecosystems are in decline or localized failures.

    We must degrowth but we can’t so we could shoot for managed collapse. We should do this so we can better mitigate a forced decline by nature. This decline is also the result of systematic cycling. We have a resource extractive high mobility civilization reaching depletion and systematic limits. This means this civilization is late term on multiple levels both within and without. Our late term civilization is beset with catch 22 predicaments. The solutions for our problems that are really predicaments are more of the same of techno development. This will work for a time but increasingly overpopulation and ecological decline will take its toll.

    Increasingly large segments of population will begin failing both dispersed and concentrated. More poor people among the rich but also failing nations. These failures will be for multiple reasons. The core economic drivers of this late term civilization will likely adapt into Byzantium enclaves of pseudo prosperity but remember globalism requires stability. Stability is needed for just-in-time economies of scale to be highly mobile and supported by confidence based global finance. The core structures both political and economic must remain sound. As the world starts a destructive decline from nature and its own systematic cycling decline will overcome growth and development. At some point our confidence based globalism will struggle to cooperate and the competitive part will be a destructive fight in a decaying global system.

    The time frame for all this is uncertain. The scale of the predicament is huge. The forces at play are macro. There is little humans can do to manage this at the macro level because it is self-organizing and systematic but we can at the individual and group level make changes. Society can adapt behaviors and lifestyles to this coming decline. These adapted lifestyles and behaviors will themselves cause more decline because they mean less growth. Alternative energy and techno development will be part of the effort to mitigate forced decline. The only problem is these efforts are hitting diminishing returns and mostly part of the problems of more growth when less is needed.

    In some way we just need to admit failure. Failure is an option because it is part of how life works. We like to think we are exceptional but we are not. We have inspirational slogans of hope that are really empty. They are soothing and supportive but fake. We may be more exceptional than other species on some levels but we are not exceptional as something above and apart from nature. The reality our exceptionalism is species narrowing. To advance we narrow the planetary ecosystem. That narrowing is now a compression and that compression is now decline. Nature is in decline so we are too. It is as simple as that.

    Acceptance is the key to making good decisions. Wisdom acknowledges decline and decay and makes arrangements accordingly. That is something modern politics, social norms, and modern economics will never accept. It will never accept an end game so proper wisdom will never be embraced consequently prepare to live in an irrational dysfunctional world. Individual wisdom accepts a coming collapse because it is part of life and it is our life now.

  4. Hello on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 7:00 am 

    Mak: The article is about GDP, not filling your stomach. As mentioned in my reply the growth rate of GDP is dependent on the very definition of GDP.

    Therefore it’s easy to double the GDP, and double it again.

    Heck yes, if the economist declare that the GDP should include the BS you constantly write, we can even quadruple the GDP with ease.

  5. Makati1 on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 7:47 am 

    Hello, I replied to your comment as it was written. GDP is pure bullshit. Why even reference a fairy tale ‘fact’? It is meaningless. The real world does not give a damn about numbers, just facts. This obsession with GDP is nothing more than a red herring to keep the uneducated pacified and distracted from what is happening in the real world.

    The real world is crumbling. Money means nothing when it is worthless. When the SHTF, money will not be able to buy a bag of rice. You either grow it or starve. Dollars, pesos, yen, yuan, rubles, etc. are just paper or numbers in the internet that will be worthless when there is nothing to buy. When a ton of trillion dollar notes will not buy a loaf of bread.

    If I have a chicken, and that was the only food I had, it would be worth your life to try to get it from me. A trillion dollars would not buy it. Not all the gold in Fort Knox would buy it. Those obsessed with finance and money deserve to die. Sell that I-toy and buy some preps before it is too late.

  6. JuanP on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 7:53 am 

    This made too much sense and it was, therefore, too depressing so I stopped reading it. We are fucked! I wish I could see things like Hello and want to live in this world. I envy the fucker; I could never ignore reality, not even in kindergarten.

  7. shortonoil on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 7:55 am 

    Here is a comment that was originally posted in the forums at {b}Peak Oil and collapse in the United States{/b}

    It appears particularity relevant here:

    {quote}We have run out of cheap energy –Oil companies are not replacing reserves – they are shutting down exploration — because the market will not accept 120 oil…. it collapses the economy. So what is going to happen is that the financial system is at some point going to collapse. It is the operating system of the global economy and civilization.{/quote}

    {i}”This is particularly significant because when developed existing reserves begin to reach the end of their useful life span Central Banks will also begin to lose control of world debt maintenance. When that happens the result will be a massive wave of cascading defaults throughout the entire monetary financial system.

    The world’s $250 trillion in outstanding debt is being serviced by the printing of fiat by the Central Banks. There is no longer significant organic growth in the world economy as a result of petroleum’s depletion event to service its existing debt. Once existing developed reserves have been extracted the world’s economy will enter into a negative growth state. Printing by the Central Banks to service debt beyond the zero growth point will only result in generating inflation that will raise interest rates, and thus total service costs. More money enters the economy than there exists economy; inflation will result.

    If one takes note the Central Banks have been very adamant about keeping inflation at 2%. That is the point where they have determined the extent to which their printing is adequate to offset debt maintenance. Anything beyond that becomes self defeating to their policies. Once developed existing reserves have been utilized world wide cascading defaults will become inevitable.“{/i}

  8. Hello on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 7:57 am 

    The article is about GDP, not money. And surely you can confirm that money is not worthless.

    GDP is an oversimplification to measure productivity of a nation. That’s it. Noting more, nothing less. It comes with all the limitations and problems of representing a whole complex system using only 1 number.

    Please, if you have a better approach, write a paper, even guy from Manila can sometimes contribute to societey beyond just eating and pooping.

    BTW here’s a few picture form your paradise:

  9. Sissyfuss on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 8:27 am 

    When politics decouples from reality you get Trump. When civilization decouples from Nature you get catastrophe.

  10. forbin on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 8:27 am 

    There may be enough of everything to go around,

    for 12 billion people?

    the scale is never mentioned

    richest eight billionaires possess the same wealth as the poorest 50 per cent of humanity

    so when its one billionaire having 99% than the rest – will we do something then?

    not by current or past results


  11. anon on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 9:52 am 

    Why do so many people takling on this subject start out rationally condemning the death culture of the Machine, and then suddenly turn around and insist that the only solution is a ‘redistribution’ economy? how does one have anything to do with the other? The ecological catastrophe can only be addressed by collapse (voluntary or involuntary, it’s a dramatic decrease in complexity and technological power, thats the definition of collapse) and then millennia of ecosystem recovery and a hard life for those living through those times..
    the catastrophe of injustice and the surreal concentration of power _only made possible by the Machine_ can only be addressed by… the very same thing, collapse of the industrial civilization which enable the unjust system in the first place.
    Redistribution economy? no thanks, we already have far too much of that actually!

    That’s where so many of these people, correctly decrying the evils of the industrial economy, show their true colors as merely dreaming of having the power in their own hands- they desire the Ring thinking they will use it to remedy all injustice and right all wrongs – but the very power they desire (and one cannot implement such redistribution without a LOT of power to compel it) comes from the same machine of death that is eating the world.

    sorry mate, there is only one solution and its name is collapse. Voluntary or involuntary, and it’s already happening.
    Thanksfully that also means we will before too long stop hearing this tripe about redistribution (though during the messy transition we’ll probably hear a lot of that sort of talk from people bitter and confused and agry about their collapsing civilization)

  12. Apneaman on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 10:14 am 

    anon, do you know of any examples of a society voluntarily reducing their complexity to avoid collapse? The closest I’ve come across (Tainter) is the 7th century eastern Romans (Byzantines) and that was because they were under threat of Muslim invasion. It worked for them. For whatever reason human tribes are willing to make great sacrifices when the enemy is another tribe, but not when it’s themselves. I guess it’s unnatural to go to war on oneself.

  13. Antius on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 10:27 am 

    Green Social Marxism. If that is the only solution to our problems then the future is bleak indeed.

    Clearly, it is impossible to maintain a growth based economic system, with growing population and consumption of resources in a finite environment (i.e. the Earth’s surface), for much longer. People everywhere still tend to think of the Earth as being vast, and fail to think of limits even though the evidence is all around them.

    There is no perfect solution to this problem. But Social Marxism, with deliberate limitation to wealth growth and forced redistribution from the wealthy to the poor, is a bad idea. It has no hope of being implemented, would not solve resource problems, would destroy all drivers for human innovation and would lead to a joyless and soulless world if we attempted it.

    A better solution in my opinion is the one being developed by Elon Musk with the expansion of human presence into space. Not an easy solution, but the only one that allows continued growth in what is essentially a boundless environment with unlimited resources. I guarantee it will be easier and more palatable than the global communism that the greenies want to force onto all of us. Ironic isn’t it? That humanity’s only hope for long-term prosperity lies with one of those billionaires (who is actually a philanthropist) that the greenies would stamp upon and rob blind given half a chance?

  14. Apneaman on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 11:12 am 

    Antius, there is no such thing as Green Social Marxism. It’s a fiction same as the tall tale of “free markets”. The USSR and red China were both environmental holocausts in their own right, but neither can touch the destructive power of corporate consumer capitalism.

    Elon Musk and the other captains of tech are 21st century railroad barons and the space thing is too
    ridiculous to respond to.

    There are NO solution period. None. Just talk and it’s the same BS I’ve been hearing for over 30 years. Stick with the aggregate numbers – they say it all.

  15. Hubert on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 12:38 pm 

    Once the economy collapses, Nature will take care of the excess population through starvation. Venezuela is a pretty good model of what we can all expect in the near future.

    The real problem is that the vast majority of the idiots has bought into the economic growth model without even thinking about what it really means.

  16. Jerome Purtzer on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 12:57 pm 

    The happiest lemmings are the ones who don’t know that they are running along just to plunge over a cliff. A few at the front are the unfortunate who find out too late their fate.

  17. Apneaman on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 1:20 pm 

    Report: High seas in high danger as ecological tipping point nears

    “Scientists at Oxford University in the United Kingdom reviewed 271 research papers published between 2012 and 2017 and synthesized the latest data on the impact of climate change, fishing and pollution on the high seas. Their findings are not encouraging: Even the most distant reaches of the ocean are suffering from chemical and plastic contamination, a loss of biodiversity and the consequences of rising temperatures.

    “There is mounting evidence that some regions are almost at an ecological tipping point,” the report’s authors wrote, stressing the high seas’ role in regulating global climate and coastal ecosystems. “An example of interactions between different human stressors is the recent discovery of a geochemical tipping point in the Bay of Bengal where further increases in runoff of agricultural fertilizers or further environmental changes caused by climate change could create a new extreme oxygen depleted zone.”

  18. Apneaman on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 1:34 pm 

    Jerome Purtzer, I agree with you 100% and often wish I could un-know many things and just be a sheeple. I know wayyyyy to much shit. Like the lemmings myth.

    Lemming Suicide Is a Myth That Was Perpetuated by Disney

    “We’ve all heard that lemmings jump into the sea every year, drowning themselves because they are just following the herd. Except they don’t. That’s actually a myth invented for a Disney wildlife documentary, and it has blinded us to the truth about the weird lives of lemmings for decades.”

    No worries, most of the human world is one big fiction. Humans can’t handle the truth and that’s why they evolved over 200 cognitive biases. What are they all for if not to help one remain sane by self bullshitting? I think it also proves the fallacy of intelligent design or else the designer is a semi-retarded incompetent psychopath.

    List of cognitive biases

    “Cognitive bias describes the inherent thinking errors that humans make in processing information. Some of these have been verified empirically in the field of psychology, while others are considered general categories of bias. These thinking errors prevent one from accurately understanding reality, even when confronted with all the needed data and evidence to form an accurate view. Many conflicts between science and religion are due to cognitive biases preventing people from coming to the same conclusions with the same evidence. Cognitive bias is intrinsic to human thought, and therefore any systematic system of acquiring knowledge that attempts to describe reality must include mechanisms to control for bias or it is inherently invalid.”

    “The best known system for vetting and limiting the consequences of cognitive bias is the scientific method, as it places evidence and methodology behind the idea under open scrutiny. By this, many opinions and separate analyses can be used to compensate for the bias of any one individual. It is important to remember, however, that in every day life, just knowing about these biases doesn’t necessarily free you from them.”

    – Bandwagon effect — the tendency to do (or believe) things because many other people do (or believe) the same. Related to groupthink, crowd psychology, herd behaviour, and manias.


    I’m no lemming, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be going off a cliff in the not to distant future and I won’t be alone.

  19. Apneaman on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 5:22 pm 

    Pentagon study declares American empire is ‘collapsing’

    Report demands massive expansion of military-industrial complex to maintain global ‘access to resources’

    “n the first of a series, we report on stunning new evidence that the U.S. Department of Defense is waking up to the collapse of American primacy, and the rapid unraveling of the international order created by U.S. power after the Second World War.
    But the Pentagon’s emerging vision of what comes next hardly inspires confidence. We breakdown both the insights and cognitive flaws in this vision. In future pieces we will ask the questions: What is really driving the end of the American empire? And based on that more accurate diagnosis of the problem, what is the real solution?”

    The Study

    At Our Own Peril: DoD Risk Assessment in a Post-Primacy World

    “Brief Synopsis

    View the Executive Summary

    The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) faces persistent fundamental change in its strategic and operating environments. This report suggests this reality is the product of the United States entering or being in the midst of a new, more competitive, post-U.S. primacy environment. Post-primacy conditions promise far-reaching impacts on U.S. national security and defense strategy. Consequently, there is an urgent requirement for DoD to examine and adapt how it develops strategy and describes, identifies, assesses, and communicates corporate-level risk. This report takes on the latter risk challenge. It argues for a new post-primacy risk concept and its four governing principles of diversity, dynamism, persistent dialogue, and adaptation. The authors suggest that this approach is critical to maintaining U.S. military advantage into the future. Absent change in current risk convention, the report suggests DoD exposes current and future military performance to potential failure or gross under-performance.”

  20. Makati1 on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 6:58 pm 

    Ap, that is why I keep cheering on the U$ collapse and fall to 3rd world status. When that happens, they will not have the ability to kill and plunder other nations and peoples. Bring it on.

    If the U$ gets too close to pushing the red button, Russia will likely push it first and end the U$ forever. I am sure the big countries Russia/China) are not going to allow the U$ to plunder them like a weak 3rd world nation. There will be war and the end.

  21. boat on Mon, 17th Jul 2017 10:02 pm 


    You cheer death and destruction because your a deranged, emotional sociopath. Definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  22. Dooma on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 12:48 am 

    Why does this Musk character remind me of the monorail salesmen Lyle Lanley in the Simpsons?

  23. Makati1 on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 1:54 am 

    Boat, get a brain and come back with a real comment. You are beginning to sound like that Missouri Redneck wannabee. Acknowledging reality is being honest with yourself. Denial is lying to your self.

    Death and destruction is coming to that ‘exceptional’ country and it is about time. The rest of the world will cheer and maybe peace will finally be possible. If that is not in your plans, too bad.

    Today’s headlines:
    “”It’s Raining Needles” Locals Frustrated As Opioid Addicts Litter Ground With Syringes” (Portland, Maine)
    “New Study Finds U.S. Healthcare System Ranks Dead Last Compared To Other Developed Nations”
    “American Students Love Socialism (Just Don’t Ask Them What It Is)”
    “Earth’s Economy Glorifies Waste, Exploitation, Debt, Expediency, & Magical Thinking”
    “3 Examples That Show How Common Core Is Destroying Math Education In America”
    ‘Environmental Nightmare! Dozens Of Highly Toxic Substances Have Been Found In Tap Water All Over America”
    “Homeland Security says Americans who don’t want faces scanned leaving the country “shouldn’t travel” (Police State)
    “Drought in High Plains the worst some farmers have ever seen”
    “Clinton Foundation witness found dead”
    “We Do These Things Because They’re Easy: Our All-Consuming Dependence on Debt”
    “Dimon Says Being an American Abroad Is ‘Almost an Embarrassment'”

    And on and on….

  24. Cloggie on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 3:02 am 

    Pentagon study declares American empire is ‘collapsing’

    Where the hell did the Pentagon get the idea that 200 million aging European-Americans, with in the age bracket of [0-5] the whites no longer in the majority, can dominate the planet ad infinitum?

    EU 500 million
    Slavic world 200 million
    China 1250 million

    They can’t.

    Is that bad news for America?


    Finally the opportunity has arrived to retreat from hegemony and become a normal country.

    It is the genius of president Trump that he has recognized this new reality and that he has begun to buddy up with Russia and France, the most realistic partners for America after hegemony, an hegemony that always had the smell of a windfall empire after America was accidentally catapulted in global pole position when the European powers destroyed each other [*] in WW2 (WW2 was mainly the war between Germany and Soviet-Russia).

    [*] With American secret diplomacy as the main instigator of that conflict.

    President Roosevelt’s Campaign To Incite War in Europe: The Secret Polish Documents

  25. joe on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 5:59 am 

    The trouble seems to be that acceptance of the multipolar world created when Bush (very stupidly) insisted on the Iraq War Crime thought that the PNAC plan would save Israel forever and secure America for 100 years. UBL had read his Sun Tsu but Bush and PNAC had not. Sun Tsu never wrote that if you are strong, you should attack, he wrote that the greatest form of victory is winning WITHOUT fighting. UBL of course knew his enemy he was afterall trained by them, he knew that by stinging his arrogant giant he would cause them to thrash about like the dumb animal it is. Empires and imperialists are anything but meek. There is also the undiscussable question of the role that ideology has played in the actions or non – actions of key personell in the run up to 9-11. The left thinks the Russia story is big, the entire media has totally ignored the role of Saudi citizens in 9-11 yet they sanction Russians like it’s going out of fashion. Bush and PNAC thought they could reduce and isolate all their enemies if they could only motivate the American people behind one cause. What actually happened was that America allowed itself to be drawn in to a gang fight to the death with religious street punks on one side the muslims with their oil on the other the Jews with their money and influence. America wants to fight and control everyone, yet though the creation of a new Kurdistan, the failure to remove Assad, the failure to defeat al Qeada either in Iraq or Syria (isis will just morph into somthing else), the permitting of African goverments to offload surplus population into the West, the permitting of and legal enforcement of homosexual it the west is showing that it’s done. No longer a moral force striving for progress, it has no purpose and is turning in on itself to focus on social issues that don’t really matter but which irritate and upset sections of society. The focus on identity and inclusion/acceptance of identity is a meaningless excersise because the west can no longer exert power outside its own sphere. Ukraine for example is a case I simple agressive political action by the West supporting neo-facist and right wing nationalism because liberal influence had been ineffective the result was that liberals once again compromised their stated values because they have demonised Russia so much they believe their actions are justified if if they destroy the lives of Ukrainian who did not care one bit about American imperialist ambitions. China gets a pass cause they rent out their billions of slaves to the west to make our junk. The EU lies prostrate and helpless while its leaders pontificate and preach unity to 27 zombie nations, incapable of self defence, raised on a diet of war-guilt, fear and false nationalism. Global collapse is inevitable because that’s how humanity works. Empires fall, there are no exceptions.

  26. Davy on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 6:16 am 

    “Bill Blain: “The US Is Now Looking Like A Deflated Drunken Uncle”

    “And with the US now looking like a deflated drunken uncle, the focus is firmly fixed on what Mario Draghi says on Thursday at the ECB meeting. Does he confirm Euro strength with a bullish assessment of Eurozone recovery, and hint at an early taper and normalisation… Or does he step back, go soft and mushy, and make some “kick that can down that strasse” comments? According to a number of Central Bank commentators – Draghi is going to do the big reveal on ECB policy at the Jackson Hole conference in late August. Meaning, markets waiting for big hints of direction this week will be left disappointed and flolloping.”

    “And whatever you do this morning just don’t anything in the UK press about China. Seriously. Don’t. It will only upset you, make you nervous and unsettle the rest of your week. You don’t want to start worrying about how much Chinese rail companies have borrowed, or their failed overseas projects as reported in the FT. You certainly don’t want to open the Torygraph and get spooked by headlines like: “Shock Rise in China’s Shadow Banking Enrages Xi Jinping”. (Apparently the size of off-balance sheet lending is about double what the party thought it was – its apparently over 110% of on-balance sheet bank lending (where bank assets are some $39 trillion!)”

    “The conventional wisdom on China is to Relax. Stay Calm. It will always be all right. China is a sophisticated financial player, knows what it’s doing and Occidentals like us always suspect the worst and make wrong assumptions.. No need to panic. 6.9% growth and rising consumer sales as domestic consumption kicks in.. No need to worry about the implicit expectation the Government is always there to bail-out unwise lending.. “

    “In other words – time to check your hard hat is close at hand, be suspicious and wonder just how leveraged on the sand the economy might be. Hope for the best, but assume the worst, because Hope is Never a Strategy.”

  27. Cloggie on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 7:23 am 

    There is also the undiscussable question of the role that ideology has played in the actions or non – actions of key personell in the run up to 9-11.

    You don’t really believe that 9/11 was organized by camel drivers, do you?

    On page 51 of the PNAC document…

    …the neocohns (US kosher deep state) said that they needed a New Pearl Harbor as a “catalyst event” to help create the conditions for a 2nd American Century.

    All these neocohns had to do was give their Mossad buddies in Israel a phone call.

    they have demonised Russia so much they believe their actions are justified if if they destroy the lives of Ukrainian who did not care one bit about American imperialist ambitions.

    Indeed, these very right-wing Ukrainians know exactly what the intentions of the EU and the West are. But they nevertheless want escape from Russian orbit for nationalist reasons.

    There is not a snowballs chance in hell that US-EU libtard elites will manage to inundate these territories with Africans or Muslims, like they did in Western Europe, not to mention the US. Here frightening pictures from freaking Switzerland:

    The rotten post-1945 West is something that needs to be thoroughly destroyed and ploughed under to pave the way for something new: a right-wing traditionalist Europe of the Fatherlands, including Russia and a restoration of the Czar and Kaiser.

  28. Cloggie on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 7:26 am 

    Hope for the best, but assume the worst, because Hope is Never a Strategy.

    It is still a better strategy than doom.

  29. Davy on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 10:49 am 

    “It is still a better strategy than doom.”

    Risk management is better than fairytales and that is the doom I preach. I reject hope based marketing of half-baked futures.

  30. Cloggie on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 11:24 am 

    Risk management is better than fairytales and that is the doom I preach. I reject hope based marketing of half-baked futures.


    This is real and not a fairy-tale or “hope based marketing”:

    All the technology and installation equipment is in place. Now it is a matter of “repeat cycle” and in 2050 you have achieved your energy transition goal.

    Just like how America built its oil infrastructure and companies in several decades.

  31. joe on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 11:40 am 

    From operation Northwoods to the present day we know of proposals which were rejected and even where they were caught. For example these two SAS officers caught planting bombs in Basrah to spark off sectarian paranoia

    it worked.

    Of all the operations such as these we heard of, would it be unreasonable to assume that maybe 5 times more we have not heard of.

    But none of this matters. The reason is because of the ideal or motivation behind these actions which are corrupt, are corrupt and even false. America was founded on a Brexit type of idealism, ie self-determination and status quo economics (to control slave markets etc). So the primary motivation was money and power. This is marketed as freedom. Freedom is a word, words mean different things to different people. The Bush name is the latest name on a lineage which began a very long time ago.
    It seems stupid not to see the obvious when you think about the business links the Bush family had and has to the Bin Laden that they could not hatch other plans together. Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush funded Fritz Thysen, the steel magnate who built the Nazi War Machine.
    How much money can be made funding religious wars? They last centuries. Stupid greedy elites think they have that much time.

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