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Page added on August 30, 2015

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Record Fukushima radiation levels found on southern California coast

Record radiation levels from the Fukushima power plant were found off the coast of Southern California. Radioactive cesium was measured  on a beach between San Diego and Los Angelos. The nuclear waste was detected in early April 2015, meaning toxic levels of radiation have been plaguing the West Coast since early spring.

Approximately 8.4 becquerels per cubic meter of radioactive cesium was detected off the coast of Del Mar, California, which is located 15 miles north of San Diego and 100 miles south of Los Angeles. Woods Hole, the country’s oldest marine aquarium, also detected radioactive waste from the Fukushima plant along the shoreline of North America in Ucluelet, Canada, which is about 1,200 miles north of Del Mar.(1,2)

Approximately 7.2 becquerels per cubic meter of Cesium-134 and Cesium-137 was measured in a Ucluelet in February. Cesium-137 is a lethal radioactive isotope, usually a product of nuclear fall out, that infects the soil and water. It has a half-life of about 30 years, meaning it will continue to plague the West Coast for decades. Exposure to the contaminate is linked to increased risk of cancer. In high amounts, Cesium-137 can cause serious skin burns and even death.(2)

“As the plume begins to arrive along the West Coast [it] will actually increase in concentration… no public agency in the US is monitoring the activities in the Pacific… Without careful, extensive, consistent monitoring, we’ll have no way of knowing how much radiation from Fukushima is reaching our shores, and how it could affect life in the ocean,” according to research scientist Ken Buesseler.(1)

Other dangerous radioactive isotopes may creep up on the shores of California as well. According to the media report, “radioactive isotopes of iodine, low levels of plutonium and tritium might be in the plume.”2

90 Comments on "Record Fukushima radiation levels found on southern California coast"

  1. welch on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 6:32 pm 

    Bullshit fearmongering.

  2. mindfeederz on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 6:36 pm 

    First off, a personal confession:My father helped kill John Wayne and the cast of “The Conqueror”-
    He was a military atomic engineer and built many of the test blast sites-Frenchmans Flats, Whitesands
    etc-the Eastern wind blew all of the radioactive
    dust over the entire east coast.Sorry.
    he told me of many hair raising things the Govt
    did to all of the poor soldiers, sailors etc that they never admitted or acknowledged until at least 50
    years later. Trust your Government? That may not be the wisest course of action when we’re talking about the potential effects of one of the worst radiation
    events in history.
    A huge question is: given the gravity of the situation , just WHY are there no government agencies monitoring the Fukishima plume? Plausible deniability? Wouldn’t be the first time.
    As my father said: ” There’s no such thing as safe

  3. Davy on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 6:46 pm 

    I can’t see any kind of technical society as we know today surviving a descent. The booger is in the detail and time frame. We have cut our legs off as a species. The ability to maintain the wonders of globalism without globalism is doubtful.

    That said I am sure there is an effort at self preservation by the elites I would imagine. That only seems normal. I doubt all of the elites are bought into the collapse meme. Techno-exceptionalism and illusions of manifest destiny through religious convictions or other delusional motivations will blind many to the coming collapse. I suspect these folks will at some point band together in a last ditch effort at maintaining the status quo they have so much invested in.

    I believe there is little anyone can do to fully prepare for what is ahead. This is uncharted waters with multiple tipping point potentials. Luck is going to play a big part in everyone’s survival odds. We know locations and populations deeply at risk but we do not know those other locations that are seemingly well placed but cursed by fate.

    This epic process will not be manageable it will be adaptable for a lucky few. Everything I research points to 500Mil – 1Bil landing for our population in 30 -40 years. Consumption will be far lower than the 19th century. Much will be lost with little time left to re-skill to the preindustrial system we discarded arrogantly in the name of progress and dominion over nature.

  4. apneaman on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 7:48 pm 

    Davy, in 30 40 years it will be another 3-4 degrees warmer minimum, At 3 more degrees many crop proteins will start to denature and many places will be totally uninhabitable due to deadly wet bulb temps. Where will the elite live? In their si-fi domed city not yet under construction? If they start now they might have most of the coastal and low lying nuclear power plants “safely” decommissioned in 30-40 years, but they will have to pay a lot of double time to beat the SLR. Yes SLR – no ports, no panama canal. Looks real doable to me. They can get all their Asian goodies flown over. I;m sure Asia will continue to manufacture everything the elite need (50 -70%) to pull off their techno fantasy world.

  5. apneaman on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 8:05 pm 

    Davy, as long as the elite have the cops on their side the chances are better.

    Cops always say put your hands in the air. Guy puts his hands in the air and they blow him away. See for yourself.

  6. Davy on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 8:09 pm 

    Ape man is there a temperature if there are no people to take and read it?

  7. SilentRunning on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 8:48 pm 

    Those of you who are worried about “bioaccumulation” need to remember that Cesium does not bioaccumulate in the body – it acts like Potassium and Sodium in the body, and is excreted.

    Any sea organism that bio-accumulated these elements would quickly die from excessive electrolytes.

    Not all elements are the same.

    And if your terrified of tiny,tiny amounts of radioactive Cesium in your food – why are you equally terrified of the LARGER amounts of radiation already present in your food from Potassium-40?

    Remember – I guarantee that there are THOUSANDS of times as much radiation in the waters off the Pacific from K-40, as compared to the amounts of radiation from the Cs-137. Why is nobody scared of K-40? Just because its naturally occurring doesn’t make it any less radioactive. Plus: K-40 gamma rays are over 3 times as energetic as Cs-137 gamma rays. More energy – more chance of cellular damage.

  8. msbutterflhigh on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 8:56 pm 

    I have been trying to locate any information on what the added radiation would do to the water temperature. While most people are aware that even small changes in temperature can be devastating to sea life, I cannot find ANY information on what the radiation is doing to the water temperature. Hundreds of Sea Birds are washing ashore dead in Oregon and Washington 30 + whales in Alaska and this is just the start The toxic algae bloom in the pacific has been reported to be the largest scientist have ever seen. I want to know if the radiation has contributed to the ocean temperatures rising and why isn’t there ANY science to prove or disprove what the radiation is doing to the water temperature.

  9. James Gerard on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 9:02 pm 

    ” meaning toxic levels of radiation have been plaguing the West Coast since early spring”

    This is a ridiculous statement, and the whole article is full of distortions and nonsense.

    Other commentators have done a splendid job of pointing out the details of why this article is nothing but propaganda.

    Whoever wrote it and the publisher should be ashamed of such distortions.

    We have real problems. One of them is organizations spreading lies. Quit it already.

  10. SilentRunning on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 9:02 pm 

    GregT wrote:

    >“Being afraid of the water from California because of Fukushima is like being afraid of a AA battery because you’ve heard that people can be electrocuted by electricity.”

    “It’s generally agreed that 100-200 mA is potentially deadly, causing fibrillations if applied across the heart. This can easily be produced by a single alkaline AA battery (Duracell, Energizer, or similar), which has an energy capacity of 1800-2600 milliamp-hours.”

    I’m actually an electronics engineer (not nuclear). I’m here to tell you that the 1.5 volts in a AA cell wouldn’t generate the 100mA current necessary. You’d need to have a resistance of 15 ohms or lower, and I doubt that the heart would be that low of a resistance, even if you cut somebody open and applied the electrodes directly to the heart.

    If you’ve ever put a 9V battery on your tongue you’ll get quite a tingle. But even the wet surface of your tongue is not conductive enough to produce a 100mA current at 9V. If it were, you’d get a nasty burn instead of a sharp tingle.

    Quantities matter in Engineering and Science. We engineers have to understand the difference between 1.5V, 120V and 1 Megavolt. The layman doesn’t understand these things, and so can be easily led to fear things that are not dangerous, and not fear things that are catastrophic.

  11. dissident on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 9:11 pm 

    So radioactive Potassium and its beta emissions are a “fallacy”, eh? Put the crack pipe down. You are right, welch, it is a steaming pile of hysteria. These people never swarm this way when the discussion is about carcinogens and various metabolism disruptors spewed into the environment. But oh my does the proverbial SHTF when the discussion is about radiation. So much magical thinking and pathological cherry picking it makes one cringe.

  12. MrNoItAll on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 9:13 pm 

    Don’t worry about collapse and descent — the Fed has it handled:

    “In March 2012, President Obama quietly signed an Executive Order that has major implications should some sort of national emergency arise, such as enabling the federal government to take over management and distribution of all food, water and other resources.

    In issuing the order, EO 13603, titled, “National Defense Resources Preparedness,” Obama claimed authority under the Defense Production Act of 1950, a Korean War-era statute (50 U.S.C.) (see it here) that gives the government the power to marshal whatever resources are necessary to protect and defend the country during “military conflicts, natural or man-caused disasters, or acts of terrorism within the United States,” the statute says.”

    The Federal government is preparing for the inevitable, they just aren’t publicizing that fact.

    But for all you would-be preppers who take heart in the knowledge that the Fed will nationalize food production and distribution, don’t get too comfy just yet. When TSHTF, do you want to be in the line of ill-prepared hungry folks waiting for your Federal hand-out, or do you want to know that you have plenty stored up and are able to grow your own?

  13. SilentRunning on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 9:22 pm 

    >msbutterflhigh wrote:

    “I have been trying to locate any information on what the added radiation would do to the water temperature. While most people are aware that even small changes in temperature can be devastating to sea life, I cannot find ANY information on what the radiation is doing to the water temperature.”

    As a general rule of thumb: If the radiation levels were high enough to produce measurable increase in water temperature – the radiation levels would be so high so that you would receive a lethal dosage almost immediately.

    The earth is warming because of extra CO2 and methane in the atmosphere that we are producing. Global CO2 levels also make the oceans more acid. Warmer acidic water is killing species. There are also effects from other pollution (such as runoff fertilizers) that are causing ocean die-offs.

  14. msbutterflhigh on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 9:27 pm 

    I was able to find this article with some information on what it has done to the water temperature but why isn’t this a huge topic of discussion? Shouldn’t there be accountability? If the tables were reversed I am sure Japan would be going after our Government for the deaths of our oceans. While most of you are blindly excepting what these people are throwing at you, I don’t think you are seeing the true picture.

  15. SilentRunning on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 9:28 pm 

    Exercise in Physics: 1 cubic meter of water has a small amount of Cs-137, to produce 8.4 Becquerels of radioactivity. If the 1 cubic meter was perfectly insulated from the outside world, how long would it take for the water to rise 1 degree C from the Cesium?

  16. GuyB on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 9:30 pm 

    I have to say, never have I seen such an accumulation of ninnies and imbeciles. With a few exceptions you have the knowledge and response of a flatworm…

    Radiation baaaad. Not all radiation exposures are the same. Two people in the same room can receive dramatically different exposures. You have to look at the numbers and the specifics.

    I keep trying to point out the scales involved. Here it goes again!

    Take 1 ton of any radioactive isotope, dissolve in water and release into the ocean. Once diluted into the nearest cubic kilometer of water, you have a 1 part per billion solution, because a cubic kilometer weighs a billion tons. Even at that level the water is safe to bath in, although, depending on the isotope you probably shouldn’t drink it or eat seafood that was in it.

    However, the Pacific Ocean has approximately 1.4 Billion Cubic Kilometers of seawater. Even the most crazy currents would still dilute the radiation by millions or tens of millions of times. Net result? 0.001 or less Parts per Trillion. And insignificant compared to the background radiation, which would be thousands or millions of times higher.

  17. msbutterflhigh on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 9:36 pm 

    Thank you Silentrunning 🙂

  18. SilentRunning on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 9:48 pm 

    Answer to physics exercise:

    8.4 Bq of radiation
    Each decay produces energy of 1.176 MeV = 1.602e-19J/MeV * 1.176 MeV = 1.882e-13 joules/decay

    Power = 8.4 decays/sec * 1.882e-13 joules/decay = 1.58e-12 Watts

    It takes 4184 joules to heat 1 liter of water by 1C (approx)

    Therefore to heat 1000 liters of water by 1C takes 4.184e6 joules, or 4.184 Megajoules.

    Time needed to heat 1000 liters of water by 1C, by a 1.58picoWatts energy source is therefore:

    4.184e6 joules/1.58e-12 joules/second, or:

    2.65e18 seconds, or 3.07e13 days, or 84 billion years

    Note: The universe is only 13 odd billion years old. Also, the half-life of Cesium is about 30 years, so the all radioactivity would gone long before the temperature rise was achieved.

  19. Hades1 on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 9:54 pm 

    Now the dumb has spread to the United States..Not a good look with all those fires..Ignite…WTF?

  20. Lucifer2 on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 9:56 pm 

    $725million dollars…This will ignite with all that carbon that has been released from those burning trees spread rapidly through the air Killing everyone by suffication or the like…

  21. 2manyidiots on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 10:08 pm 

    So many on here think they know it all because they can submit some bogus radiation level chart. mean while they have no idea the information provided they choose to pick from because denial usually will cause the dumbed down to choose what they fear. Until bodies are dropping dead in front of them you can’t tell these brain deads anything. Mean while the sea life is dying by the second. I guess it’s all that salt water doing it. As for CARBON another brain dead wth do you think plant and trees need to survive and wth do you think cleans the air. OMG the stupidity.

  22. msbutterflhigh on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 10:23 pm 

    Thank you again SilentRunning. You are Awesome. And thank you for not criticizing me for asking what I thought was a good question. I had been searching for info on the topic and as you can see by the link I posted there isn’t really any good articles. Maybe you could post one? Thanks again.

  23. apneaman on Mon, 31st Aug 2015 11:02 pm 

    CO2, Drought, Land Mammal Extinction

  24. Aleksis Pakarinen on Tue, 1st Sep 2015 2:30 am 

    I would say several things, eat the fish from the ocean for a few reasons, thiers not alotta choices, second you may develop a immunity or help develop a unique bacterial adaption that can actually absorb the damage from radiation, who knows you may save the race, it could allow us safety around radiation, do not fear the radiation, chances are either our race will advance science to deal with it or we will suffer drastically as time goes on. preferably we will develop better medicine and genome mapping understanding and modification that is not just safe but very wise in how we do it with our powers of science.

    we are in danger with that radioactive issues, but we should acknowledge this is areason to spur our selves and our families children and cousins and develop our minds and research the world on our own abilities and to learn and research as well on our own,

    finally, we should embrace faith in something more then ourselves, if you oppose this why? is it because you do not feel people are worth trusting? well their are always people who use and people who give, the truth is we all exist giving and using, do not fear faith, or people, do not close yourself off to the beyond, life is not as clear as it seems, trust your instincts, and trust your existence is something more then just you or your body, seriously. Do not fear life, do not fear anything, you will get hurt, but you are also free to do as you desire, so expand yourself, do not just stand by, improve and learn about something, find your inner self, and nourish it.

  25. Makati1 on Tue, 1st Sep 2015 2:52 am 

    Religion is the last refuge of the weak.

    When you die, it is like turning off the TV. Nothing but the physical stuff is left. There is no ‘afterlife’ with 70 virgins or being reunited with your loved ones or perfection forever. Nothing. The ‘blessing’ is that YOU will never know you died. Only those still alive will know.

    Every religion on earth is a scam to make a few wealthy and have control over the masses. Nothing more. Nothing less. So make the best of today for tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

  26. Ah Hah on Tue, 1st Sep 2015 8:28 am 

    So much for desalination plants providing water to millions. I think it is time to inspect those plants to evaluate the rate of contamination still being leaked into the ocean. I also think they need to look at fish kills, whale deaths, and rate of deformed and altered life forms to include plants in and around that mess and across the Pacific.

  27. Kenz300 on Tue, 1st Sep 2015 8:35 am 

    Japan and TEPCO have a 40 year plan to clean up the disaster at Fukishima. In that plan they admit that the technology to complete the plan does not exist.

    There are safer, cleaner and cheaper ways to generate electricity.

  28. Ace on Tue, 1st Sep 2015 11:33 am 

    This video does a good job of putting all this into perspective:

  29. SilentRunning on Tue, 1st Sep 2015 6:36 pm 

    >This video does a good job of putting all this into perspective:

    I am generally a fan of FSTV and Thom Hartmann. But to hear him claim that radiation levels in the waters off the west coast of America would be “millions of times normal” is to damage his journalistic credibility.

    Radiation levels on the Pacific coast of California ARE NOT millions of times normal. They are elevated by a very, very tiny amount over natural background levels.

    There are BIG PROBLEMS in the oceans right now, but it isn’t that they are seething with radiation from Fukushima. Rather, it is from global warming and ocean acidification and pollution from all man-made sources.

    And – just so everybody knows – I am NOT employed by the nuclear industry. actually, I hope that Japan replaces its nuke plants with solar and wind farms. They are also doing a great thing by cutting their birth rates below that of replacement.

  30. apneaman on Tue, 1st Sep 2015 8:07 pm 

    yabut, it’s just more fun to blow it all out of proportion. A few years back I might have said that the hyperbole takes away from the much more serious issues of the current Pacific hot blob, record breaking algae bloom, marine die offs, garbage gyres and global ocean acidification, but I don’t even fucking care anymore – we sealed our fate a couple of decades ago. Apes are too busy amusing themselves to be bothered with anything that is not related to dripping dopamine in the here and now.

    Oh look! Another story about Kim Kardashian’s hemorrhoidal issues – CLICK

  31. apneaman on Tue, 1st Sep 2015 8:17 pm 

    Monster El Nino Hurls Record Barrage of Hurricanes at Hot Blob, Sets Sights on Drought-Ravaged California

    “A Record-Shattering Barrage of Pacific Cyclones

    Late during the evening of August 29th of 2015 something odd happened. For the first time in the history of modern meteorological record keeping, three category four typhoons simultaneously churned their way northward through the Pacific Ocean. These massive and powerful storms, just one category shy of the strongest typhoons we have a measure for, were hurled out of a region of extremely hot sea surface temperatures near the Equator. A zone, that for late August was also hitting record hot levels amidst a building Monster El Nino. And never before in modern memory had so many storms of such high intensity filled Pacific Ocean waters.”

  32. onlooker on Tue, 1st Sep 2015 9:18 pm 

    How anyone could think this is normal climate variation and does not prove cause and effect relative to GW, is seriously in denial or deluded.

  33. apneaman on Tue, 1st Sep 2015 11:49 pm 

    Reminds me of another insatiable creature.

    Climate change will irreversibly force key ocean bacteria into overdrive

    Scientists demonstrate that a key organism in the ocean’s food web will start reproducing at high speed as carbon dioxide levels rise, with no way to stop when nutrients become scarce

    “Trichodesmium (called “Tricho” for short by researchers) is one of the few organisms in the ocean that can “fix” atmospheric nitrogen gas, making it available to other organisms. It is crucial because all life — from algae to whales — needs nitrogen to grow.”
    “A new study from USC and the Massachusetts-based Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) shows that changing conditions due to climate change could send Tricho into overdrive with no way to stop — reproducing faster and generating lots more nitrogen. Without the ability to slow down, however, Tricho has the potential to gobble up all its available resources, which could trigger die-offs of the microorganism and the higher organisms that depend on it.”

  34. apneaman on Tue, 1st Sep 2015 11:52 pm 

    Another killer we have unleashed.

    Climate change could push these tiny marine organisms to evolve — irreversibly

    “Human activities are causing plenty of obvious changes to the world’s oceans, from mounds of garbage accumulating on the seafloor to bleached coral reefs killed by rising water temperatures. But other equally dramatic changes are happening on a level too small for the human eye to see.

    A new study in Nature Communications finds that rising levels of carbon dioxide in the ocean — the result of human greenhouse gas emissions — could have a major effect on microscopic marine organisms known as cyanobacteria, better known as blue-green algae. Cyanobacteria might be most famous for the huge algal blooms they occasionally undergo if there happens to be an excess of the nutrients they feed on in the water. These blooms, which often produce red, blue or green stains on the surface of the water, are known for the harmful toxins they produce, which often drive away or kill off any marine animals in the area.”

  35. GregT on Wed, 2nd Sep 2015 12:56 am 

    A trio of storms swirling above the Pacific Ocean look stunning from space.

    The storms made history this weekend when all were Category 4 hurricanes, marking the first time in recorded history that three such storms were seen in the Pacific.

  36. GregT on Wed, 2nd Sep 2015 12:57 am 

    Oops, sorry Apnea. Looks like you already got that one covered.

  37. apneaman on Wed, 2nd Sep 2015 1:20 am 

    The more Doom the merrier, Greg. Notice the BC sheep bitch and moan about power outages? It’s all BC Hydro’s fault that the ocean is a massive sink of heat/energy due to AGW and some of it just came for a little visit. Only a couple of mentions of the connection amid the whining that Hydro’s website was down. WTF good would it do to get to their web site when a wind storm just ripped apart a million branches and trees and downed a bunch of power lines? The sheep are so wedded to their connectivity that they panic when it’s interrupted and get all anxious. Nice little preview of things to come.

  38. GregT on Wed, 2nd Sep 2015 2:08 am 

    “Only a couple of mentions of the connection amid the whining that Hydro’s website was down.”

    Yah Apnea, my wife and I were saying exactly the same thing. Like Hydro’s website is going to make any difference as to how quickly they get the power back on. Baaah.

    Our son inlaw is a firefighter in Langley, he spent two days dealing with people trapped in vehicles by downed trees and power lines. He said that announcements were made throughout the media for people to stay home. Of course everyone panicked and headed out to the grocery stores, because they’re too fucking stupid to have been prepared in advance, despite decades of warnings to have a stock of food and water on hand. Glad we’re out of there.

  39. Davy on Wed, 2nd Sep 2015 5:26 am 

    A trio of storms swirling above the Pacific Ocean look stunning from space.

    Thanks, Greg/Ape, for the link weather has always fascinated me. That was an amazing view to see storms like that swirling menacingly looking for a home. It was other worldly.

  40. Ace on Wed, 2nd Sep 2015 7:25 am 


    >This video does a good job of putting all this into perspective:

    Fist, I agree with all your post, but the video I posted is by Goddard’s Journal, and does not mention FSTV or Thom Hartmann.You must have gotten it confused with something else. Try watching more than the first minute and you’ll see that the video confirms what your telling folks about radiation levels in the ocean.

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