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Page added on November 23, 2012

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radioactive contamination of Tokyo Bay


On 11/21/2012, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology reported they measured high level of cesium from the ground soil of Tokyo bay. The sample was taken on 10/16/2012.

MEXT reported the contamination of Tokyo Bay "114 Bq/Kg from ground soil"


MEXT reported the contamination of Tokyo Bay "114 Bq/Kg from ground soil" 2




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5 Comments on "radioactive contamination of Tokyo Bay"

  1. autonomous on Sat, 24th Nov 2012 1:58 am 

    Say goodbye to the shellfish industry of Tokyo bay.

  2. BillT on Sat, 24th Nov 2012 2:50 am 

    BP did the same thing with oil in the Gulf, except with poison instead of radioactivity.

  3. Ides of March on Sun, 25th Nov 2012 12:04 am 

    legal limits according to the EU regulations are foe example –
    food for babies 400 Bq/l;
    Dairy products: 1000 Bq/kg;
    other solid foods: 1250 Bq/kg;
    liquid food: 1000 Bq/l.
    food for animals: 1250 Bq/kg for pigs, 2500 Bq/kg chicken
    I am not an expert but the levels of cesium are a signal that comtamination is still going on, not that levels are harmful for your health.

  4. Norm on Sun, 25th Nov 2012 7:14 am 

    probably soon be more glowfish.

  5. Kenz300 on Mon, 26th Nov 2012 1:29 pm 

    The big selling point on nuclear energy was that it was supposed to be too cheap to meter.

    The real truth is that it is too costly to clean up.

    Cheap nuclear energy was a big lie.

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