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Page added on February 28, 2015

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Hundreds of illicit oil wastewater pits found in Kern County

Hundreds of illicit oil wastewater pits found in Kern County thumbnail

Water officials in Kern County discovered that oil producers have been dumping chemical-laden wastewater into hundreds of unlined pits that are operating without proper permits.

Inspections completed this week by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board revealed the existence of more than 300 previously unidentified waste sites. The water board’s review found that more than one-third of the region’s active disposal pits are operating without permission.

The pits raise new water quality concerns in a region where agricultural fields sit side by side with oil fields and where California’s ongoing drought has made protecting groundwater supplies paramount.

8 Comments on "Hundreds of illicit oil wastewater pits found in Kern County"

  1. Plantagenet on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 5:06 pm 

    It makes you wonder how the regulators in the California Division of Oil and Gas and the California Dept. of Environmental Protection spend their time….its amazing they could be so incompetent as to overlook 300 extra wastewater pits.

  2. penury on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 5:35 pm 

    Until and unless criminal prosecution of the company officials occurs this is just more horsesh^t, Without enforcement and realistic penalties all laws become sugesstions and will be ignored by the well connected. It is too bad thaat the birds and animals affected including the humans have no voice in any of the garbage which passes for “law enforcement” these days.

  3. MSN Fanboy on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 6:24 pm 

    They… ‘missed’ this lol

  4. coffeeguyzz on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 7:08 pm 

    Shame that there is less and less objective info disseminated on the net … let alone the mainstream media (the source for the above article).
    Quick google search shows umpteen stories of California oil companies selling/providing treated produced water, aka brine, to local water companies.
    New York Times article from a few months back stated that Bakersfield’s water company received near half their water from Chevron.
    Terms used throughout the above article are so transparently emotive as to be laughable (chemical, chemical-laden, toxic, etc.).
    The discourse on these topics has so profoundly deteriorated that the intense, genuine alarm engendered when the acknowledged use of dihydrogen monoxide (recognized as causing thousands of annual fatalities/year, especially to children, “gender altering” silicon dioxide, is making it near impossible for concerned truth seekers to evaluate these matters.

  5. Makati1 on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 7:16 pm 

    There is only graft and corruption in the US these days. Honesty is a thing of the past and only for suckers. Welcome to the 3rd world, Americans!

    Does your lettuce have a spicy taste these days? Your orange juice a WD-40 smell? Does that grape have a soft glow when you turn off the lights? If so, it came from the US’ bread basket in Cali.

    Yep! The US is gonna be food secure in the future. But, will it be deadly?

  6. American Idiot on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 1:45 pm 

    That stupid state is done.

  7. redpill on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 6:43 pm 

    Well, maybe things like this will make my fellow Californian’s in the state’s southern portion a little less of the conservative (R) bent.

    But hey, thanks for all the love for the world’s 8th largest economy!

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