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Page added on July 16, 2013

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Contaminated Water has been Leaking into Ocean for Two Years at Fukushima


Shunichi Tanaka, the head of the Nuclear Regulation Authority in Japan, and the country’s chief nuclear regulator announced on Wednesday, that the nuclear power plant at Fukushima, has been leaking contaminated water into the ocean for the two years since the accident that saw three of the plants six reactors suffer a meltdown.

The problem stems from the fact that ground water is leaking into the basement of the damaged reactors, and becoming contaminated, and whilst that water is being pumped out and stored in huge tanks on site, the inflow has not yet been stopped, meaning that ever more ground water enters the basement and becomes contaminated.

Tanaka explains that neither his staff, nor those working for the plant’s operator have discovered where the leaks are coming from, and therefore have not been able to stop them.

Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), the power plants operator, has constantly denied that any of that water heas been leaking into the Ocean, but in the last few days it has switched its position and finally admitted that it can’t actually say for sure that the water is not leaking into the sea.

Tepco has also admitted that the amounts of radioactive cesium, tritium, and strontium detected in groundwater around the plant has been growing, making the job of sealing the leaks even more urgent. Cesium and Strontium are especially dangerous to humans.

Tanaka claims that the evidence that the water is reaching the sea is overwhelming. “We’ve seen for a fact that levels of radioactivity in the seawater remain high, and contamination continues — I don’t think anyone can deny that. We must take action as soon as possible.

That said, considering the state of the plant, it’s difficult to find a solution today or tomorrow. That’s probably not satisfactory to many of you. But that’s the reality we face after an accident like this.”

For some time now experts have worried that the plant has been constantly continuing to leak radiated material into the ocean, and these latest announcements have only helped to confirm those suspicions.

6 Comments on "Contaminated Water has been Leaking into Ocean for Two Years at Fukushima"

  1. TIKIMAN on Tue, 16th Jul 2013 12:05 pm 

    ! year from now “Contaminated Water has been Leaking into Ocean for THREE Years at Fukushima”

    This isn’t going to end. When the cooling pool structures collapse, the world will change.

  2. Kenz300 on Tue, 16th Jul 2013 1:12 pm 

    Nuclear’s swan SONGS | SmartPlanet

  3. GregT on Tue, 16th Jul 2013 3:43 pm 


    The world has already changed, and it is far too late to put the genie back in the bottle now. We never should have messed with things that we don’t understand in the first place.

    We worship the Energy God, even when we know that it is destroying the only planet that we have to live on. Ultimately, we will have nowhere left to live, and we will in essence, commit our own suicide. All for our own comfort and entertainment.

  4. Russell on Tue, 16th Jul 2013 9:19 pm 

    Truly disappointing with the ethics of the Japanese society. This deception of the seawater leaks , together with the continued hunting of whales, shatters the myth that Japan is an ethical, honest society.
    Where is the modern the Samauri ? An honorable(?) opponent .

  5. Kenz300 on Wed, 17th Jul 2013 12:20 pm 

    This continuing nuclear disaster does not get enough attention from the media……

    Are TEPCO and the government of Japan being open and honest about what is going on at this failed nuclear plant…….

    It is time to bring in outside experts from around the world to help…….. the people of Japan and the rest of the world need to have an open discussion about this continuing disaster and what can be done to halt the nuclear contamination.

    Two years is a long time for this disaster to continue to pollute the environment. As of now there is no end in sight to this ongoing disaster.

  6. Others on Thu, 18th Jul 2013 1:51 am 

    Without nuclear Japan will go bankrupt by importing expensive oil. Besides the pollution and global warming concerns from oil are far dangerous than nuclear power.

    Even with Europe being in Recession oil prices are hovering near $110/barrel. If europe fully recovers, it will hit $130/barrel.

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