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Page added on May 26, 2010

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BP warns of ‘top kill’ failure; ‘junk shot’ next option

British Petroleum warned that its latest attempt to stop the Gulf oil leak is not guaranteed to work.

The top kill method consists of mud and cement being forced don the broken well in an effort to stop the flow of oil. It has a 60- to 70-percent chance of working, as the method has never been attempted at such depths.

The leak started more than a month ago, and the Gulf region has been declared a federal disaster — more than 20-percent of fisheries have been shut down.

Some estimate more than 7 million gallons of crude have spilled into the Gulf since the leak started. And the EPA is demanding that BP scale back its use of chemicals to disperse the oil.

As BP works the plug the leak, Congress is looking into new claims that the company knew there were problems, but went ahead with the well anyway.

If Wednesday’s top kill fails, BP has another option — a junk shot. Debris like golf balls, tire bits and rope would be shot into the well, along with a substance called mud, to try to stop the oil.


3 Comments on "BP warns of ‘top kill’ failure; ‘junk shot’ next option"

  1. Edpeak on Thu, 27th May 2010 9:31 am 

    “Someestimate more than 7 million gallons have spilled” so far??

    Let’s see 7 million / 42 = 166,667barrels.

    Over the past 36 days, that would be

    166,667 / 36 = 4,629 barrels/day

    So your sentence translates into saying, “some estimate more than 4,630 barrels per day”? Excuse me?

    BP admitted 5,000barrels/day, and then that it was probably higher than that.

    What “some estimate more than” would be 5, 10 or 15 times as much as that (25k, 50k, or 75k) barrels per day. At the very least 5 times as much which is the lower-bound of what outside non-BP estimations by scientists have said, 20-25 thousand barrels per day.

    “If Wednesday’s top kill fails”

    the operation takes more than one day.

  2. Edpeak on Thu, 27th May 2010 9:41 am 


    39 million or 5.5 times,and that was the estimate on May 25th, by the independent

    That would translate into

    39 million / (42 * 35) = 26,530

    or just over 26,000 barrels per day on average, according to that estimate.

  3. Edpeak on Thu, 27th May 2010 9:49 am 

    Great interactive map, please report incidents from your area if you have personally seen them (not just rumors) at

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