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Page added on October 23, 2015

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Beyond “How to Save the World”

When Dave Pollard started his blog “How to Save the World” over a decade ago, he believed he might actually play a role in changing the world. After studying the three major systems of civilization — energy & resources, ecology, and economy — he finds all three unsustainable and out of control. Rather than trying to prevent the end of industrial growth civilization, Dave suggests four things we can do. Live a joyful life, while acting sustainably. Learn essential skills our grandparents knew — growing food organically, sewing clothing, fixing things, and mentoring young people in how to learn. Learn to live in community, where “we’ll have to live with and maybe even love people we don’t particularly like. That’s what people do in community.” []

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7 Comments on "Beyond “How to Save the World”"

  1. onlooker on Fri, 23rd Oct 2015 11:46 am 

    I find these ideas are apt for this moment in time. It is now accepted by those of us who have studied this overshoot-powerdown dynamic that none of our major ways of living can be sustained ergo the return to as simple life as possible but within a community which will together try and cope with harsh socioeconomic and ecological conditions. Only with an unprecedented cooperation and mutual caring can we even hope to survive as a species. Yet living as such as part of a mutually supportive community in a simple humble way I think we at least those around will find their lives truly fulfilling as we will take nothing for granted and thus value immeasurably more everything we have. Unlike I may add at the present in our disposable society whereby even humans are disposable.

  2. Rodster on Fri, 23rd Oct 2015 12:05 pm 

    If you don’t change the money system and the way it works then none of this will matter. The money system is based on exponential and infinite growth and it requires that everything else follows as well. That’s why exponential growth of the population is also required so it can pay for future debt.

    I have ZERO hope that the greedy bastards I n charge will see their evil ways and change course before the planet forces their hands.

  3. onlooker on Fri, 23rd Oct 2015 12:14 pm 

    Rodster the way money works will be the least of our problems after all it is just paper. Soon enough the way money currently works will become obsolete as it is only possible with economic growth which is ending even as we speak. This quote is so obvious maybe that is why it is so good ” “When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.”

  4. J-Gav on Fri, 23rd Oct 2015 12:45 pm 

    Rod and Looker – Seems to me that both of you are right, at least to some extent.

    I’ll use two quotes to explain what I mean:”mutually supportive community in a simple, humble way.” Looker gets it that a frontal attack or a ‘within-the-system,’ reform-oriented approach is probably doomed to failure. Thus,a bottom-up, ‘let’s rebuild and remold it’ story seems more promising.

    On the other hand, Rod also has a point: “If you don’t change the money system and the way it works …” (I would prefer to say -…’The way money is created and the way credit is organized’), then you will still have a problem. That’s pretty much a given, no matter what other organizational changes you bring to society.

    To conclude, I find your views complementary, ie not in opposition.

  5. penury on Fri, 23rd Oct 2015 1:49 pm 

    Check out G.Carlin. Remember the world will be fine, it is not going away, humans are going away. When you are as far into overshoot as the population of humans is, you are going away.

  6. makati1 on Fri, 23rd Oct 2015 7:49 pm 

    penury, I support your thought there. We ARE going away this time, not the world. It will take a few, maybe hundreds of millions of years and a new ecology will emerge from the ruins but humans will not be part of it.

    We had our chance and blew it. I doubt that humanity will see 2100. Maybe a few remnants scattered as roving tribes in the few habitable places left on the planet. Maybe not. I don’t worry about it. We are locked onto the path we chose.

  7. Kenz300 on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 8:56 am 

    Climate Change is real….. we will all be impacted by it……

    Exxon’s Climate Change Cover-Up Is ‘Unparalleled Evil,’ Says Activist

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