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Page added on March 6, 2017

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37 MILLION BEES FOUND DEAD In Ontario, Canada After Large GMO Corn Field Planted

37 MILLION BEES FOUND DEAD In Ontario, Canada After Large GMO Corn Field Planted thumbnail

Local Ontario farmer, Nathan Carey, reported that this spring there were not enough bees on his farm. He believes, as do many others, that there is a strong correlation between the disappearance of bees and the use of insecticides. For the last seven consecutive years, honeybees have been in decline, something scientists have coined, “colony collapse disorder” (CCD).

GMO Corn Field Kills 37 Million Bees in Ontario

If the global honeybee population were to collapse, we would be in serious trouble. It’s estimated that one-third of everything we eat depends on honeybee pollination- that means bees contribute over 30 billion to the global economy. And for some things like almonds, bees do 100% of the work. No more bees equals no more almonds.

From the article:

“A new study published in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that neonicotinoid pesticides kill honeybees by damaging their immune system and making them unable to fight diseases and bacteria.”

And we can see that the pesticides linger; scientists have found 121 different pesticides in samples of bees, wax, and pollen. “We believe that some subtle interactions between nutrition, pesticide exposure, and other stressors are converging to kill colonies,” said Jeffery Pettis, of ARS’s bee research laboratory.

And why are the pesticides in bees, wax, and pollen? Because two of the best-selling pesticides, Imidacloprid and Clothianidin (by Bayer), are known to get into pollen and nectar. In fact, while these drugs were being marketed in Europe and the US, there were large-scale bee deaths in those places.

Thankfully, after large bee losses were reported- after exposure to Imidacloprid- it was banned for use on corn and sunflowers (as you can imagine Bayer protested this decision). And France rejected Bayer’s application for Clothianidin.

While we are happy for the common sense approach to bee and public health in Europe, it’s time that starts happening here.


14 Comments on "37 MILLION BEES FOUND DEAD In Ontario, Canada After Large GMO Corn Field Planted"

  1. BobInget on Mon, 6th Mar 2017 12:51 pm 

    Some GMO corn is ‘Round-Up Ready’. None that I know of is neonicotinoid pesticide resistant.

    Saying millions of bees died because a field was GMO
    planted is like saying witchcraft was responsible.

    The big complaint against round-up ready corn remains, bees could ‘infect*’ nearby non GMO fields,
    thereby spoil their non GMO status.
    IN fact, so called non GMO corn does not mean that corn wasn’t sprayed with any number of insecticides, including nicotinoids. (GMO corn is Not Sweet Corn intended for people) Most ‘field’ corn is grown for animal feed or ethanol..


    a bee keeper.

  2. Apneaman on Mon, 6th Mar 2017 1:54 pm 

    There is so much Round Up on our veggies it’s should be reclassified as a salad dressing.

    Mmmmm my favourite ‘Kraft Three Cheese Glyphosate’

  3. Midnight Oil on Mon, 6th Mar 2017 2:21 pm 

    Damn, shoot, nice to know the organic, non GMO that I buy has Roundup in it…all at no extra cost! Man, Monsanto should sue, they are getting ripped off, big time.

  4. Go Speed Racer on Mon, 6th Mar 2017 2:35 pm 

    Send the bill to Bayer Monsanto. They are fucking up the environment with their GMO horror show.

  5. Sissyfuss on Mon, 6th Mar 2017 2:43 pm 

    This is short term moronic thinking at its’ best. We’re destroying the biosphere but who cares? Profits are up 33%!

  6. peakyeast on Mon, 6th Mar 2017 2:55 pm 

    There is no problem. Robotic bees are on the way… A branch division of Monsanto.

    As an added benefit they can be used as a non-threatening way to assasinate obstinate farmers – all it requires it the approval of ONE man – who is too busy – and therefore has “offshored” the decisions to a previously disgrunted New Mexico trailerpark teenager…

  7. makati1 on Mon, 6th Mar 2017 5:03 pm 

    “First they came for the bees and no one said anything…”

    “Then they came for….

  8. twocats on Mon, 6th Mar 2017 7:43 pm

    i’m calling beeswax on this story.

  9. dave thompson on Tue, 7th Mar 2017 4:23 am 

    This issue is not to be taken lightly. The chemical industry will never fess up. The only hope is for the people using these untested chemicals to stop in great enough numbers to send a message to the profits of the chemical companies.

  10. Davy on Tue, 7th Mar 2017 5:30 am 

    I have two bee hives. The year before last they did phenomenal but this year not so good. Weird weather was the biggest issue. The unstable weather disturbed the flower bloom. We do not use much chemicals around this area. The Ozarks are one of the largest cow calf rearing areas in the world. Basically cows are raised on grass that give us calves. The steer calves are then put out on pasture to gain size then at the proper weight they are shipped out to be finished off in feed lots in neighboring states. I have a bee guru from Rolla, MO who uses my property for his 10 hives. He runs the bee club in Rolla and is our resident expert. He like my property because a quarter of it is in native grasses and wild flowers. Another quarter is ground that is a mix with many weeds and brush that have beneficial bee feed sources like thistle and milk weed. We have lots of bee problems but they are not chemical. I am not discounting the chemical side of the bee mortality equations just don’t forget there are many other bee killers that are not chemical.

  11. MrBill44 on Tue, 7th Mar 2017 8:40 am 

    BobInget:”Some GMO corn is ‘Round-Up Ready’. None that I know of is neonicotinoid pesticide resistant.”> Niconiods are pesticides, not herbicides, the plant doesn’t need to be resistent.Here in the midwest, nearly all field corn seeds are coated with niconoids which are persistent in the plant. There is ample emering evidence that this interferes with the bee’s internal navigation, should you care to look for it.
    “Saying millions of bees died because a field was GMO planted is like saying witchcraft was responsible.”> This is an uniformed response.
    “The big complaint against round-up ready corn remains, bees could ‘infect*’ nearby non GMO fields,thereby spoil their non GMO status.”>Bees do not pollinated corn, wind does. To make a corn plant female for hybridzation you de-tassel it. Geographic distance and timing are used to prevent cross-pollination.

  12. DerHundistlos on Wed, 8th Mar 2017 2:07 am 

    We should be more concerned about the die-off of our native pollinators. The Rusty-Patched bumblebee was recently downgraded to critically endangered. The next classification is extinct. And thanks to our dear leader for refusing endangered species status. I plan on sending a letter to Trump suggesting that he include in his biography that he is the first president to have direct responsibility for causing the extinction of a species and since he will not grant endangered species status to other species, he will have a long list of extinct species to brag about at the end of his first term.

  13. MrBill44 on Wed, 8th Mar 2017 8:02 am 

    DerHun: Thumbs up, I’ll cosign that letter to T-Rump.

  14. dashter on Wed, 8th Mar 2017 1:00 pm 

    In the comments section of the linked article someone points out that this article has been run and re-run since 2013 and someone else agrees.

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