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Page added on October 24, 2015

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The Elite Are The Most Paranoid Preppers Of All

The Elite Are The Most Paranoid Preppers Of All thumbnail

When it comes to “prepping”, many among the elite take things to an entirely different level.  As you will see below, the elite are willing to pay big money for cutting edge home security measures, luxury bomb shelters and superyacht getaway submarines. Some of the things that the elite are demanding for their own protection go beyond even what we would see in a James Bond film, and serving the prepping needs of the elite has become a multi-billion dollar business.  Meanwhile, the media outlets that the elite own continue to mock the rest of us for getting prepared.  All the time we see headlines like this one that appeared in a major American news source: “Preppers: Meet the paranoid Americans awaiting the apocalypse“.  Well, if we are paranoid for setting aside some extra food and supplies for the future, what does that make the people that you will read about in this article?

The elite live in a world that is completely different from the world that you and I live in.  In wealthy enclaves of major global cities such as London, elitists are willing to shell out massive amounts of money to ensure that everyone else is kept out.  The following comes from an article that was just published a few hours ago by the London Evening Standard entitled “The paranoid world of London’s super-rich: DNA-laced security mist and superyacht getaway submarines“…

Business is booming because billionaires are a paranoid bunch. Take one who recently moved to Mayfair. ‘He wanted everything, from protection from cyber hacking through to physical intrusion and kidnapping,’ says Bond Gunning. ‘We ended up installing fingerprint-activated locks for family members and programmable keys for staff that limit the time they are allowed into the property and the rooms they are able to enter and exit.

‘Inside and outside we installed 24-hour monitored CCTV cameras that are so hi-tech they can tell the difference between a dog, cat and a person. In the garden there are thermal-imaging cameras that can detect heat sources in the undergrowth. One thing intruders can’t hide is the heat of their bodies.

‘Should an intruder evade the cameras or ignore the warnings they automatically broadcast, the property itself is protected by bulletproof glass and alarm sensors in all rooms. There is a bullet, gas and bombproof panic or safe room, with its own food and water, medical supplies and communications, and an impregnable supply of fresh air. Just in case the family cannot make it there in time, key rooms are sealed by reinforced shutters.’

But for many elitists, those kinds of extreme security measures are simply not enough.  That is why sales of “luxury doomsday shelters” are absolutely soaring.  If “the end of the world” arrives unexpectedly, high net worth individuals want to know that there will be somewhere for them and their families to go.  The following is an excerpt from an article about one such facility located in Indiana

As we roll down US Highway 41 in Terre Haute, Indiana , my guide insists I give him my iPhone. Then he tosses me a satin blindfold. The terms of our trip were clear—I wasn’t to know where we were going or how we got there.That’s because we’re on our way to the undisclosed location of an underground bunker designed to survive the end of the world, whatever form that apocalypse takes.

When I remove my blindfold, I am standing in a grassy clearing looking at a boxy concrete structure that serves as the entrance to a Cold War–era government communications facility gutted and reborn as Vivos Indiana. This is the Ritz Carlton of doomsday shelters, a hideout where residents can wait out a nuclear winter or a zombie apocalypse in luxury and style while the rest of humanity melts and disintegrates. The living area has 12-and-a-half-foot ceilings, sumptuous black leather couches, wall art featuring cheerful Parisian street scenes, towering faux ferns, and plush carpets. Faith Hill croons from a large-screen TV set in front of three rows of comfy beige reclining chairs. The cupboards are stocked with 60 varieties of freeze-dried and canned foodstuffs; an evening meal might include spaghetti aglio e olio topped with skillet fried steak chunks, a fresh tomato-and-zucchini salad fresh from the hydroponic garden, and decadent turtle brownies. An eight-by-nine bedroom is designed for four people (there are larger units for six) and comes with double-queen bunks clothed in 600-thread-count ivory sheets and duvet covers worthy of a four-star hotel, a comparison highlighted on the Vivos website.

That sounds lovely.

But normal people like us cannot afford something like that.  It will only be the elite that will be able to afford to hole up in underground bunkers while the world above descends into madness.

Other elitists will be taking off in their superyachts and heading out into the open ocean when things really start falling to pieces.  And if their superyachts are threatened, some of them even have “getaway subs”.  Here is more from the Evening Standard

The ultimate vehicle of choice is no longer an armoured limousine or a private jet. They’re so Noughties. If you want bragging rights these days, you need your own submarine, which floats out of a sub-sea compartment in your superyacht. ‘It’s a toy, but if the worst happened, it could also be an escape route,’ says one prominent London tycoon with a weakness for Monaco-berthed superyachts — provided they have military-grade radar jammers and missile and torpedo defences.

So exactly why are so many among the elite so concerned about their own security these days?

Why are so many of them going to such extraordinary lengths to prepare for worst case scenarios?

Do they know something that the rest of us do not?

In a previous article, I included a quote from an article in the Mirror that was published earlier this year entitled “Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips to escape if poor rise up“…

Robert Johnson, president of the Institute of New Economic Thinking, told people at the World Economic Forum in Davos that many hedge fund managers were already planning their escapes.

He said: “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway.”

The next time that someone criticizes you for prepping, just point out what the elite are doing.

Clearly, many of them are deeply concerned that something may be coming.

So are you preparing?

If so, what are you preparing for?

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30 Comments on "The Elite Are The Most Paranoid Preppers Of All"

  1. Davy on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 9:16 am 

    If you want to have some fun go to the comment section on Zero Hedge following this article that was posted there yesterday. These guys are a hoot.

    Folks, the amount of rich people in the world is insignificant in relation to what is coming. This article is just fun consumption. Being prepped is a short term and long term issues. We dormers discuss this constantly on this board. If you think you are going to lone wolf this collapse you are mistaken. If you are very rich with a private army that will go a long way but how many are in that category. Go to Afghanistan to learn about war lords.

    You can cover your short term and should. The best thing you can do is find a good local with some chance of survival. I have a small library full of prep information. The reason it is a library is because prep is another word for living. It is just living in the end of the world as we know it. Don’t think of this as the apocalypse although it could be if we don’t get our shit together. Look at this as profound change to life as we know it. Go from there because if you think you know when collapse is coming or how bad it will be I will laugh at you.

    I have been claiming it is 3-5 years away now for 12 years. I did get pretty close on the 08 crisis which could have deteriorated into a bad collapse and didn’t. Anyway, worrying about what the rich do is useless. All it does is make people jealous and makes them think doom and prep is useless.

    Tune into the G-man’s and others for many prep comments to see that normal people can prep and do it on the cheap. Much of dooming and prepping is attitude and training. Much of it is common sense. It is a way of life and if you embrace it that way of life comes naturally.

  2. onlooker on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 10:35 am 

    Very enlightening ideas Davy. I have been slow but methodical in preparing. Too me the most important issue is location location (in real estate jargon). Meaning a place able to hold up over the long term and where people are actively conscious of the situation and also preparing. That would constitute a community of like minded preppers. Another issue tangential is that rich people are foolish to still affix themselves to their amenities and luxurious. Having the right mindset as has been alluded to by others here is the most critical thing of all. Accepting the inevitable and learning to deal with it. That is why I am here immersing myself in all this “doom”. Doom folks is reality. In this future cloud their is a silver lining the chance to renew the best in ourselves instead of continuing showcasing the worse.

  3. Davy on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 11:54 am 

    Onlooker, what region are you in I was curious? No problem not telling me because many people like to stay anonymous. How long have you been interested in doom?

  4. bug on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 11:56 am 

    Bunch of fools. Who is going to service,pilot, clean and take care of these yachts? They are going to clean bilges and clean holding tanks, change fluids, what about drydock schedules and the fun things that crewmen do? They are going to Shanghai people? I work on a 190ft supply ship and we have a 6 man crew and it is a 24hr job. Good luck fellows

  5. onlooker on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 12:13 pm 

    No problem Davy, I am currently in upstate NY with my wife. No children. Money has been an issue for me for awhile got into too much debt. My introduction into doom well around 2005. Since then pretty consistent paying attention and trying to learn. From my observations I would say in the US probably the best location would be Pacific North West in regards different sustainability variables.

  6. apneaman on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 12:16 pm 

    Anyone got any tips for how to thrive and survive when some or all of the 446 nuclear power plants are abandon and melt down? Or do their 1%er owners have a special plan to manage them from bugout central? Of course they own a shit load of other industrial plants that require constant maintenance or will leak toxic and/or blow up as well(Bhopal). Just think of all the 1%er abandon superfund sites there are now. The whole planet is going to be one big fucking toxic superfund site 5 minutes after the unpaid maintenance workers go home for good.

  7. apneaman on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 12:23 pm 

    It will only take one or two melt downs and the panic fleeing will start the dominoes tumbling.

    Nuclear power in the United States

  8. dave thompson on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 1:00 pm 

    Yachts with escape submarines, now that is innovative thinking and a sure fire way to survive the coming catastrophe.

  9. GregT on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 1:09 pm 

    “I would say in the US probably the best location would be Pacific North West in regards different sustainability variables.”

    If the drought cycle continues, the PNW might have bigger problems sooner than other areas. I hope not.

  10. onlooker on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 1:25 pm 

    Your right Greg. We all are running out of locations uh!

  11. Davy on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 2:01 pm 

    Onlooker, that’s gods country in upstate NY. Your only problem is the people I.e. Too many. Each region has sweet spots. Much will change with climate changes. My idea is go where population pressures are the lowest. When you are out riding your bike say hi to Jim “the long emergency” Kunstler.

  12. ghung on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 5:02 pm 

    The Appalachians have many small to mid-sized towns with outlying rural areas having good water and arable land; from western Pennsylvania down to North Carolina. Affordable property in many areas, especially in Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, and Western North Carolina. Good, solid people, low property taxes, decent services, though not quite what you city folks are used to. Also, much of the area is expected to have more moderate climate change effects. Very moderate 4 season climate where I live.

    I know of several of these “elite prepper” doomsteads in our area, but most folks are far more modest with smaller hobby farms/homesteads. Plenty of rain, but plenty of harvestable solar as well…. and we even have four golf courses within 20 miles. Great sense of community all around and a good mix of locals and transplants. Lots of community agriculture, well established. Then there’s the wonderful natural beauty of the entire Appalachian range, excepting in coal country where they’ve blown many mountains up 🙁

  13. apneaman on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 5:18 pm 

    Bob, completely meaningless. Capitalism or whatever you want to call the current economic arrangement will soon be dead by it’s own hand and apes will not see the next century. It’s a done deal. Doesn’t matter anymore. Too late. It’s called inertia. It’s happened before and the only difference this time is we triggered it instead of volcanisim. Physics does not care. Cause and effect. Could be worse. You could be 20 and just starting out as the tidal wave is coming in.

  14. yukonfisher on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 6:01 pm 

    In the far north, we have been acutely aware for many years how fragile our threadlike connection to civilization is. If a bridge goes out, a blizzard or flood closes the highway for a few days, the stores run out of fresh supplies almost immediately.
    Many of us here are used to living out in the bush for extended periods, and always keep a year or two’s worth of supplies at hand.
    Many of us grow as much of our own food as possible, and fish and hunt for a significant amount of the rest.
    We become acutely aware of what we cannot produce easily: salt, oil/fat, fibre are a few.
    Those of us who live this way very much understand that bunker mentality is the path to doom.
    We realize that community, with a wide selection of skills and attributes is the only way we shall be able to survive in the long term.
    As Davy says, attitude is key.
    The indigenous people here are only a couple of generations removed from pre-contact life.
    In many ways, this is a great location, except that it gets incredibly cold in winter.
    I’ve had to think about resilience and sustainability for a living, and I’m under no illusions about how very difficult it will be survive when TSHTF.
    Thank god there are no nukes anywhere close!

  15. Davy on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 6:02 pm 

    G-man, the Ozarks are much the same. I felt like you were describing home.

  16. Davy on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 6:13 pm 

    Ape Man, we humans are much like the cyanobacteria that triggered the Huronian glaciation. Historically life has caused extinction events. We humans are just the latest.

    “Early life: Oxygen enters the atmosphere”

    “The Great Oxygenation Event (GOE), also called the Oxygen Catastrophe, Oxygen Crisis, Oxygen Holocaust, Oxygen Revolution, or Great Oxidation, was the biologically induced appearance of dioxygen (O2) in Earth’s atmosphere. Geological, isotopic, and chemical evidence suggest that this major environmental change happened around 2.3 billion years ago (2.3 Ga).
    Cyanobacteria, which appeared about 200 million years before the GOE, began producing oxygen by photosynthesis. Before the GOE, any free oxygen they produced was chemically captured by dissolved iron or organic matter. The GOE was the point when these oxygen sinks became saturated and could not capture all of the oxygen that was produced by cyanobacterial photosynthesis. After the GOE, the excess free oxygen started to accumulate in the atmosphere.
    Free oxygen is toxic to obligate anaerobic organisms, and the rising concentrations may have wiped out most of the Earth’s anaerobic inhabitants at the time. Cyanobacteria were therefore responsible for one of the most significant extinction events in Earth’s history. But research have shown that microbial mats of oxygen-producing microbes will produce a thin layer, one or two millimeters thick, of oxygenated water in an otherwise anoxic environment even under thick ice, and before oxygen started accumulating in the atmosphere, organisms living on these mats would already be adapted to being exposed to oxygen. Additionally, the free oxygen reacted with atmospheric methane, a greenhouse gas, greatly reducing its concentration and triggering the Huronian glaciation, possibly the longest snowball Earth episode in the Earth’s history.
    Eventually, aerobic organisms began to evolve, consuming oxygen and bringing about an equilibrium in its availability. Free oxygen has been an important constituent of the atmosphere ever since.”

  17. apneaman on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 6:38 pm 

    Davy, if you are looking for a great book, try Peter Ward’s “Under A Green Sky” that’ll make you feel like a puny human and it will blow your mind.

    In the meantime we will continue to listen to the well rewarded green weenie mouth pieces like Naomi Klein preach false solutions while simultaneously listening to the well funded Ron Bailey think tank types tell us it’s not a problem. How does it feel to be a doomer caught in the middle? 99.99% of society thinks you are crazy. Tree hugging liberals and Jesus freak neocons finally agree on something – doomers is batshit crazy and everything is going to be alright. We just need the right policy tweaks or solar panels or fill in the blank with whatever easy fix comes to mind. Just don’t say that techno industrial civilization is done. Mass die back? Extinction? Not even on the radar. Doomer talk breaks the silent societal agreement about the untouchable topics. Speak it and ye shall be shunned. Since when have apes been interested in truth? Dopamine drips is what makes the world go around and doom is a downer.

  18. Davy on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 6:52 pm 

    Super freaks

  19. Dredd on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 7:21 pm 

    Guilt generates paranoia.

  20. GregT on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 7:36 pm 

    Super freak

  21. makati1 on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 7:43 pm 

    Lots of comments. But those are short term hideouts at any price. Ships cannot grow enough food. Even large ones like in the picture. Holes in the ground become tombs if they are cut off from air and fuel.

    If I was on the outside and I knew where those bunkers were, (You cannot keep it secret form the neighbors) I would use the last gallon of diesel to bury them and cut off their air supply. I bet I am not the only one who would do that. They would deserve their high priced graves.

  22. apneaman on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 7:50 pm 

    mak, just throw a dead body or two (preferably deniers) down the air intake shaft. We’ll see how long the pampered elite stay down there.

  23. GregT on Sat, 24th Oct 2015 10:04 pm 

    “In the far north, we have been acutely aware for many years how fragile our threadlike connection to civilization is.”

    Then you guys are very fortunate, much easier to sever a fragile thread, than one’s own umbilical chord.

  24. makati1 on Sun, 25th Oct 2015 3:47 am 

    Ap, you got it. There will be plenty of those after the first week or so. No fuel required.

  25. Kenz300 on Sun, 25th Oct 2015 10:07 am 

    The top 1% want it all…… the 99% have them worried.

    Greed will do them in………..

  26. PrestonSturges on Sun, 25th Oct 2015 1:14 pm 

    >>> mak, just throw a dead body or two (preferably deniers) down the air intake shaft. We’ll see how long the pampered elite stay down there.

    Or weld their doors shut and backfill the entrance with construction rubble and some bags of concrete. Those old missile silos were designed to take a near miss from a nuke, but they never gave any thought to getting people back out of the holes. They’d be feeling pretty smug until they realize the doors don’t open.

  27. PrestonSturges on Sun, 25th Oct 2015 1:23 pm 

    We’re heading for Roanoke VA off Skyline Drive and almost on the edge of a national forest. Those areas used to be major agricultural regions until Sheridan torched it in the Civil War to starve the Confederate army. Good soil, lots of water, decent climate. Also, that is an important rail hub.

    >>>Other elitists will be taking off in their superyachts and heading out into the open ocean when things really start falling to pieces.

    Yeah, those yachts are about as seaworthy as wedding cakes. A seaworthy ship has portholes and hatches, not picture windows and sliding doors. Even on a good day, they need a highly trained crew run the mechanicals that keep it afloat.

  28. BC on Mon, 26th Oct 2015 12:44 am 

    Elite prep = “Elysium”, which is why so many gazillionaire Silly-Con/Social Mania Valleyites have bought into the new religion of the human ape species (well, they and their remnant) going off planet and to the Moon, Mars, and perhaps, if the species is especially clever, finding our way to rejoining with our ancestral predecessors inhabiting the Rings of Uranus.

  29. Bloomer on Mon, 26th Oct 2015 9:43 pm 

    If mankind has screwed things up so bad that they only way to survive is to sequester in a bomb shelter, then count me out.

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