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Page added on July 18, 2017

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Rise of mega farms: how the US model of intensive farming is invading the world

Rise of mega farms: how the US model of intensive farming is invading the world thumbnail

nce the days of the wild west frontier, the popular image of American farming has been of cowboys rounding up steers on wide open ranches, to whoops, whips and hollers. Today, the cowboys on their ranches under wide open skies have been replaced by vast sheds, hulking over the plains, housing tens of thousands of animals each, with the noises and smells spreading far beyond their fences.

The US has led the world in large-scale farming, pioneering the use of intensive livestock rearing in hog farms, cattle sheds and sheep pens. There are now more than 50,000 facilities in the US classified as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), with another quarter of a million industrial-scale facilities below that threshold.

Around the world, developing countries in particular were quick to catch up. Intensive farming of livestock offers many advantages over traditional open ranges, not least economies of cost and scale, more efficient healthcare for the herds and flocks, and ultimately cheaper food. According to the UN, globally CAFOs account for 72% of poultry, 42% of egg, and 55% of pork production.

In 2000, there were an estimated 15 billion livestock in the world, according to the Worldwatch Institute. By last year, that had risen to about 24 billion, with the majority of eggs, chicken meat and pork produced on intensive farms.


Ranching was never an option in the UK, but most people still expect farms to consist of green fields rather than vast industrial-scale sheds. The reality is an increasing number of livestock are “zero graze”, spending all or almost all of their time indoors in large warehouse-type facilities.

As a joint investigation by the Guardian and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism revealed on Monday, at least 789 megafarms, meeting the US definition of CAFOs, now operate around the UK, with every region of the country hosting several such operations, many of them owned by foreign multinationals. These are the biggest in a wave of intensive farms that has increased by more than a quarter in six years.

With Brexit, campaigners fear the pressure from international trade may bring even more US-style practices to Britain. British farm standards have been higher than EU-wide welfare practices in the past, and now are in line with the EU, but in future there could be pressure to lower standards in order to compete with imports.

Emma Slawinski, director of campaigns at Compassion in World Farming, said the problems of mega farms around the world included over-medication, where animals are given antibiotics whether they are needed or not. “Factory-farmed animals are regularly given antibiotics in their feed or water, because of the higher risk of disease when large numbers of animals are kept in these overcrowded conditions. There is strong evidence that this overuse of antibiotics in intensive farming is contributing to antibiotic resistance in human medicine. If animals cannot remain healthy within the conditions in which they are placed, then it is time to take a closer look at our farming systems.”

A mega farm in Kington, England.
No George Orwell’s animal farm this, instead most resemble industrial warehouses. Photograph: Rob Stothard

The UK’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs vowed to resist any pressure to lower standards that may come from Brexit. “Leaving the EU provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to shape our farming industry so it works for the UK and helps our farmers grow more world-class food. We are determined to make a success of it, but we will not compromise on our high animal welfare or environmental standards, and we will always protect our proud and varied farming traditions.”

The government has pledged not to dilute environmental and animal welfare standards on farms, and said keeping safety and public confidence in food would be “of the highest priority”, while ensuring that reformed or reduced subsidies for agriculture provide opportunities to market high-quality produce abroad. “This should not be a race to the bottom,” Defra said.

However, it’s not just US methods that have been imported into the UK – investment has come from overseas, too. Cargill, the US food giant, is now one of the biggest players in UK farming, with a network of more than 100 independently owned farms. At its Grandstand Road plant, the company currently processes at least 1.6 million chickens a week. The company made a profit of more than £19m last year in the UK.

Moy Park, the largest employer in Northern Ireland, is owned by JBS, a Brazilian company. It has four primary production sites in the UK, as well as further processing plants and a number of allied farms. The company made an operating profit of more than £50m in 2015.

Industrial-scale farms in the UK are the mainstay of major supermarket chains and high-street food retailers. Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda and others are all supplied by companies operating CAFOs and intensive farms. For instance, poultry supplier Hook 2 Sisters supplies customers including Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys, M&S, and Asda from at least 37 CAFO facilities across the UK.

Pippa Woods, of the Family Farmers’ Association, said: “Local farmers contribute to the economy, the local area, the local communities. In big farms, the profit is shaved off to American companies.”


Advocates of large livestock facilities point out that they have advantages in terms of animal welfare: for instance, the warmth, humidity and levels of daylight can be centrally controlled, predators and potential disease carriers – such as badgers – are excluded, and veterinary expertise is often on-site.

The core drivers are running costs and consumption. Our appetite for chicken, in particular, appears insatiable, now accounting for more than half the meat bought in the UK. Farmers struggling with feed costs, energy prices and the pressure from big supermarket buyers have been increasingly abandoning small-scale farming.

According to Defra, there are roughly 173 million poultry being raised at a time in the UK, amounting to more than one billion birds a year. If these birds were raised according to free range standards, they would take up an area twice the size of Copenhagen; to house these birds organically would require a space the size of Anglesey.

Food prices have risen in recent years while wages have stagnated, meaning a larger proportion of the family budget is having to be spent on food, and people on low incomes face a choice between eating and other essentials such as heating and housing. In these circumstances, measures to keep food cheap have a political resonance far beyond farming communities.

With Brexit bringing further uncertainty on all fronts, the investments by multinational companies bring a source of security to the UK’s hard-pressed farmers.

Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk, and former minister, said: “We need new and robust domestic regulations to meet the emerging landscape and take the place of EU legislation post-Brexit.”

But he said people’s needs and spending power must also be taken into account. “It’s easy to condemn the producers, but the vast majority of people [in the UK] eat meat. We need to have a national debate about whether we can justify the methods to deliver. I can choose between organic meat and cheap meat, but people on low incomes might struggle to make that choice within their weekly budgets.”


36 Comments on "Rise of mega farms: how the US model of intensive farming is invading the world"

  1. Cloggie on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 4:33 pm

    Pictures from California.

    Gigantic milk producing units in Russia.

    In my own province Brabant in the South of the Netherlands, there are 5.7 million pigs, twice as many as there are “Brabanders”. Ten years ago the entire province was stinking after dung. Meanwhile that has disappeared after tough regulation was enforced.

    In the Netherlands as a whole there are ca. 12.5 million pigs and this number is rather stable over the years. The number of farms has reduced from 42,000 back to 5,000 in 35 years, in line with what the article is saying: ever larger scale and more efficiency.

  2. Harquebus on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 5:26 pm 

    For Civilization: This Is Necessary (Life Feeds On Life)

  3. Makati1 on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 5:53 pm 

    Intensive farming is not invading, it is being forced on the world by Big Ag. It is just another way the elite are preparing the world for the major die-off to come. Mega farms are killing the ecosystems everywhere they can be found. They are disease centers, pollution centers, and require huge amount of chemicals($$$$). AND … they give control of food crops to those who do not want a large population on earth. TPTB.

    They are killing off the small farmer whose lives depend on farming. This has caused thousands of suicides in countries like India where Big Ag and GMOs have made it too expensive to farm small plots. When they decide to cut off the chemicals (fertilizers/pesticides/weed killers) and/or GMO seeds, famine will sweep across the world and kill off billions. TPTB will just smile and consider it a job well done. Wait and see.

    Oh, and the U$ will not be spared. There many farms already rely on GMO seeds and DOW Chemical for their crops.

    “A farm scholar once asked an agribusiness executive when his corporation would simply take over the farms. The exec said that it would be dumb for the corporation to do so, in that it is not free to exploit its employees to the degree that farmers are willing to exploit themselves.”

    Massive debt, the farmer’s last crop?

  4. DMyers on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 7:47 pm 

    “Massive debt, the farmer’s last crop?”

    Mak, I’m going to transfer those words onto a poster board, frame it, and hang it near the kitchen table beside my “If a tree fell in the forest….” poster. That’s worth a little thought, every day.

    Good comment on the subject.

    Let’s not forget what we hear from those who run the realm, when we complain about our mega farm food not containing any nourishment. “It’s a lot better than nothing.” Yes, and that’s about all.

  5. Makati1 on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 8:24 pm 

    DMyers, in my earlier days, the farmers last crop was usually to sell the fields for a housing development. The last crop was Ranch Homes. But today, most farmers are in debt when they retire and the land is not worth enough to pay it off, nor are there enough buyers with the ability to buy. Not to mention that the last crop failure due to climate change events may have broken the camel’s back of credit to continue. Or so it seems to me.

  6. Sissyfuss on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 8:48 pm 

    I can think of nothing more heinous and disgusting than mega farms, concentration camps for animals. Another example of corporate malevolence and villainy. But hugely profitable.

  7. deadlykillerbeaz on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 9:11 pm 

    The entire world is and has been a mega farm.

    Everything got hunted to extinction, all that is left are hogs, chickens, and cattle.

    In addition, there is a world filled with scrap metal.

  8. Apneaman on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 10:59 pm 

    Yabut the N American industrial Franken food diet has made us suffer live longer.

    More Than 100 Million Americans Have Diabetes or Prediabetes: CDC

    Nearly 30% of British Columbians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes: Report

  9. Apneaman on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 11:03 pm 

    The humans are only here to degrade energy.

    “No other life forms know they are alive, and neither do they know they will die. This is our curse alone. Without this hex upon our heads, we would never have withdrawn as far as we have from the natural—so far and for such a time that it is a relief to say what we have been trying with our all not to say: We have long since been denizens of the natural world. Everywhere around us are natural habitats, but within us is the shiver of startling and dreadful things. Simply put: We are not from here. If we vanished tomorrow, no organism on this planet would miss us. Nothing in nature needs us.”

    ― Thomas Ligotti, The Conspiracy Against the Human Race

  10. Makati1 on Tue, 18th Jul 2017 11:16 pm 

    Deadly, the rats will inherit the earth. They don’t mind a bit of ripe human to munch on. What they don’t eat, the roaches will and then the bacteria.

    At an average 100 pounds per person, the earth currently has about 350 million tons of “long pig” for the rat’s munching pleasure. That is a lot of fertilizer to start the next ecosystem. lol

  11. peakyeast on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 3:05 am 

    I will post this video url again….

    “How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory”

    Big Ags production methods are good for the economy and killing the planet. At least they owner will die rich..

  12. Cloggie on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 3:17 am 


    I know I’m “cursing in the church”, but additional CO2 in the atmosphere helps global greening significantly as well:

    How to conduct desert reforestation:

  13. Davy on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 6:09 am 

    We could end factory farms as a way to reduce population. When the trucks stop factory farms will too so we could end oil to end factory farms to lower population.

  14. Makati1 on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 6:58 am 

    “In shoring up the ailing sector, Deere’s loans may be helping draw out the pain for farmers, allowing them to continue to rack up debt despite a glut of grain world-wide that is keeping a lid on crop prices. The increase in equipment leasing, meanwhile, is weakening Deere’s own market for sales.”

    “A farm scholar once asked an agribusiness executive when his corporation would simply take over the farms. The exec said that it would be dumb for the corporation to do so, in that it is not free to exploit its employees to the degree that farmers are willing to exploit themselves.”

  15. AM on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 7:01 am 

    love the pictures. i was a paultard and i go through life being a two-shot pony. you could say somehow my mom tasked me to do this. my job is finished because i’ve found a solution to farming and that’s turning it into manufacturing. mechanization is only part of that realization.

    the 2nd part of the job is to abolish poverty for women. the solution is to send women to do the fighting. there are always needs for killing. my current obsession is getting rid of extremist tards.

    instead of the usual hitchens. i’ll give you this.

  16. AM on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 7:09 am 

    if you think machines are expensive and energy intensive, try biological machines. even in downtime human needs energy to survive. how about wear and tear and accidents. machines can be turn off when not working and how many kind of accidents can machine get? and they can shrug most of it off.

    don’t worry. i was just a regular tard and didn’t realize this until i talked to another oualtard. he told me this. i dont usually talk. i just listen.

  17. Makati1 on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 8:25 am 

    AM, have you priced a new piece of farm machinery recently? A quarter of a million is not unusual. How do you pay for it when your crop fails? With your firstborn? The banks want cash … or your farm.

    Human labor is all you need to be self sufficient in food. No more dangerous than riding a piece of machinery. Sounds like you are NOT speaking from experience.

  18. deadlykillerbeaz on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 10:16 am 

    All that has to be done is to stop immunizing for measles, mumps, smallpox, diptheria, polio, tuberculosis, German measles, chicken pox, yellow fever and other vaccines, anthrax, rabies, what not, and you’ll have die-off.

    It’ll be great, don’t use medical treatment for any of those diseases.

    In circa 1970, it was believed sixteen percent of the human population was infected with trichonosis.

    Let cholera thrive.

    Those diseases deserve a life too.

    Too bad if you are a victim, tough luck.

  19. AM on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 11:40 am 

    @mak srs bro. i’m willing to bet anything that your most difficult job is hiding from abu sayaf. u need to do that now because it’s been quiet and because i was prophetic the last time just before the manila shooting.

    if you’re not subsisting u relying on industrial ag. or child labor for ur food.

    be safe (from AS).

    ps: i am speaking from IRL experience.

    pps: i’m against machines for individuals because they’re toys and only rich men can afford toys.

  20. peakyeast on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 11:42 am 

    @Cloggie: You are not cursing IMO. I know many have a religious angle on climate change and CO2, but I am not one of them.

    Humans didnt contribute to about 98% of the warming since 15000 years ago. Why the 2% matters and the 98% not – I wonder about…

    Last warming period did not end because humans stopped emitting CO2 and neither did this one start because of the opposite. It is a cycle and the likely culprit is the sun and its electromagnetic influence.

    But humans are so self-important – of course – we are the culprit – it stimulates our need to feel important and in control. Even if the warming started 15000years before and similar warmer periods has happened for the past millions of years. – If humans trigger runaway irreversible positive feed back events with a minuscule change to the heat – then why the fuck didnt it happen in the warmer periods before this one?

    Mind you – the CO2 has risen – but not the temperature in any significant way.

    All those climate records – I dont give them much value.. People live in every possible climate all other world and we are so many…

    If we have had the same detectors 15000 years ago and just as widespread as today we would also have experienced record breaking all the time until now. Uh oh its getting hotter and hotter and hotter for 15000 years…

    No the problem today is that we have chopped up nature and that we are way too many to be able to mitigate any significant climate change or other problems without severe punishment to the population. The ecosystems has a stabilizing effect on climate and co2 levels. But obviously not enough to smoothen out the continuous reoccurance of interglacials and glacial periods..

    I find it acceptable to use the climate and CO2 as a reason why we must stop using fossil fuels.. But it is certainly only one of many reasons – and possibly more of a stawman argument than the real reason – which is peak-oil.

    Btw. icecore data shows that we have had interglacial periods that ended in just 4 years. So climate can change MUCH faster naturally than what “we” are supposed to have done and are doing. The only diverging data is that the CO2 is somewhat higher.

  21. Apneaman on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 12:12 pm 

    Clog, who said ‘global greening’ needed any help? Do you have a link to a scientific paper or two that concludes that the planet is in dire need of greening? What do you mean by greening, forests? moss? St Patrick’s day?

    I think I have brought it to your attention a number of times that greening in the wrong places actually results in more warmth. The reason plants are green is because it’s an awesome colour for absorbing energy.

    You bitch about climate religion, but don’t even know what’s in the links you throw up. I don’t believe you are educated past high school and just bullshit about it.

    clog, do you know what the albedo effect is?

    “Albedo is the fraction of solar energy (shortwave radiation) reflected from the Earth back into space. It is a measure of the reflectivity of the earth’s surface. Ice, especially with snow on top of it, has a high albedo: most sunlight hitting the surface bounces back towards space.”

    Fast-Growing Moss Is Turning Antarctica Green
    Rising temperatures have boosted the growth rates of seasonal moss on the southern continent over the last 50 years.

    Thanks to climate change, the Arctic is turning green

    So the poles, the planets air conditioning, are losing their albedo effect because of AGW and gaining heat absorbing greening. A double whammy.

    Yet you think the greening is good. Why is that? How about because you are a clueless fucking moron?

    BTW, you are a disciple of ALEX FUCKING JONES – a 21st century cult.

  22. Apneaman on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 12:19 pm 

    At Midway Point, 2017 Is 2nd-Hottest Year on Record

    “At the halfway point of the year, 2017 remains the second-hottest year to date — a surprise given the demise of the El Niño that helped boost temperatures to record levels last year.”

    My guess, if I was betting, is it will stay like this and come in as 2nd warmest on record, at which point clog and his hysterical deniest crew will once again be touting another mini ice age. Same as every year.

  23. Apneaman on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 12:33 pm 

    hey clog, it’s not religious, but it is biblical. Enjoy the new abnormal.

    100,000 lightning bolts:1 months rain in 2 hours and a 4ft wall of water which ripped up roads as English village is turned into an “apocalypse” – video

  24. Jerome Purtzer on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 1:35 pm 

    Best argument I’ve seen for moving to a vegetarian diet is this article. All human behavior including food choices is learned behavior. If you convince yourself that bugs taste great then they will taste great. Period.

  25. Apneaman on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 1:42 pm 

    peakyeast, “@Cloggie: You are not cursing IMO. I know many have a religious angle on climate change and CO2, but I am not one of them.”

    That’s it? Just make an accusation and run away? Do you have any supporting evidence or, once again and like clog, your “feelings” are your evidence?

    Demonstrate who these folks are that you say “I know many”. Who are they? Do they have names and what is the evidence of their religious like beliefs?

    You are aware that when you talk religion you are talking faith and the very definition of faith is belief without proof. What is it they are believing in that there in no proof of?

  26. DerHundistlos on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 7:04 pm 

    THE BLACK SWAN EVENT THAT LEADS TO A DOOMSDAY SCENARIO (Report filed by Dr. Richard Bonenfant, Retired New York State Natural Sciences Lead Investigator):


    {{Ecological studies have shown that human beings are a part of a complex web where minor alterations can cause complex repercussions; repercussions not as of yet appreciated by us, but clearly evident to entities with a more evolved bio-consciousness.}}

    The ubiquitous presence of animal mutilations and their long duration suggests that considerable thought has been invested in this endeavor. What is immediately evident is that extraterrestrial agencies have a deep interest in domestic grazing animals. Beginning in 1967, tens of thousands of domestic grazing animals and wild animals are deliberately being targeted for mutilation throughout the world. There are of course related aspects to these assaults. Other land and sea mammals are also being mutilated. But by far, the largest category of mutilated animals is cattle and horses, sheep and goats – all of which are herbivores, or domestic grass grazing animals.

    Then of course, there’s the clandestine aspect of the mutilation. Since most of the mutilations take place at night, it seems likely that those responsible don’t want to be seen or identified. Even daytime mutilations, which are a rarity, only take place in locations secure from accidental observation. Therefore, it would appear that those responsible are deliberately attempting to conceal their methods and activities from us.

    Given the absence of blood, tracks or evidence as to how the animals are being taken, it can be assumed that targeted animals are somehow being lifted from their initial locations into some craft and mutilated there, or else they’re transported to an alternate setting for harvesting. I would tend to rule out the possibility that helicopters, silent or otherwise, are being used in these activities. Capturing selected targets from a mobile herd in the darkness of night then hoisting them to a different location would be a daunting task, even for advanced aliens.

    If reported accounts of UFOs using some kind of light or antigravity device to float abductees into their craft are valid, then perhaps targeted animals are similarly captured. If the craft was of considerable size, the abductors could then eviscerate the animals with great speed and efficiency before depositing their remains. However, I cannot account for why the mutilated remains are later dropped off and not simply cremated in some advanced way.

    Within an operative setting, captured animals are drained of all blood prior to the removal of their organs. It would be logical to assume that a laser-like device is used to create openings from which various organs are extracted. While the exact method used in removing soft tissue remains unknown, some kind of device is inserted through these portals which first liquefies the internal organs to the point where they can be suctioned out. This method would be consistent with a biopsy observation noted by law enforcement officers that both the heart and liver removed from a mutilated carcass had the consistency of soft peanut butter.

    It’s now time to address the question of why mutilations are being carried out on selected animals. The fact that animals are so frequently mutilated implies monitoring a variable that changes over time. Furthermore, because of the types of organs removed, specifically the digestive tract, udders, and reproductive organs, it’s likely that the subject of their interest is related to the consumption and digestion of food and possibly their mutagenic effects.

    The primary source of food for cattle is grass and grain supplement. We have long known that grass can be contaminated by many factors including; pesticides, herbicides, industrial contaminants, and long term radiation exposure. Of course this list is not comprehensive, but all these factors are linked to environmental contamination.

    Alternatively, contamination may also be derived from food supplements. For cattle and other grazers this would be feed grain. Much of the grain currently given to animals contains reconstituted animal parts that have been added for nutritional purposes. In many cases these additives originate from the same kinds of animals that ingest them. The greatest threat from reconstituted grain for both cattle and the humans who in turn eat them, lies in the formation of prions. A prion is an abnormally-shaped protein strand that plays havoc with brain tissue and internal organs of the host that ingests it. Unfortunately, it’s especially dangerous if it comes from ingesting the reconstituted remains of the same species. Prions belong to a broad category of diseases known as Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE), and this category includes Mad Cow Disease, Scrapie, and Kuru. All of these diseases form as a result of the formation of prions. In addition:

    “The ban on meat from Europe because of the specific TSE disease called Mad Cow was put in place because of the deleterious effects that this meat could have on humans. There is also a high degree of support that TSE-tainted meat could be responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. The reported cases of this disease have shown a marked increase since 1975 and it continues to rise. Since the rise of Alzheimer’s is a relatively new development, some theorize that it could be the result of the ingestion of tainted meat.”

    Another factor that suggests prions may be the reason why cattle and other grazers are being mutilated is that there have previously been a lot of TSE-related outbreaks in the previous years among various wild animals in the United States. Specifically, the elk and deer populations of North America have suffered various TSE plagues and there was a well-documented case of Mink deaths as a result of being fed TSE-contaminated milk. This last observation could account for why udders are often removed from cows during mutilation.
    Perhaps the most instructive factors in considering why monitoring the presence of prions or prion-like agents in our food chain may be the reason for the long term mutilation of our livestock is that testing for the presence of prions in infected animals is extremely specific and requires laboratory instruments. Specifically, four organs are used in a necropsy to test for the existence of TSE prions. These organs are the rectum, reproductive organs, tongue, and eye; the very same organs most commonly taken from mutilated animals.

    It’s also possible that TSE-tainted meat could be responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. As previously noted, the number of reported Alzheimer’s cases continues to rise at an alarming rate. Alzheimer victims exhibit the same symptoms as TSE disease. Aliens with a more advanced bio-technology may have a sophisticated understanding of the harmful effects of various pathogens upon the food chain. Ecological studies have shown that human beings are a part of a complex web where minor alterations can cause complex repercussions; repercussion perhaps not appreciated by us, but clearly evident to entities with a more evolved bio-consciousness.

    It is also well recognized in the abductee literature that many aliens subject their “guests” to a kind of environmental indoctrination. They are shown scenes of our Planet’s environment’s morphing from a pristine world to one degraded by human mismanagement and war into a kind of purgatory devoid of all beauty and splendor. I can imagine that expanding civilizations far more advanced than our own may realize that Earth-like planets are extremely rare and the richness in biodiversity our planet provides may be of special interest to them. In their prolonged experience, aliens may feel that our Planet deserves greater care than we have thus far provided. Of course whether this concern for our planet’s well being is for us, them, or a hybrid race, or even both is impossible to discern.

    In all probability non-terrestrial visitors represent a multitude of different entities, each with a different origin, history, culture, technology, social architecture, and agenda. How could Pacific Islanders centuries ago have understood the complex psychology of visiting western Europeans in their tall white sailing vessels? Some cosmic visitors may have senses and minds than we may never be able to fathom. While human behavior is loosely founded on love, empathy, and moral guidelines, those who abduct our citizenry and mutilate our cattle may be guided by dedication to an objective that we can only vaguely understand. For the present, their long term concern regarding the survival of our species remains unknown. But whatever their ultimate agenda may be, I sense that it is dedicated to something that requires continually monitoring our environment through the gut of mutilated animals.

    Evidence supporting the existence of a phenomenon known as animal mutilations is ubiquitous and robust. Conventional explanations have failed to account for a number of attributes associated with the phenomenon, specifically; preciseness of the mutilations, bizarre forensic findings uncovered during necropsies, the lack of any known human activity that could account for the assaults, and lastly their enduring prevalence and global distribution. What remains is a body of circumstantial evidence that suggests animal mutilations are extraterrestrial in origin. Though unorthodox, this hypothesis remains the most viable explanation as to the cause of the phenomenon.

    The motive for these events is still unclear. One possibility advanced in this paper is that aliens are using the toxicology of cattle, sheep, and other grazers to monitor the effects of ingested toxins throughout the food chain. In support of this hypothesis, many of the tissues being excised from mutilated animals have rapid rates of cellular growth. These include parts of the animals containing the gastrointestinal tract and sex organs. Both of these organ systems have rapidly growing cell lines making them ideal for studying the effects of toxins. One such class of toxins called Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE’s), are known for their propensity to produce detrimental unevenly folded proteins known as prions. In turn, prions have been associated with mad cow disease and a number of other pathogenic anomalies, possibly even Alzheimer’s disease. Assuming the extraterrestrials are indeed responsible for animals mutilations, their actions may be motivated by a desire to monitor the effects of environmental toxins on mammalian tissues.

    However, there may be a darker side to the phenomenon. It’s undeniable that governments, scientists, and prominent media have stubbornly refused to recognize the existence of an animal mutilation problem. In view of the phenomenon’s overwhelming prevalence, and the fiscal burden placed upon ranchers, farmers and herders who continually loose their livestock to these mutilations, it’s difficult to justify why these state and federal agencies have steadfastly remained inattentive to the matter. This official lack of concern may simply be a misguided sense of responsibility for the public’s welfare, or it could signal something far more sinister; that humans as well as animals are being mutilated and the activity cannot be regulated through governmental authority.

  27. DerHundistlos on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 7:13 pm 

    While living on our Missouri family farm, I vividIy remember during the summer and Autumn a series of cattle mutilations and UFO sightings in Elsberry, MO. I recently discovered a YouTube video that is a compilation of news reports filed by the ABC news affiliate station in St. Louis about the affair. Note that scavengers refused to touch the carcasses. Normally, blow flies would be all over the dead animal, but instead thousands and thousands of flies were stuck to the trees, branches and fencing around the various dead cattle. A sample of the dead flies was collected by ABC and submitted to the Ralston Purina Laboratory in St. Louis for analysis. Scientists were shocked to discover that the flies died of a fungal infection NEVER before seen outside of a laboratory environment. Here is a link to the 12 minute YouTube video titled,

    Elysberry, Missouri Cattle Mutilations (1978)”:

  28. DerHundistlos on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 8:23 pm 

    @ Yeast Infection

    Do you have any evidence to support your claims that the sun and its “electromagnetic effect” is what drives global temperatures?

    Further, if you refuse to accept the findings of science, then what proof do you accept for evidence? Instead, you are all about what you believe.

  29. AM on Wed, 19th Jul 2017 9:02 pm 

    @der thanks for that video. i enjoyed it. things are slow in middle america so they have to make it interesting, i guess.

    my #1 rule for UFOs is that if there’s no probing, it ain’t it.

    The thing about UFOs is humanity’s wish for unlimited electricity and the green men are their saviors.

  30. DerHundistlos on Thu, 20th Jul 2017 12:40 am 


    I’m not in this to convince you or anybody else. It’s quite obvious from your snarky comments that your mind was already made up. You remind me of global climate change denailists who know, regardless of evidence to the contrary, that it’s all a hoax.

    You don’t debate facts, but instead hurl insults against good Midwestern folk. These farmers and townsfolk work hard and have sacrificed much to make your life easy.

  31. Cloggie on Thu, 20th Jul 2017 1:35 am 

    Clog, who said ‘global greening’ needed any help?

    Apneaman, for the umptieth time you have destroyed a thread by mindlessly posting long links without verifying that there are sufficient hyphens in it to allow for word wrap (that diabetes link at 10:59). Now the thread is unreadable on mobile devices. Try to keep in your minute brain that this 14th century forum software can’t handle underscores!

    I know that you are intellectually not the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree here, with your one-man Google copy & paste service and that you have ruined your soul by immersing yourself into the work of this kosher poofter Thomas Ligotti and his philosophical radical nihilism.

    But do us a favor, the next time you post another sensationalist link, verify. And if the link doesn’t meet the criteria use tinyurl, provided you are intellectually up to the task, which I doubt.

  32. Makati1 on Thu, 20th Jul 2017 7:26 pm 

    AM, thanks for your concern, but the U$ sponsored “terrorist” problems here are actually about 750, miles south of Manila on the island of Mindanao. Do you think people in NYC are worried about the killings in Chicago? I doubt it.

    You seem to suffer from the same as most Americans, brainwashing by the U$ M$M. The real world is quit different. There are over 100,000 retired Americans living here, some on Mindanao. There are several million other Americans, Europeans, etc. living, working or going to college here. Not to mention about 5,000,000 tourists to the Philippines every year from all over the world.

    You read about a stupid rich American sailing his yacht into harbor in Mindanao, flashing his wealth, then getting kidnapped for his money and you associate that with extreme danger for all Americans. Such a stupid person deserves to lose his head. THAT is why America is dying. The propaganda is being swallowed by the gallon to keep reality away.

  33. Apneaman on Thu, 20th Jul 2017 8:57 pm 

    clog, cry me a river you sad old clown. Don’t talk to me about intellectualism and sensationalism while 3/4 of your links are ALEX FUCKIN JONES!!!! and Trump & Putin tweets. Mindless shouting and verbal diarrhea of the lowest order. Meaningless gossip and conspiracy. It’s not real, just a show for retard fanboys like you who can’t handle the reality I show you. So sensationalism is the only thing you can come up with in response to the very real AGW jacked events that are shit kicking civilization around the world? Broken records every damn day and broken people and broken infrastructure. So what you really mean by sensationalism is you don’t like that it’s happen and want me to play along with la la la I’m not listening. Go fuck yourself.

  34. Apneaman on Thu, 20th Jul 2017 8:58 pm 

    ““optimism, where it is not merely the thoughtless talk of those who harbor nothing but words under their shallow foreheads, seems to me to be not merely an absurd, but also a really wicked, way of thinking, a bitter mockery of the most unspeakable sufferings of mankind”

    ― Thomas Ligotti, The Conspiracy Against the Human Race: A Contrivance of Horror “

  35. Cloggie on Fri, 21st Jul 2017 3:00 am 

    DerHund asks:

    @ Yeast Infection – Do you have any evidence to support your claims that the sun and its “electromagnetic effect” is what drives global temperatures?

  36. peakyeast on Fri, 21st Jul 2017 5:37 am 


    At different timescales different things are the driver:
    The real big driver is the milankovic cycles. Then we have natural sources and sinks. Then we have immediate effects on the weather&climate – like the magnetic field of the sun. Then we have ecosystem destruction by humans. All of them factors.

    Btw. There are no certainty in my opinions. Only probabilities of what could be correct. Thats what I meant by saying: I am not religious on climate change. I do not find it is settled that any realistic reduction of CO2 emissions will change our climate at a significant level. Especially not compared to changes we have seen the past 11500 years.

    The pdf explains some of the things pretty good.

    TSHTF when the termohaline conveyor stops. That signals that the next iceage has been triggered and icecover will start to grow in the northern hemisphere. Possibly by too high temperatures – and at the same time we are at the very end of this interglacial period.

    Unfortunately I cannot seem to find the original links about suns magnetism that convinced me that it drives short term climate. I may post that later.

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