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Page added on December 5, 2010

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Peak Oil: The Coming Famine

Jim Puplava (FSN) interviews Julian Cribb about his book “The Coming Famine.” Recorded Dec 1, 2010

One Comment on "Peak Oil: The Coming Famine"

  1. KenZ300 on Mon, 6th Dec 2010 3:34 am 

    Resources that were abundant with a world population of 5 billion people will be stretched to the limits with an ever expanding world population of 8 or 9 billion people.

    We could not solve the worlds problems of hunger, disease and poverty when the world had 5 billion people and abundant resources so how will we cope and adjust in a world of limited resources and a population of 8 or 9 billion people.

    Resource conflicts for water, food, oil and other resources are growing every day.

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