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Page added on January 28, 2016

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Macro Outlook for 2016

A full-spectrum romp through the macroeconomic context: Stock markets; oil and gas prices; coal’s collapse; the difficult LNG export market; what commodities are telling us about the health of the global economy; trends in oil and electricity demand and electric vehicles; currency valuations and trends; the outlook for renewables; and much more!

Geek rating: 6

Guest: Gregor Macdonald, Independent energy analyst and publisher of the TerraJoule newsletter

On Twitter: @GregorMacdonald
On the Web: and

Taping date: January 13, 2016


Gregor Macdonald: After Great Pain a Formal Feeling Comes for Coal (Dec 15, 2015)

Gregor Macdonald: Energy Constructors, January issue of (Jan 2, 2015)

Jeremy Grantham, GMO: The race of our lives (April 26, 2013)

Taylor Kuykendall, SNL: ‘End of an Era’: Arch joins list of nearly 50 coal bankruptcies since 2012 (Jan 11, 2016)

Matt Piotrowski, The Fuse: All Is Bearish In The Oil Markets To Start 2016 (Jan 7, 2016)

Nick Cunningham, 27 Billion Barrels Worth of Oil Projects Now Cancelled (Jan 14, 2016)

Jeremy Leggett: Act de Triumph (Dec 14, 2015)

Chris Nelder & Market Dyson, RMI: Nevada, Previously a Solar Leader, Shutters its Residential Rooftop Market (Jan 15, 2016)

Chris Nelder & Mark Silberg, RMI: Congress Just Extended the PTC and ITC: What You Need to Know (Dec 22, 2015)

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4 Comments on "Macro Outlook for 2016"

  1. makati1 on Thu, 28th Jan 2016 8:57 am 

    Macro guessing for 2016…

  2. twocats on Thu, 28th Jan 2016 10:36 am 

    Two things. 1) You can track almost to the day that Gregor went from being negative to positive on his outlook for energy, global growth, and stocks: the day he started a subscription newsletter. 2) the most interesting article (though news I’d heard already), is the Nevada regulation changes that are discouraging solar. If we needed any more proof that “solar and wind are not the future” its this article. That we can still be putting the breaks on an energy transition at this point is [fill in appropriate descriptor here].

  3. penury on Thu, 28th Jan 2016 11:40 am 

    I bet that someone somewhere will make an accurate prediction at sometime in the future. So to all keep reading and sometime you will see something true. Possibly.

  4. J-Gav on Thu, 28th Jan 2016 2:49 pm 

    Yeah – Macro-schmakro! We all know this system is on crutches and has been for quite a number of years. The ingenuity of those intent primarily on perpetuating it may seem surprising on the surface, but at bottom, it isn’t. The stakes are very high.

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