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Page added on August 26, 2015

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Humvee’s days are numbered, as US military announces new replacement

The days of the Humvee as the US Army’s vehicle of choice are about to come to an end, after the Department of Defense signed a $6.7 billion deal with the Oshkosh Corporation to provide a new vehicle with “far superior protection and off-road mobility.”

The Wisconsin-based defense company beat off competition from a joint bid by Lochheed Martin, the UK’s BAE Systems, and AM General, which had originally produced the Humvees, the Army said in a statement.

The plan will be for Oshkosh Corporation to build 17,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV), which will replace the Humvees. However, over the time, the military services plan to replace a total of 55,000 vehicles, which could see the value of the contract rise to over $30 billion.

The iconic Humvee was first introduced by the US military in 1984 and saw its first combat role in Panama in 1989. It became synonymous with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These military campaigns also exposed the aging vehicle’s flaws, as it offers little protection against improvised explosive devices (IEDs), which became weapons of choice for the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Iraq admitted in June that ISIS jihadists captured thousands of Humvees seized from Iraqi forces retreating from Mosul last year.

Oshkosh say their JLTV will be a significant improvement and just by looking at the new model, it is easy to see why. At first glance, it looks almost like a tank on wheels, complete with its very own gun turret. It will have amour like a tank, but weight two thirds less than the Humvee. It will also be fleet-footed like a jeep, but capable of carrying large amounts of cargo across all sorts of terrain. The first JLTV’s are expected to be deployed in 2018.

Our JLTV has been extensively tested and is proven to provide the ballistic protection of a light tank, the underbody protection of an MRAP-class vehicle, and the off-road mobility of a Baja racer,” John Urias, president of Oshkosh Defense, said in a statement, as cited by AP.

While the Humvee has become incredibly popular as a civilian vehicle, as championed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who could be seen driving the gas guzzling machine around California, there are no plans at the moment to make the JLTV available to the general population just yet.

Oshkosh chief executive Charles Szews said the company would love to build one, but that “this one would be a little bit difficult to get into someone’s garage.”


28 Comments on "Humvee’s days are numbered, as US military announces new replacement"

  1. Apneaman on Wed, 26th Aug 2015 8:12 pm 

    I could not imagine a more important story to post, as civilization is on the cusp of major upheaval from multiple threats, than this one. No other story could have more far reaching implications on the long term stability of the American nation than yet another tax payer give away to the MIC disguised as “looking out for the troops”.

    Except maybe this one. Yeah, me thinks this one is really gonna matter to a whole lotta folks real soon.

    Signs of Gulf Stream Slowdown — Sea Level More Than a Foot Higher off US East Coast

    “It’s the stuff that climate disaster movies are made of. But the events are all too real — happening now and not part of some dramatized script played out on the silver screen

    Signs abound that global ocean circulation is being profoundly altered by human-forced climate change. A pool of cold water has developed in the North Atlantic. England is getting slammed by anomalous winter-type rains and gales in August. And sea surface heights off the US East Coast are more than 30 centimeters (one foot) above the 1979 to 2015 average.”

    “Anomalous Storms Strike England During Summer

    This Gulf Stream train wreck and related cool pool development has already done a bit of a number on UK weather this summer. A series of gales and heavy rainstorms have slammed into the UK Coast — bringing heavy seas and torrential rains. One months worth of rainfall fell over parts of the UK during the past week alone. And with more storms on the way it appears that August of 2015 may be the wettest ever recorded.”

    I can already hear the Denial Plunge Protection Team cranking out the “Day After Tomorrow” snowball earth/mini ice age bullshit propaganda.

  2. Makati1 on Wed, 26th Aug 2015 8:14 pm 

    More profit making junk YOU are paying for. Maybe ISIS will take all of the old “used” Humvees off their hands? LMAO

  3. BC on Wed, 26th Aug 2015 9:10 pm 

    The latest new, newer, newest emblem of ‘Merikan ingenuity for the next imperial war cycle. Coming to a soccer mom in a McMansion neighborhood near you.

    Does the Anglo-American imperial military permit university-educated 50-somethings to enlist to “serve” in some capacity? If so, I’m at the recruiting station tomorrow.

    War, what is it good for? Plunder, profits, and state legitimacy!

  4. Makati1 on Wed, 26th Aug 2015 11:37 pm 

    BC, I doubt that the US could field a real army today. With the obesity, stupidity, drug use, and outright sloth, few would measure up. I suspect a mercenary army is their only option, and that only lasts as long as the paycheck.

  5. JuanP on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 5:15 am 

    I am thoroughly delighted to hear this news! This is a completetely perfect, if you will forgive the redundancy, waste of my taxpayer dollars. One more reason to want to leave the USA and never come back. It’s not like we need any money here at home since we are all living wonderful lives that are getting constantly better in the land of the slaves and the home of the retards.

    With every day that passes I am more and more happy that I am not an American and I have a decent country to move to once the SHTF here in this amazing “democratic” republic. Don’t get me wrong, I will enjoy my life here for as long as I can, but this rat is leaving this sinking ship sooner or later. My liferaft is inflated and loaded with all the necessary supplies. My heart goes out to all the poor Americans who don’t have the choice to leave. I think no people ever in human history made less with so much as Americans.

    Of course this is not as good an investment as those billion dollar planes that can’t fly and will never be finished, but these gas guzzlers are still an excellent investment of my taxes. There is no doubt about it!

  6. JuanP on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 5:45 am 

    Apneaman, i have posted several comments and links on the sea level rise here in Miami in the past. I have been living and boating here for a quarter century, so I have undeniable, indisputable first hand knowledge and experience of this subject. I live in an oceanfront condo with a direct ocean view from every window and my balcony. The beach is disappearing and requires constant refills of sand that gets brought in from the Bahamas. I believe sand may have become the Bahamas most important export!

    Yesterday I went packrafting and raft fishing with my wife for four hours offshore and on Biscayne Bay, from the Atlantic coast beach in Miami Beach North across Surfside and Bal Harbour, across the Haulover Cut inlet into Biscayne Bay, west to the Oleta River State Park and back Northeast to the Haulover park boat ramp on the ICW, just drifting with the currents and the winds. Last weekend we went sailing and kayak fishing offshore with a couple of friends from Coconut Grove to Key biscayne and free diving on the reefs offshore from Key Biscayne and Elliot Key.

    Anyone who says the water level hasn’t gone up significantly down here in these past 25 years is lying and full of shit. Sea walls are being raised everywhere and the sewage and storm runoff systems have required very expensive upgrades because gravity no longer can move that water out. They’ve had to put pumps and one way valves in the whole system to pump that shit out and keep sea water from flooding in. The city still gets flooded every time it rains because the water has nowhere to go. It gets worse every year!

  7. Apneaman on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 5:51 am 

    Here is a couple of companion articles to go with my sea level story at the top of the thread. Basicly the big real estate and land developers are getting a bailout here too, although it will help some regular folks – the ones who can afford it, buts it is only a band-aide. H/T Dredd

    Flood Insurance Rates To Increase April 1 for Thousands of Homes Along U.S. Coastline

    Rise in government insurance rates to mirror rising waters, flood debt

  8. Apneaman on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 6:05 am 

    JuanP, which way you headed, north or south? Don’t wait too long, that’s the one rush you must avoid at all cost.

  9. JuanP on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 6:06 am 

    Watching the beach and the sun rise over the ocean as I type. 😉

  10. JuanP on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 6:15 am 

    Apneaman, Back home to a Permaculture micro farm in my country, Uruguay, and I’ve made all my preps already, but I will stay here for as long as I can because once I leave it will be for the rest of my life and my wife and I have a very good life here. I am a lifelong sailor and water sports fanatic and will miss the ocean very much, but I also love growing food organically and camping, hiking, and prepping, so I will enjoy our new life, too.

  11. Apneaman on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 6:18 am 

    Sounds good. I;m in Vancouver and the best I can do is head inland up the valley or into the interior of BC. So I guess you’ll go Uruguay and I’ll go mine.

  12. Hello on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 6:20 am 

    JuanP: you seem bitter. Life didn’t treat you right?

    Why not move to your 3rd world home now, instead of complaining?

    Wait, ah, I get it. You first need to wait for your retirement package to vest. After all, as Makati can attest, the 3rd world is only fun with 1st world money.

  13. JuanP on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 6:21 am 

    Canada is an excellent place to be, IMO. Best of luck to you and yours!

  14. JuanP on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 6:26 am 

    Hello, you sound bitter yourself, man. Take a look in the mirror. And I don’t need money, never did, I was born to a very rich family and have always had more money than I needed and never needed to work for a living. I am a trust fund kid.

    I am angry and pissed because I wanted to live in the USA all my life and the stupid American government forced me to change my plans, but I’ll get over it.

  15. JuanP on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 6:50 am 

    And, Hello, don’t take it personally. I am an antisocial misanthrope and consider most people to be slaves and retards, including Uruguayans, not just Americans, but you are the only country that claims to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. However, if you are fool enough to still believe in that crappy propaganda, enjoy it, but it is not true. I experienced more freedom in Uruguay as a kid than I experience in the USA today, and I grew up in a military dictatorship, but Uruguay today actually has a functional democracy, something you can only dream of or remember nostalgically in today’s USA.

  16. Apneaman on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 7:27 am 

    Hey Hello, how come you don’t bitch about the mass of Canadian migrants in your country? I bet there is over a million of them. Many wealthy tax paying high consuming snowbirds, doctors, trades and technical people world famous scientist like Lawrence Krauss, Paul Bloom, Steven Pinker and many more. Actors like Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Michael J Fox, Keanu Reeves, Seth Rogen, Ryan Gosling, Pam Anderson, William Shatner, Evangeline Lilly, Cobie Smulders, Ryan Reynolds, Ellen Page, Martin Short, Eugene Levy, Leslie Nielsen, Rick Moranis, Carrie Anne Moss and hundreds of other past and present all living a their full or part time and entertaining folks and spending large and paying taxes. Don’t forget James Cameron who made the two biggest movies of all time Titanic and Avatar and throw in the Terminator franchise – bet he paid a shit load of taxes and employed thousands of Americans in the process. What about the creator and producer of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels? How much taxes, employment and big stars who also went on to pay taxes,consume and employ folks came out of that man’s Genius? Then there are the Canadian Musicians who live and/or work there generating all sorts of BANK for your country in taxes and employment and of course major dopamine drips for the fans. I’m talking folks like Neil Young, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Gordon Lightfoot, Michael Buble, The Tragically Hip, Diana Krall, Rush, Joni Mitchell, The Guess Who, BTO, Cohen, Leonard, Drake and many more – even more than the actors. Many of these folks have become US citizens and most own homes there and of course they all work there and employ many people and pay taxes. And you know what? It was my tax dollars and my Dads tax dollars and my granddads tax dollars that made it possible for them to develop into the money generating talents they became and you guys fucking stole them!!!! You dirty fucking migrant makers. When is all Y’all sending the brain drain rebate cheque up here?

  17. Apneaman on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 7:29 am 

    P.S. we all voted to disown Justin Beiber years ago, so don’t try and pin that one on us eh? You can keep him.

  18. Davy on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 7:53 am 

    You guys that are anti-American but my friends need to know I live here in America and not having a bit of problem. Your decay and complaints about America are important and correct but they are always negative. This detracts from your great analysis. This is a continent size country with a broad base of socio-economic groups. We know those who are hurting and we know those areas of hurt. The bad areas growing but overall many people are doing OK.

    The US foreign policy is a mess but I am not seeing anything out there that you can throw your stones from. They are all glass houses including Canada. Canada is participating in many of the US policy dysfunctions. Many of the Canadian people are just as sheeple and mentally retard as the American.

    I am not seeing the issues that are constantly being mentioned here like they are being mentioned. IOW the real world is different form the internet linking of the worst. We have a dumbing down of the population for sure but still plenty of smart people. We are a deteriorating culture but with still pockets of good people. Tell me where else globally that is not happening and I will kiss your feet. News is propaganda everywhere. The global world is a mess together.

    There was a brief period where it appeared economically the brics were going to try a break out from the global system. We saw that bug get squashed. The US is the focus of the ills for the rest of the global world when the rest of the world is now clearly in decline along with the US. China was the dagger in the heart of the global system. I know it goes with the territory of being a superpower to get this criticism. The US government unfortunately opens many doors to criticism. There is no defending the US government domestically or internationally. I despise the establishment myself.

    You can accuse me of being a 1%er but I assure you I don’t live that way and I only have the associating to a 1%er family. I paid a price to become a permaculture farmer by leaving the family business. I am here in a rural area of Missouri and life is tough like it always has been. There is not much happening here to keep everyone rich but there is enough that it is not Detroit.

    I realize America is a mess. My point is the global world is a mess with pockets of brightness. The same is true here in the US. This is not going to stop the anti-Americanism I know. I do not have a problem with those on this board that are anti-American but they also include others in the criticism. It is those who solely focus on the US but then talk up other turd countries that irritate me.

  19. Cloud9 on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 8:47 am 

    Nice rig. Think about what it means. It is a move away from tracked vehicles. It is designed to defeat IED’s and small arms. So who is the imagined enemy?

  20. Davy on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 9:07 am 

    Wonder what kind of fuel they will run it on in 10years?

  21. Hello on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 9:28 am 

    You’re as free as your finances let you be. Rich = free, no matter where you are. Poor = slave, In-Debt = super slave.

  22. Hello on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 9:32 am 


    hahaha. I think the Canadians move to the US because bacon is actually bacon and not ham. Or was it the other way around?

  23. JuanP on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 9:33 am 

    Hello, We agree on that.

  24. Hello on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 9:38 am 

    USA is no more a mess than the rest of the world. I’m European and thing are the same in Europe.

    And as long as every 3rd worlder (including Canadians :->) who ever heard of Europe and USA want to go there, things can’t be that bad.

  25. BobInget on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 11:28 am 

    New JLTV’s should be aquatic submersibles.
    “Waterworld” drama series coming to Netflix soon.

    It’s been ten years since Katrina. That bill, still rising like sea-levels, is over 125 Billion.
    What cost to protect the entire seaboard?

    Our newest ‘enemies’ are millions of war and climate refugees swaying back and forth across Europe, North Africa, even Australia.

  26. Makati1 on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 8:27 pm 

    Hello. Putting words in my mouth are you? I never said you need 1st world money to enjoy the Philippines. But, I am using some of it to build a future here WITHOUT any US income. I am retired so living in the Ps is no different than living in say, Florida or Hawaii. I prefer a country that is still free and the people are still friendly and safe to be with. that is definitly NOT America today.

  27. Makati1 on Thu, 27th Aug 2015 8:29 pm 

    JuanP. “…made less with so much…”

    A PERFECT description of America!

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