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Page added on November 23, 2010

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China: One-third of natural gas demand might not be met in 2011


China might see its natural gas supply fail to meet 35 percent of the demand in 2011, China Business News reported on Monday, citing a professor at China University of Petroleum.

Yin Jianping, a business professor at China University of Petroleum, said the demand for natural gas in China has surpassed its supply since 2008, and the demand will keep growing rapidly in the coming ten years, according to China Business News.

Annual consumption of natural gas could top 150 billion cubic meters in 2015 and more than 200 billion cubic meters in 2018, Yin said.

According to predictions regarding the supply and demand of natural gas, the country’s natural gas shortage might reach 38 billion cubic meters in 2015 and expand to 110 billion cubic meters in 2021, Yin said.

China Daily

2 Comments on "China: One-third of natural gas demand might not be met in 2011"

  1. KenZ300 on Wed, 24th Nov 2010 6:58 am 

    Then what?

    If they are short on natural gas and buying up coal and oil around the world to satisfy an expanding demand what happens when demand exceeds supply?

    They are trying to ramp up wind, solar, geothermal and biofuels faster than any other country. They are pushing the electric car market. Will these measures succeed?

    In their command and control economy they can SAY only electric autos will be built or all utilities must use solar and wind power for 30% or more of their power.

    It will be interesting to see how the Chinese react to resource shortages and increases in price.

    It will also be interesting to see how the rest of the world reacts. The rest of the world is much poorer and deeper in debt than China.

  2. Pensas on Mon, 26th Oct 2015 4:44 am 

    Βέβαια και το αρχικό άρθρο κρατάει σοβαρές επιφυλάξεις για την ποσότητα και την εκμεταλλευσιμότητα των κοιτασμάτων:Nevertheless, the critics cite that it is too early to make estinatioms on possible reserves, noting the Greek Administration is looking “boost” its political profile in US, so as to elevate the importance of the country as a source of substantial amounts of hydrocarbons.

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