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Page added on July 2, 2017

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Central America hit by massive power outages

Central America hit by massive power outages thumbnail

A huge power outage plunged millions of people across Central America into darkness Saturday, as authorities from Panama to Costa Rica to El Salvador scrambled to restore electrical service.

The blackout affected some five million people in Costa Rica alone, where officials largely had managed to restore service after a nationwide power outage lasting about five hours.

Authorities pinned blame for the power outages on a downed Panamanian transmission line that adversely affected the power supply for much of the region.

Countries in the region, from Guatemala to Panama, are connected by the same power grid, covering an expanse of some 1,800 kilometers (1,100 miles).

But that interconnectedness means that the countries of Central America are vulnerable when there are power grid malfunctions in any one.

Chaos reigned in the Costa Rican capital after traffic lights ceased to function, while the main airport in San Jose had to run on backup power until the power system was up and running again.

The blackout was the first experienced in Costa Rica, among the most developed countries in Latin America, since 2001.

Officials said as many as two million people were left in the dark in Panama, with an undetermined number affected in Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Details were not immediately available about how many people were affected by the blackout elsewhere in Central America, or whether they had managed to get their power systems back up and running.

Officials at the Costa Rican Institute for Electricity said power was disrupted throughout the entire country, but was restored in most places by 6:00 pm (0000 GMT).

“ICE is trying to diagnose the problem,” Communications Minister Mauricio Herrera, said earlier Saturday referring to the office by its Spanish acronym. He said that workers succeeded in restoring power to some areas of Costa Rica.

ICE said that the origins of the blackout were outside of the country and urged the public to remain indoors while they try to fix the problem.

In Panama, the ETESA government power authority said via Twitter that the nation had experienced just a “partial blackout” and that workers were trying to restore power to the affected areas.

Much of the power was restored about three hours after the blackout started, officials said.

The blackout in Panama occurred about 15 minutes into a major speech delivered by President Juan Carlos Varela to the country’s legislature.

Nicaragua for a time had to tap the grid in neighboring Honduras to keep the lights on.


25 Comments on "Central America hit by massive power outages"

  1. onlooker on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 2:21 pm 

    The countries in this region like the Middle East and Africa seem already at different stages of the collapse process

  2. Davy on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 2:53 pm 

    I am curious how the super “smart” grids proposed by techno optimists will fare in the coming age of instability.

  3. onlooker on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 3:07 pm 

    Smart grids need energy too and are open to hacking = that are problems that will not go away

  4. onlooker on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 4:09 pm 

    Somebody waking up to the US Empire:
    Watching Oliver Stone’s 4-DVD documentary, The Untold History of the United States, is brutal. Learning how the US basically became a terrorist rogue nation during WWII, and continued after the war, destroying all governments and countries that opposed US efforts to steal its resources. All of South America was victimized, Southeast ASia, the middle east, north Africa, Russia, China… the US continues to be the most dangerous force of terrorism on the planet. Learning all the details is really shattering. The depth of US depravity knows no bottom. Torture, death squads, training thugs to cut off heads of civilians… this country’s leadership needs to be brought to justice. Sadly, it seems nobody in the US is interested in doing that. Makes me feel shame for Americans, embarassment. If this country gets nuked, it’s because its citizenry allowed the evil to take its course. A more realistic outcome might be that a conventional armed force takes over the US after stopping a US nuclear first strike, and then brings US leadership to justice, in war crimes courts. Until then, I guess the US population will continue to enjoy their shows, their action heros, their sexual fantasies, and the pablum being fed them via MSM.

  5. Davy on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 4:43 pm 

    “A more realistic outcome might be that a conventional armed force takes over the US after stopping a US nuclear first strike, and then brings US leadership to justice, in war crimes courts.”

    Sure, onlooker, sounds “real” realistic.

  6. onlooker on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 4:49 pm 

    Davy not my words that person’s. I, also believe that is not credible

  7. Davy on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 4:53 pm 


  8. Go Speed Racer on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 5:11 pm 

    Probly cause they hooked up a bunch of
    solar cells, windmills, hamsters on treadmills
    and fermented yogurt to energy plants.

    If they had only built a great big ole coal power
    plant, nobody would have lost air conditioning.

    And they could toss in garbage and old
    La-Z-Boy recliners along with the coal
    and have even more energy,
    too cheap to meter.

  9. Makati1 on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 5:54 pm 

    ” If this country gets nuked, it’s because its citizenry allowed the evil to take its course.”

    IF, (and I think it is a real possibility) the U$ gets nuked by Russia, there will be no U$ worth sending troops to occupy. Who wants a destroyed, radioactive country full of dying people? Answer: No one. A few hundred successful nukes will destroy America, because all of the 100+ active nuke plants will melt down also. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of tons of radioactive waste in those dried up pools.

    The U$ has an antique missile system that will likely not be able to stop even 50% of the thousands of war heads that will land in less than 30 minutes after takeoff. Russia has said that there will never be a war fought on Russian soil again. Russia knows that the U$ plans a first strike, so I suspect that when the Russians believe this is immanent, they will strike first. Keep in mind the time difference. Their day is your night America.

    Again, If the U$ gets nuked, it’s because its citizenry allowed the evil to take its course.

  10. Davy on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 6:04 pm 

    Makati, you play this game endlessly. Are you aware
    of MAD?

  11. Makati1 on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 6:33 pm 

    Davy, I pay attention to current events OUTSIDE the U$ MSM Iron Curtain. Do you?

    BTW: MAD is an antique idea well past it’s expiration date. It requires sanity on ALL sides and that is missing in America. Example: Trump.

    Again, If the U$ gets nuked, it’s because its citizenry allowed the evil to take its course.

    Realty is a bitch!

  12. Davy on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 6:47 pm 

    No, makati, MAD, as in NUK war reality. I am not talking about those who think a first strike is survivable as a strategy. I am talking about the reality of war. You are one of those who does not believe a massive exchange of NUKs is a civilization killer. In fact you long for such a day. What sickness inhabits your mind to talk like you do?

  13. shortonoil on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 6:55 pm 

    The winner in a nuclear war will be the one who is around 18 minutes longer than the loser.

  14. MASTERMIND on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 7:10 pm 

    The plan is to provoke Russia to war to cover for the economic collapse. The elders hopes
    to get Russia to drop a nuclear bomb on the US to cause chaos. The elites plan to be safe
    in their silos while the rest of the population suffers. Economic problem solved. Angry US population neutralized.

  15. deadlykillerbeaz on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 7:30 pm 

    ‘…two million people were left in the dark…”

    That’s all?

    They forgot about the other 7,513,000,000 other people that are perpetually in the dark, always.

  16. Apneaman on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 9:08 pm 

    Libya afflicted by power outages amid deadly heatwave

    Lack of one centralised government has allowed unrest and civil disarray to flourish

  17. Makati1 on Sun, 2nd Jul 2017 10:09 pm 

    Mastermind, partly correct. It will not be one, but hundreds of nukes. A sure kill, not a flesh wound. No one in the U$ will survive longer than it takes the ensuing cancers to kill them. Maybe 10-20 years max. Probably a lot less with no meds or hospitals. Insanity rules America these days and those same people will die with their serfs.

    But, you are correct on one point. They need some massive distraction soon or they will be losing their heads literally. They know that. That is why the war insanity is coming to the surface and is so blatant. Desperation.

  18. DerHundistlos on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 1:46 am 


    Thanks for the recommendation.


    I understand your anger and disappointment.

  19. Hubert on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 10:45 am 

    We are heading toward another Stone Age. Lights will start to go out in a lot of these poor countries.

  20. MASTERMIND on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 7:15 pm 

    Simple really….when the world economy collapses everything shuts down…the end….were
    talking about grids down all over the world and 7.5B people dropping like f*** flies in
    short order…the collapse will be absolutely horrible..There is no collapse or horror movie ever produced that has even come close to imagining what the collapse of BAU might look like… I’m talking about every corporation and every social program going bankrupt at once.I’m talking about people eating people. I’m talking about the worst catastrophe to ever happen in the history of mankind, and WILL ever happen. Nothing has ever, or will ever come close.
    (Meadows 1972) (Ehrlich 2013)
    (Motesharrei 2012)

  21. Wolfie on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 8:20 pm 

    Same morons get off topic in an instant. I think you guys need to get a life. Remember the NE US power blackout on 2003? Yes that was the beginning of our descent…I am in SE Asia now. In Cambodia there were power outages daily. But this area is not in chaos and many areas surpass the US in infrastructure, etc. Maybe if you guys got off the doom and gloom, and out of your mom’s basement…maybe traveled somewhere, you would have a different view, and less time to argue with the same 5 morons. Just saying…

  22. Davy on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 10:06 pm 

    Why does Cambodia matter? The real places that matter are the US and China. This is where the most economic dangers are. It is where the combined economic power is too big to fail. It is also where the biggest political dangers are and it is because of the economic dangers the politics are the most dangerous. Doom and gloom is because these places are unstable economically and if they blow up they will blow up together and the world will not have the means to contain this disruption. This may not play out for a time but the trend is in place and there is no stopping the trend. It is a necessary trend because of natural law of the way things are. Other issues are out there but this is the system itself and once it goes so will the world.

  23. Makati1 on Mon, 3rd Jul 2017 11:01 pm 

    Davy is clueless and tied to the financial world because he was brought up by the 1%er idea that that is all there is to life. China and Russia will survive. The FSofA will not. Simple isn’t it?

    Why? 5,000 years of China’s survival vs 240 years of graft and plunder by the FSofA. Survival is still a skill in Asia. It is dead in America. Europe is not much better. Russia and China will survive the financial collapse because they have the skills to do so and plan into the future. The FSofA plans for the next election, if that. So many reasons. So little time.

  24. Davy on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 5:34 am 

    Makati, I live on a goat farm and work hard. There is an element of survival effort there. You sit in your Makati apartment above 20MIL people and fantasize about a farm you are never at. You have been at the farm a handful of times in the 4 years I have been here. I know this because there is no internet there and you are always here.

    China is in overpopulation and in a drive to develop. This has destroyed the kind of survival skills required of people when they are in adversity. The Chinese are surviving well as evidenced by where they have come in the global economy but look at what they have destroyed and left behind. It is sad how much China as lost and how susceptible to collapse they are because of their 20 years of hard growth.

  25. Kenz300 on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 10:02 am 

    Seems like wind and solar micro grids with battery storage would be ideal.

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