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Page added on July 4, 2017

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Americans celebrate July 4 with leisure and gluttony

Americans celebrate July 4 with leisure and gluttony thumbnail

Americans will celebrate Independence Day on Tuesday with fireworks, acts of gluttony and escapes to the beach, even for people in New Jersey where legislators brokered a last-minute deal to reopen state parks.

In keeping with tradition, cities across the country will launch fireworks after dark, perhaps the most emblematic way to commemorate July 4, 1776, when the American colonies’ Declaration of Independence from Britain was adopted.

The document enshrines the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which in many U.S. cities today involves competitions over how many hot dogs and hamburgers people can stuff down their throats in rapid succession.

In Washington, a hamburger restaurant challenges competitors to consume as many sandwiches as possible in 10 minutes, while in New York City, a seaside establishment stages a tournament that tests some of the world’s most formidable consumers of frankfurters.

Americans are expected to flock to beaches, especially in the West where the weather is hot and dry, while the eastern part of the country may see scattered thunderstorms.

In New Jersey, a budget battle halted nonessential services, forcing state beaches and parks to close, but lawmakers on Monday night ended the three-day-old state government shutdown.

On Sunday, while state beaches were still closed, however, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie managed to visit Island Beach State Park, prompting outrage.

Maine residents are facing a partial government shutdown as well, but its state parks remain open. They are two of nine states to miss deadlines for passing a budget.

An informal peace and love celebration will mark the holiday in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest. The annual Rainbow Family Gathering had drawn nearly 12,000 people by Monday, and thousands more were expected for July Fourth, said Ryan Nehl, a forest administrator.

Professing to have no leaders and no organization, the families mark Independence Day with “care-taking of mother earth, nonviolence and living a compassionate and loving life,” according to one blog associated with the event.

Forest rangers are concerned they will be outnumbered.

“We don’t want any of the groups to potentially surround any of the officers on site,” Nehl said.

U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump are scheduled to attend a picnic for military families on the South Lawn of the White House and later view an 18-minute fireworks display.

City officials expect almost 700,000 visitors for a range of events in the U.S. capital.


24 Comments on "Americans celebrate July 4 with leisure and gluttony"

  1. deadlykillerbeaz on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 7:44 am 

    Americans pig down every day.

    At the end of the day, the Malheur will be a dump.

  2. Sissyfuss on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 8:04 am 

    Where humans tred, garbage follows.

  3. Lucifer on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 8:12 am 

    Americans, who thought they would celebrate like that? lol.

  4. MASTERMIND on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 9:11 am 

    Simple really….when the world economy collapses everything shuts down…the end….were
    talking about grids down all over the world and 7.5B people dropping like f*** flies in
    short order…the collapse will be absolutely horrible..There is no collapse or horror movie ever produced that has even come close to imagining what the collapse of BAU might look like. I’m talking about every corporation and every social program going bankrupt at once. I’m talking about people eating people. I’m talking about the worst catastrophe to ever happen in the history of mankind. Nothing has ever, or will ever come close.

    (Meadows 1972) (Ehrlich 2013)
    (Motesharrei 2012) (Jefferson 2015)
    (Ebrahimi 2015) (Chapman,I 2013)
    (Korowicz 2012) (Tainter 1990)
    (Diamond 2006) (Ahmed 2017)

  5. Davy on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 9:55 am 

    Affluence that is unappreciated and excessive disgusts me. Nowhere is this more evident than in the wealthy areas of the west. What amazes me is how fragile this arrangement is. Small disruptions will make huge changes necessary. It is coming but how it unfolds is a fascinating study for me.

  6. Lucifer on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 10:10 am 

    Mastermind, that sounds like hell on earth to me.

  7. Cloggie on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 10:42 am 

    *** MASTERMIND ***

    You take yourself very seriously, isn’t it?

    Aren’t you afraid of becoming a mockery for this all-caps juvenile nick choosing?

    when the world economy collapses everything shuts down…the end….were
    talking about grids down all over the world and 7.5B people dropping like f*** flies in short order…the collapse will be absolutely horrible..There is no collapse or horror movie ever produced that has even come close to imagining what the collapse of BAU might look like.

    For you reality is one big Hollywood movie.

    Perhaps you get up from your chair in the basement and give your mother a hand with the dishes and get in contact with some none-screen reality for a change?

  8. MASTERMIND on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 3:03 pm 

    Don’t you get it? Climate change was just pushed by the authorities as an excuse to get
    funding and public support for renewables cause of upcoming peak oil,coal, and gas.. And they couldn’t have just announced peak oil,coal, and gas was coming to the world because the sheep would go insane. And they failed because renewables don’t really work. But soon CO2 pollution will go into terminal decline. And the earth will naturally recover and be perfectly fine. I Wish I could say the same thing about humans.

  9. onlooker on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 5:53 pm 

    Is that so MM. Well then I guess volumes and volumes of research on the changing climatic and the factual hard science and the consensus among many scientists and the melting glaciers and ice around the world attesting to dramatic climate change and conditions is just in some parallel universe. But I won’t bother you because nevertheless we both reach the same conclusions –humanity is screwed

  10. Go Speed Racer on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 6:04 pm 

    No wonder the moozlimz hate us.

    Our entire national holiday, dedicated to
    the over-consumption of pork hot dogs.

    We also celebrate July 4, because
    it’s the day that Benjamin Franklin
    invented fireworks.

    And George Washington first imported
    the Propane BBQ from China.

  11. onlooker on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 6:09 pm 

    Leisure and gluttony is a normal way of life for Americans

  12. Sissyfuss on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 6:15 pm 

    And remind Missingmind about the 40 year lagtime between present day emissions and their maximum effect, OL.

  13. Anonymouse on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 6:40 pm 

    Americans celebrate every day with leisure and gluttony


  14. Davy on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 7:07 pm 

    Mouse thinks gluttony and leisure are an American phenomenon kind a like when he proudly claimed Americans are responsible for the tar sands. No wonder Canada is falling apart with young people growing up like mouse.

  15. Apneaman on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 7:42 pm 

    Davy, Americans are a little more piggish than Canadians, but both are completly obscene compared to most of the world that it’s really a moot point.

    Read this not too long ago. It will dispel any myths that Americans are the only ones.

    Empire of Things: How We Became a World of Consumers by Frank Trentmann review – buying into the material world

    Our role as obedient customers is put under the spotlight in an ambitious 600-year history of global economics

    “Ballard was not the first to see shopping as a secular religion. Émile Zola, in his 1883 novel The Ladies’ Paradise, tells the rise of a department store in late 19th-century Paris and its role in the new mass consumption. With its silk counters and perfume department, the store looks forward to our age of indiscriminate purchase and credit binge. Far from aiding the French economy, Zola’s cathedral of commerce heralds a new retail Europe of consumer anxiety, boom and bust.

    Attitudes to material acquisition have varied greatly down the ages. Frank Trentmann, in his ambitious history of the subject from medieval times to the present, carefully puts the case for and against. Karl Marx, notably, viewed consumerism as morally derelict and in some ways sinful. The consumer society he decried was made flesh in London department stores such as Harrods, where beef from Argentina, sherry from Portugal and other products of the global trade explosion of the 1870s offered unprecedented levels of “commodity fetishism”.

    Long before American industrialization and the invention and practice of mass consumerism by euro tards, it was a different story.

    Boycott British goods! (Protest pledges from 1767)

    “It was an early form of the “Made in America” movement, and reading the subscription sheets today, one is struck all over again by the clear moral purpose of the revolutionary years (especially in contrast with our more convoluted time).

    The chief delight of the rediscovered subscription sheets is the list of boycotted products itself. They range from small consumer products like “Snuff,” “Mustard,” “Loaf Sugar,” “Muffs Furrs and Tippets,” and “Anchors,” to bigger ticket items like “Fire Engines,” and more sweeping prohibitions against purchasing British-made “Broad Cloths that cost above 10s. per Yard.”

    As for that other favorite bashing point, fast food, that too was around long before the USA.

    McRoman’s Happy Meal: Fast Food in Ancient Rome (1st C AD)

    “While it’s often thought that fast food was a modern invention of a society bent on immediate gratification… well, that theory can now be placed to rest. A study on the remains found at Pompeii has revealed that, more often than not, ancient Romans ate their food while “on the run”.

    “In addition, there are literally remains of fast food restaurants from Pompeii. These places resemble something like a cross between McDonald’s and a British Pub, in the sense that you could purchase both food and alcohol, and could either grab it and go or sit down at little tables inside the eatery. These fast food places were open to the street, and had a large counter area with a reception area in the middle where the food and drink would be served.”

  16. Makati1 on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 7:50 pm 

    “The United States is the most obese country in North America with 35% of its population having a body mass index of over 30.0 Nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children in the United States deal with the health and emotional effects of obesity every day. According to the CDC an average adult is 26 pounds heavier now than in the 1950’s.”

    “The obesity epidemic remains the biggest public health issue facing the country, and despite awareness of the need to get in shape, more than a third of the country is now obese.”

    “It is said that one in every three Americans is obese. The truth is just a tad bit askew but truth nonetheless. 32.9% of the Americans are obese. Around 50% of the Americans are battling with overweight issues. Considering it is the birthplace of fast food capitalism, the stats aren’t surprising.”

    The U$ is Number One! LMAO

  17. Davy on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 8:04 pm 

    Ape, there are more shiny and smart Americans then the whole population of Canada. The US is full of fat dumb people but it has plenty that aren’t. You anti-Americans can’t see the good or the shiny. Canadians smell is my experience. You guys know what soap is for?

  18. Apneaman on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 8:53 pm 

    Davy, is 2+2 anti-American? What a total fucking paranoid zerohedge brainwashed moron you are

    My comment was actually in support of yours countering America as the soul glutton nation on the planet, yet somehow, you twisted it into anti Americanism. I even laid out the case showing it was Europeans who invented mass consumerism.

    HOLY FUCK you are sooooooo fucking far gone it’s sad.

    “It will dispel any myths that Americans are the only ones.”

    Oh yeah retard, my words are just dripping with anti American sentiment.

    I was trying to be kind being the 4th and all. Nuff of that.

  19. Apneaman on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 9:04 pm 

    Definitely the most piggish and disgusting to ever exist.

    285 million pounds of fireworks: 4th of July by the numbers

    63.9% of people own a U.S. flag
    $4.4 million was spent on imports of U.S. flag, the vast majority of which came from China ($4.3 million)

    There is $6.77 billion in planned spending on Fourth of July food

    According to the American Pyrotechnics Association,

    Total amount of fireworks used: 285.3 million pounds
    Consumer fireworks used: 260.7 million pounds
    Display fireworks used: 24.6 million pounds

    10 of the nation’s Best 4th of July Firework Shows

    So how much money is spent on fireworks?

    Total revenue: $1.09 billion
    Consumer: $755 million
    Display: $340 million

    oink oink

    “Fireworks on the Fourth of July dramatically increase air pollution, boosting exposure to potentially dangerous pollutants for millions of onlookers, according to a recent study in the journal Atmospheric Environment.”

  20. Davy on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 9:06 pm 

    This is fun ape. I like when you get emotional. I have heard all your shit now for years so it’s mainly for your groupies in your circle jerk club. You fucks feed off each other that way.

  21. Apneaman on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 9:07 pm 

    4th of July Zombies – Americans Don’t Know Why We Celebrate Fourth of July!

    Fourth of July FAIL! – How Many Stars on the American Flag? – Zombie U.S. Citizens Don’t Know!

  22. Makati1 on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 9:35 pm 

    In other news: “Radioactive Waste Still Flooding Columbia River, EPA Says”

    Salmon glowing in the dark?

  23. Makati1 on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 9:55 pm 

    “As Americans Celebrate Independence, US Bombs Yet Another Sovereign Nation”

    Americans: Born by killing/plundering, existing by killing/plundering, and will die in a sea of their own blood and debt. Wait and see.

  24. Makati1 on Tue, 4th Jul 2017 10:09 pm 

    The feminization of human males by our own chemical & drug pollution?

    “In 2010, The Potomac Conservancy in Washington, D.C. called for more research to be done after it was found that more than 80 percent of male bass fish in the Potomac River exhibited female traits, such as eggs in their testes, likely due to a “toxic stew” of chemicals.”

    What’s in that glass of cold water you are drinking? LOL

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