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Page added on May 30, 2010

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A Growing Network Preparing for the World’s End

“A ‘shit hit the fan’ scenario happens to just about everyone sometime in their life,” he says. “Preparing and having a ‘prepper’ mindset will lessen the impact of whatever disaster it may be that you might experience in your life.”

Fair enough. But is it really necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on packaged emergency food — like this $999, one-year supply of freeze-dried “food” sold at Costco? According to customers who have purchased this product and others like it, it’s completely worth all your hard-earned dinero.

“No one can predict the future, but our economy sure isn’t what it used to be,” explains Stephen Bedford (pictured, above). His wife runs the website The Survival Mom, and both are committed preppers. “We can’t afford to live like it’s still 2005.”

The Prepper Mindset
As with any group, the prepper clan is made up a variety of mindsets. While some opt to stock up on pre-packaged products, others, like Martin, invest their time and money other ways.

“I spend more time learning skills, tips and ideas than I do money on equipment,” he tells Asylum. “Survival is an instinct; preparedness is not. Preparedness has to be learned.”

Hartley agrees. “In my opinion, it is more about taking personal responsibility for yourself and your family and being more self-reliant and less dependent on outside sources in an emergency,” he tells us.

And there you have it. Preppers get off on learning life skills, storing away massive amounts of long-lasting food, and talking about the end of the world as we know it.


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