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Defend the Hood

Defend the Hood thumbnail

Make sure to press CC on the video player for English subtitles In 2016, numerous attacks were launched at diverse symbols of gentrification in the Montreal neighborhoods of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Saint-Henri. We wanted to give space to the people involved so that they can explain a point of view, that corporate media consistently ignore or […]

Heinberg: Beyond Trump: The Path to Real Change

Public Policy

This webinar serves as a hopeful antidote to the paralysis felt by many following the election of Donald Trump as the 45th US President. In it, we go beyond the minutiae of the election campaign and explore the bigger picture, including: The increasingly corporatized and globalized economic system which has led to the rise of Donald Trump […]

Kunstler: The Deep State Blues

Public Policy

Lest you wonder, not only did I not vote for Mr. Trump (or Hillary), but I relished heaping opprobrium on him during the election campaign. Just so you know, I’m not advocating for him, but I’m alarmed that the Deep State (the White House + the Intel Agency gang) now appears to be trying to […]

All Rex Tillerson Cares About Is Energy

All Rex Tillerson Cares About Is Energy thumbnail

President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state holds a unique view of the soft-power side of American diplomacy and influence in the world. ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson said in his 2012 annual corporate letter that all the good for the world, its hopes and dreams, rests with energy. “In the coming decades,” Tillerson wrote, […]

Big Oil And The Traditionalist International

Big Oil And The Traditionalist International thumbnail

During the US election campaign I occasionally wondered if a Trump administration might occasionally do some oddball things that had positive outcomes. Even after the election he made time to meet with Al Gore and Leonardo Di Caprio to talk about global warming, which could have been seen as a sign there could be some […]

Michael Klare, Donald Trump’s Energy Nostalgia and the Path to Hell

Public Policy

The Trump administration-in-formation is a stew of generals, billionaires, and multimillionaires — and as in the case of retired Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, the likely new secretary of defense, even the military men seem to have made more than a few bucks in these last years.  In retirement, Mattis, for instance, joined the […]

United States of Oil—fossil fuels dominate the upcoming administration

United States of Oil—fossil fuels dominate the upcoming administration thumbnail

The new secretary of state? The CEO of ExxonMobil. The new head of the EPA? Part of a secretive alliance with fossil fuels companies. But those two are just the oily tip of the power oil, gas, and coal are building within the Trump administration. The oil, gas and coal industries are amassing power throughout Washington — from […]

Bombing resumes as Aleppo cease-fire falls apart

Bombing resumes as Aleppo cease-fire falls apart thumbnail

A cease-fire deal between rebels and the Syrian government in the city of Aleppo effectively collapsed on Wednesday, with fighter jets resuming deadly air raids over the opposition’s densely crowded enclave in the east of the city. The attacks threatened to scuttle plans to evacuate rebels and tens thousands of civilians out of harm’s way, […]

Poised For Collapse: How “Unrest Could Become Real Revolution” Inside America

Public Policy

There are many ways this could play out, but as’s Mac Slavo notes, few could deny that any number of critical factors are coming to a head right here at home. If economic collapse is particularly harsh, things could easily spiral out of control. Civil unrest could become the norm, and things could reach […]

Tillerson in His Own Words

Public Policy

Exxon Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rex Tillerson is President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to become Secretary of State. Here are some comments Tillerson, 64, has made in recent years on trade, sanctions and climate change: Exxon Diplomacy Anything that promotes global energy security is in U.S. national interest. Any steps we [Exxon] take to develop […]

Trump Likely to Pick Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry for Energy Secretary

Trump Likely to Pick Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry for Energy Secretary thumbnail

During an infamous campaign moment, Perry forgot the name of the Energy Department when listing three federal agencies he would abolish as president. President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly set to name former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as secretary of the Energy Department. Perry, who described the president-elect as both a “barking carnival act” and “a […]

T. Boone Pickens on Rex Tillerson, Oil

Public Policy

T. Boone Pickens, chairman and chief executive officer at BP Capital, discusses the possibility of Exxon Mobile chief Rex Tillerson being chosen as the new Secretary of State and his outlook for oil. He speaks to Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu and Joe Weisenthal on “What’d You Miss?” bloomberg

Kunstler: Trumpxuberance… Until It’s Not

Public Policy

“Markets shrugged off the Brexit vote in a couple of days. They shrugged off Donald Trump’s election in a single day. They shrugged off the Italian referendum result in a couple of hours. Heck, in this mood they would shrug off an alien invasion of planet Earth.” — Albert Edwards, Société Générale At this time […]

China’s civilizational diplomacy

Public Policy

China is quickly becoming a world power, capable of exercising considerable influence over other countries. And it is advancing to the center of the geopolitical stage just as – if not because – American and European leadership seems to be retreating into the wings. China certainly has a receptive audience. One reason is that the […]

Trump Picks Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson As Secretary Of State

Trump Picks Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson As Secretary Of State thumbnail

In a move that is certain to infuriate those who see Trump as nothing more than a puppet of the Kremlin, moments ago NBC reported that Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil and late entrant into the SecState race after his first meeting with the president elect this past Tuesday at the Trump Tower, has […]

Trump says ‘nobody really knows’ if climate change is real

Trump says ‘nobody really knows’ if climate change is real thumbnail

President-elect Donald Trump said Sunday that “nobody really knows” whether climate change is real and that he is “studying” whether the United States should withdraw from the global warming agreement struck in Paris a year ago. In an interview with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, Trump said he’s “very open-minded” on whether climate change is […]

How will the Arab world be next year?

How will the Arab world be next year? thumbnail

The Arab Strategy Forum will take place on Wednesday in Dubai. Under the direction and patronage of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Arab Strategy Forum will take place on Wednesday in Dubai. The forum will host a group of leading […]

Food Insecurity: An Agent for Violent Conflict

Food Insecurity: An Agent for Violent Conflict thumbnail

Up to two billion people live in countries affected by violence, conflict and fragility. Often, such political instability goes hand in hand with food insecurity. “Conflicts have pushed over 56 million people either into crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity”, Kimberly Flowers, Director of the Global Food Security Project, said at this years’ John […]

Record airstrike hits over 100 ISIL oil trucks

Record airstrike hits over 100 ISIL oil trucks thumbnail

Operation Inherent Resolve supported Iraqi security forces with airstrikes Dec. 8, 2016 that aimed to destroy 168 Da’esh oil tanker trucks in central Syria to degrade Da’esh revenue sources to fund terrorism. DVIDS (Photo: Stephane de Sakutin, AP) U.S. warplanes destroyed a fleet of 168 oil tanker trucks in Syria in the largest strike in […]

Trump EPA Pick Is Good At ‘Breaking Down Worthless Organizations’

Trump EPA Pick Is Good At ‘Breaking Down Worthless Organizations’ thumbnail

On Wednesday afternoon I was driving southeast from Houston in the direction of the Houston Ship Channel and its dozens of oil refineries and petrochemical plants. The air here is cleaner now than in decades past, thanks in large part to tighter federal air requirements. And despite regulations, Houston’s Refinery Row continues to grow, processing […]

Debunking the many myths about Arab youth

Debunking the many myths about Arab youth thumbnail

Arab youths are suffering from pervasive social exclusion, the highest unemployment levels in the world, and low female labour force participation, the Arab Human Development Report for 2016 has found. The annual report, entitled Youth and the Prospects of Human Development in a Changing Reality, was launched at the American University of Beirut in late November by […]

A Brief Timeline of Very Bad Years, From 2016 to 65000000 BC

A Brief Timeline of Very Bad Years, From 2016 to 65000000 BC thumbnail

The past year has been a rough one. The evidence was relentless: We lost David Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali, and a host of other beloved cultural figures died. There was Brexit, Zika and Harambe. Mass shootings and police shootings left a trail of incomprehensible death and destruction. All of this took place against the rage-filled backdrop of the 2016 presidential election, […]

Russia Said to Seek Compliance Talks at Saturday’s OPEC Meeting

Public Policy

Russia will seek discussions at a planned meeting with OPEC on Saturday about how the group will fully comply with production cuts, following an increase in its November oil output, said a government official. Russia will fulfill its pledge to cut production by as much as 300,000 barrels a day, if the Organization of Petroleum […]

ENDGAME: Blueprint For Global Extermination

Public Policy

Agenda 2030 is being rolled out to condition the populace to accept total government control in all aspects of life with no possessions and no privacy. Alex Jones breaks down the elites latest developments to manage your life, destroy the middle class, and engage in mass population eradication. Aldous Huxley – Speech at UC Berkeley, […]

Bolshiness Is Back

Bolshiness Is Back thumbnail

The Economist has a look at the slide towards deglobalisation in their “World In 2016” edition – Bolshiness Is Back. I’m not sure raising the spectre of Lenin and communism makes much sense though, given that the global left is basically dead and the threat to the liberal order is coming entirely from right wing […]

Edward Snowden — A Brave Young Man and a Heroic American

Edward Snowden — A Brave Young Man and a Heroic American thumbnail

Interview with Edward Snowden by Steven Erlanger Q. There’s a campaign for President Obama to pardon you before he leaves office. For many people, you’re a whistle-blowing hero, and for many other people you’re a traitor who broke your oath and betrayed your country. Having knowingly broken the law and fled the jurisdiction of the […]

Preface to the Coming World Crisis

Public Policy

By Keith Hart There is a growing sense among the radical left in Europe and the United States which has crystallized after Brexit and Trump’s election. It is that the end of liberalism in all its forms is nigh and the West/Security Council will soon be ‘fascist’, if Le Pen becomes French President. Poor old […]

Kunstler: The Deepening Deep State

Public Policy

One amusing angle on the news media broadside about Russia “hacking” the US election is the failure to mention — or even imagine! — that the US incessantly and continually runs propaganda psy-ops against every other country in the world. And I’m not even including the venerable, old, out-in-the-open propaganda organs like Voice of America […]

Dakota Access Pipeline to be re-routed

Public Policy

Federal officials will not provide a permit that would allow the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota, a government representative announced Sunday, a decision that set off celebrations among the thousands of protesters who have spent months camped out on the land in an effort to block construction efforts. […]

The World Prays for the End of America’s Global Hegemony

Public Policy

America’s global hegemony was initially crafted in 1913, through the introduction of the income tax, the creation of the Federal Reserve, and the consequent rise of the military industrial complex.  Since then, America now operates 800 military bases in more than 70 countries, which has forcefully been subsidized through the taxation of the American population. […]

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