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US Geological Survey To Reevaluate Bakken Oil Reserves


Federal geologists will lead a push to reevaluate the total amount of recoverable oil near North Dakota’s Bakken formation, according to the state’s Senator John Hoeven. Hoeven requested the new analysis from the U.S. Geological Survey in an attempt to attract new investors to the shale play. The survey will now include 17 other formations […]

The Super Basin Behind US NatGas Dominance


Natural gas production in the United States has skyrocketed over the past five years, making the carbon-light fossil fuel cheaper to access and plentiful for export, according to a new report by the Energy Information Administration. Production in the Appalachia region alone has seen a jump of 14 billion cubic feet per day since 2012, […]

US Vastly Overstates Oil Output Forecasts, MIT Study Suggests


Turns out, America’s decade-long shale boom might just end up being a little too good to be true. There’s no denying that fracking has turned the U.S. into a force in the global oil and gas markets, which has more than a few people abuzz about the prospect of energy independence. But now, researchers at […]

The global resource shortage you have never heard about


If someone were to ask you to name the most-extracted materials on Earth, you might answer with fossil fuels or biomass. However, by weight, the answer is actually sand and gravel. Picture sand and most people think of seas, river deltas, deserts and endless miles of beaches — a never-ending resource that seemingly will last […]

Abiogenic Petroleum: Peak Oil and “Fossil Fuels” – Debunked


Live on Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific time – UnSpun #094: Greg Quinones is a business consultant, writer, public speaker, trainer and teacher. He is Founder and Managing Executive Partner of ZEN Enhanced Oil Recovery (ZENEOR) a Texas based privately held limited liability company. ZENEOR specializes in “out-of-the-box” thinking in oil production and process. Through extensive […]

Iran-Iraq earthquake: Hundreds killed as border region hit

Iran-Iraq earthquake: Hundreds killed as border region hit thumbnail

A 7.3-magnitude earthquake has shaken the northern border region between Iran and Iraq, killing at least 348 people and injuring thousands more. One Iranian aid agency said 70,000 people needed shelter after the quake, one of the largest this year. The majority of those who died were in Iran’s western Kermanshah province. Nearly 5,660 were […]

Pemex makes Mexico’s biggest onshore oil find in 15 years


Mexico’s national oil company Pemex has made its biggest onshore oil discovery in 15 years with a find in the eastern state of Veracruz, President Enrique Pena Nieto said on Friday. Tanker trucks of state-owned company Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) are seen in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico October 4, 2017. REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez Pena Nieto said Pemex […]

Warming oceans, melting ice caps and a super volcano


Mother Earth we are sorry. Humans seem to be the most destructive species on the planet. Can we not help our destructive ways? Our carbon emitting habits prove that. We are destroying the only planet we can call home. This year’s hurricane season is proving itself to be one for the books. Ten consecutive storms […]

ExxonMobil ‘Puts Guyana on the Map’ with Discovery


Exxon Mobil Corp. on Thursday reported its fifth new oil discovery after drilling the Turbot-1 well offshore Guyana with the Stena Carron drillship. “The results from this latest well further illustrate the tremendous potential we see from our exploration activities offshore Guyana,” ExxonMobil Exploration Co. President Steve Greenlee said in a company announcement. “ExxonMobil, along […]

Call For Reviewers: Mathematical GeoEnergy


A new book entitled Mathematical GeoEnergy: Oil Discovery, Depletion and Renewable Energy Analysis     by Paul Pukite, Dennis Coyne, and Dan Challou will be published late next year by Wiley as part of their AGU Book Series. We are looking for potential reviewers of the manuscript. As the title implies, the contents are math intensive, and […]

‘Game-Changing’ new research on prolific Permian Basin estimates 60 billion to 70 billion barrels remain

‘Game-Changing’ new research on prolific Permian Basin estimates 60 billion to 70 billion barrels remain thumbnail

Energy researchers at IHS Markit have completed the first, three-year phase of a massive Permian Basin research project that models and interprets the giant basin’s key geologic characteristics to better estimate its remaining hydrocarbon potential, and initial results indicate the giant basin still holds an estimated 60 billion to 70 billion barrels of technically recoverable […]

Plentiful oil will sustain the age of hydrocarbons


  Last week, I wrote about the likelihood of a long plateau of oil demand at something around 100m barrels a day for the next two to three decades. That figure reflects a balance between falling consumption of petrol as electric vehicle numbers grow and continuing increases in demand for diesel for the freight business, […]

Only ~10% Of UK’s Recoverable Offshore Oil & Gas Reserves Remain


Only around 10% of the UK’s original offshore recoverable oil and gas reserves now remain, according to a new study from the University of Edinburgh. This means that at current rates of extraction, the UK’s reserves will only last another decade or so. Once the UK’s oil and gas reserves run out, it will become […]

United Kingdom’s Oil, Gas Reserves May Be Depleted Within 10 Years


A recent study suggests oil industries in the United Kingdom are entering their final decade of production. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland analyzed the output from offshore fields and found nearly 10 percent of the U.K.’s original recoverable oil and gas remains, according to a release on the study. This is roughly 11 percent of […]

NKorea Nuclear Tests Could Trigger ‘Supervolcano’ Eruption

NKorea Nuclear Tests Could Trigger ‘Supervolcano’ Eruption thumbnail

After North Korea’s latest nuclear test, scientists are worried that more underground explosions in the isolated country’s rocky north could set the stage for a deadly volcanic eruption not unlike the one that NASA fears could be brewing in the Yellowstone caldera. Following the North’s sixth nuclear test Chinese authorities have stepped up radiation monitoring […]

Earth Is Starting to Run Out of Sand

Earth Is Starting to Run Out of Sand thumbnail

When most of us think of limited resources, typically fossil fuels, trees or fresh water reserves come to mind. But, can we now add sand to the list? Well, according to scientists, our sand supplies are not only being depleted, but it’s happening at an alarming rate. Certainly, we’re all aware of the growing population […]

Global Ocean Circulation Appears To Be Collapsing Due To A Warming Planet

Global Ocean Circulation Appears To Be Collapsing Due To A Warming Planet thumbnail

Scientists have long known about the anomalous “warming hole” in the North Atlantic Ocean, an area immune to warming of Earth’s oceans. This cool zone in the North Atlantic Ocean appears to be associated with a slowdown in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), one of the key drivers in global ocean circulation. A recent […]

Norway’s Arctic Oil Ambitions Suffer As Most Promising Well Yields None


Norway’s hope of discovering a large oilfield in the Barents Sea has suffered a major setback after the far north Arctic’s most promising reservoir turned out to contain only small amounts of natural gas. Statoil, the country’s top oil and gas producer, has stepped up drilling in the Barents Sea this year as the government […]

Our Photovoltaic Future: The Metabolic Revolutions of the Earth’s History


    Illustration from the recent paper by Olivia Judson on “Nature Ecology & Evolution (2017) “The Energy Expansions of Evolution”.  Olivia Judson published a very interesting paper this March on “Nature Ecology & Evolution“. It is a wonderful cavalcade along 4 billion years of the history of the Earth, seeing it in terms of five “metabolic revolutions.” […]

Big Oil’s Dream of $65 Billion Hidden Off Norway Is Fading Away

Big Oil’s Dream of $65 Billion Hidden Off Norway Is Fading Away thumbnail

Norway’s oil industry has been salivating for years over the Arctic Lofoten islands, which could hold billions of barrels of crude. It will likely have to keep dreaming. The general election next month is unlikely to lift a deadlock that’s keeping a ban on drilling off the environmentally sensitive archipelago as more and more Norwegians […]

Mystery surrounds only oil well drilled in ANWR

Mystery surrounds only oil well drilled in ANWR thumbnail

With oil development advocates again emboldened by the prospects of cracking open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a big secret that could add to the continuing debate over exploration remains as cloaked in mystery as ever. Experts say data from the KIC-1 well — the only well ever drilled in the refuge — remains the tightest of North […]

A last-resort ‘planet-hacking’ plan could make Earth habitable for longer


One way to prevent the Earth’s temperature from rising into a city-drowning, hurricane-strengthening, heat-stroke–triggering danger zone is to immediately switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. At the moment, that transition seems unlikely. So scientists and tech innovators are also investigating various forms of geoengineering — an approach that involves transforming the Earth’s clouds and skies in ways that […]

Permian Oil Reserves Are Grossly Exaggerated


We are entering a new age of American energy dominance according to Energy Secretary Rick Perry. President Trump reflected that view in comments he made last week that “…we’ve got underneath us more oil than anybody, and nobody knew it until five years ago.” Trump was referring to tight oil production and today, that means the Permian basin. […]

Road Trip to the End of the World

Road Trip to the End of the World thumbnail

“Who you with?” “I’m a science journalist,” I said, jolted from my reverie on the shoulder of I-68 in Maryland, where a crowd of geologists had gathered on a field trip to poke at some rocks revealed by the highway department’s dynamite. The rocks, slate gray and studded with pebbles from a punishing ice age, […]

Magnitude 4.2 quake strikes near Cushing, Oklahoma, oil storage hub


An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.2 on Friday struck Stroud, Oklahoma, about 20 miles (32.2 km) from the key oil storage hub in Cushing, Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS) said. There were no reports of damage from the quake, Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) spokesman Matt Skinner said by phone. The OCC and […]

Major Oil Deposit in Gulf of Mexico


One of Mexico’s earliest private-sector energy investors says that it has struck it big with a significant oil discovery in Mexican waters. Britain’s Premier Oil PLC, along with partners Talos Energy of Houston and Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico City, said Wednesday that exploratory drilling in the Zama-1 field, located in the shallow waters […]

A 1 trillion-ton iceberg has broken off Antarctica, and scientists say it’s one of the largest ever recorded

A 1 trillion-ton iceberg has broken off Antarctica, and scientists say it’s one of the largest ever recorded thumbnail

A 300-foot-wide, 70-mile-long rift in Antarctica’s Larsen C Ice Shelf, as seen in November 2016. John Sonntag/IceBridge/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Antarctica has shed an iceberg that’s big enough to fill Lake Michigan. It weighs about 1 trillion metric tonnes. It may be the third-largest iceberg recorded since satellites began taking photos of Earth. Human […]

The World Keeps Not Running Out of Oil

The World Keeps Not Running Out of Oil thumbnail

The world has anticipated the “rapid exhaustion” of crude oil supplies for at least 100 years.Will it go on being close to running out of crude for the next 100? “Peak Oil” — the idea that global oil production will soon reach a maximum and then begin to decline — attracted a significant number of […]

Is Saudi Arabia Depending Too Much On The Ghawar Field?

Is Saudi Arabia Depending Too Much On The Ghawar Field? thumbnail

  About the only joy Fossil Fuelers have been getting lately is the sweet satisfaction that the ‘Peak Oil’ crowd got it wrong. What the Fossil Fuelers may need to start chewing on is that peak oil, which is merely a description of an inevitability for a limited resource (you heard it here last – […]

The Atlas for the end of the world

The Atlas for the end of the world thumbnail

Richard Weller has written “an atlas for the beginning of the anthropocene” – Atlas for the end of the world. Coming almost 450 years after the world’s first Atlas, this Atlas for the End of the World audits the status of land use and urbanization in the most critically endangered bioregions on Earth. It does […]

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