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Global Warming Hysteria: Record Heat, Vanishing Sunspots, Co2, and Lawsuits


There’s record heat, but why? How do we measure it? What’s going on with sunspots? Blame the US? Answers below. Record Heat ​ Yes, there’s “record heat” thanks to the nonsensical way we measure temperatures. Mann-Made Warming Watts Up With That provides a humorous, but accurate, summation in Friday Funny: Josh on Mann-Made Warming. In […]

‘How Many Humans Can the Earth Support?’ Mathematics Professor Addresses Ahead of World Population Day

‘How Many Humans Can the Earth Support?’ Mathematics Professor Addresses Ahead of World Population Day thumbnail

Humans are the most populous large mammal on Earth today, and probably in all of geological history. This World Population Day, humans number in the vicinity of 7.5 to 7.6 billion individuals. Can the Earth support this many people indefinitely? What will happen if we do nothing to manage future population growth and total resource […]

Why ‘Orphan’ Oil And Gas Wells Are A Growing Problem For States


When Bill West drives his weed sprayer over wheat and hay fields at his ranch northwest of Gillette, Wyoming, he occasionally bumps into debris from the more than a hundred defunct natural gas wells on his 10,000-acre property. The company that owned the wells went out of business four years ago, leaving behind fuse boxes, […]

Global Warming Could Be Double What Models Predict


An international team of researchers suggest that future global warming may eventually be twice as warm as projected by climate models Global warming could be much worse than predicated by current climate models. Researchers often use records of Earth’s past to predict changes in the future. A latest assessment of past warm periods shows that […]

For 9 months, I’ve asked environmentalists why they don’t address immigration as population issue


For 9 months, I’ve had scores of conversations with environmental leaders and thinkers about immigration’s impact on the U.S. population and environment. I heard some of this: I hope the Trump administration is successful at reducing future immigration flows because such incessant population growth is inhibiting our ability to conserve other species’ habitats. But I […]

Overpopulation Problem? What Overpopulation Problem?


Some people seem to be horrified at the sight of these images. For me, it is more a sensation of melancholy. These masses of people can exist only for a brief moment in the history of humankind. Overpopulation is a problem that will solve itself rather quickly although, unfortunately, not without pain. I keep reading […]

Meanwhile, In The Arctic…


In a development that could further advantage OPEC members as they step up production to compensate for falling exports out of Venezuela and (potentially) Iran, the Barents Observer is reporting that two of Russia’s largest Arctic out-shipment points for oil and LNG have become “packed with ice” leaving tankers and carriers stranded in the “paralyzed” […]

Tracking the dangers of air pollution

Tracking the dangers of air pollution thumbnail

A sea of grass ripples in the wind, whilst occasional clumps of heather stand proud, refusing to bend. In the distance gullies on the Pentland Hills hold the remnants of winter snow. Sheep graze and lapwings sound their distinctive “peewit” call. If it weren’t for the cluster of boxes, tubes and metal rods, you’d be […]

Climate Alarm: Failed Prognostications


“If the current pace of the buildup of these gases continues, the effect is likely to be a warming of 3 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit [between now and] the year 2025 to 2050…. The rise in global temperature is predicted to … caus[e] sea levels to rise by one to four feet by the middle […]

Solar Overtakes Gas, Wind as Source of New US Power


Despite tariffs that President Trump imposed on imported panels, the U.S. installed more solar energy than any other source of electricity in the first quarter. Developers installed 2.5 gigawatts of solar in the first quarter, up 13 percent from a year earlier, according to a report Tuesday from the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM […]

India’s ‘worst water crisis in its history’ is only going to get worse

India’s ‘worst water crisis in its history’ is only going to get worse thumbnail

India is suffering from the worst water crisis in its history and around 600 million people face a severe water shortage, according to a government think tank. Approximately 200,000 people die every year due to inadequate access to clean water and it’s “only going to get worse” as 21 cities are likely to run out […]

Concrete is the stuff civilization is made of. But for all its blessings, there are huge environmental costs

Concrete is the stuff civilization is made of. But for all its blessings, there are huge environmental costs thumbnail

You may not realize it, but as you read this you are probably surrounded by the most important artificial material ever invented. Is there a floor beneath you, walls around, a roof overhead? Chances are excellent they are made at least partly out of this astonishingly underappreciated material: concrete. To most people, concrete is just […]

The Population Explosion


Of all the problems of the world one that is of serious concern is the population explosion which is increasing beyond control. What will be the fate of human beings if this trend goes on relentlessly whereas the productive capacity of the planet earth is getting limited to feed them. The poor poverty-stricken people of […]

It’s a ‘Toxic World’


After hearing Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo co-founder Jeremy Grantham’s keynote on Tuesday at the 2018 Morningstar annual conference in Chicago, there is no doubt RIAs in the audience were persuaded to utilize sustainable investing methods. Grantham, who said 98% of his net worth was invested in or committed to environmental foundations, gave a sobering speech on […]

Berkeley declares ‘climate emergency’ worse than World War II, demands ‘humane’ population control


The Berkeley City Council on Tuesday night declared what it called a “climate emergency” with more global significance than World War II, and demanded an immediate effort to “humanely stabilize population” and “reverse ecological overshoot.” The resolution, which invokes the global conflict between the Axis and Allies, charges that Americans bear an “extraordinary responsibility to […]

A global Dust Bowl is coming


More than 40 percent of the global population, more than 2 billion people, have a dust problem. Not “dust” meaning the grey puffs under the couch, but the dust of the Dust Bowl: microscopic soil particles, less than 0.05 millimeters across, so small that they get hoisted up into the wind and end up in […]

Global Civilisation to Descend into ‘Hell on Earth’ Unless we Choose a New Paradigm


Late last year, Dr. Jeremy Leggett — solar energy entrepreneur, former oil man and government advisor — gave an eye-opening talk where he for the first time laid out his vision for two possible futures facing human civilisation. <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> Resurgence Talks: Jeremy Leggett – The Solar Civilisation, Renaissance, and the New […]

New Mathematical Model Does NOT Prove Civilization Ends In 1 Of 3 Horrible Scenarios

New Mathematical Model Does NOT Prove Civilization Ends In 1 Of 3 Horrible Scenarios thumbnail

This is a first paper in what they hope to be a long term study. It’s an interesting project, but it should not be used to predict what will happen to Earth in the future. Instead we should rely on projections by the scientists who are studying the effects of climate change, our population growth, […]

Rivers run through all of it


“Painful” was the word used to describe the challenging agreement reached last week between the city of Aspen and five parties opposing Aspen’s specious water-storage scenarios in Maroon and Castle creeks. The pain of water politics is just beginning. Serious drought conditions rippling throughout the seven states comprising the Colorado River watershed make us feel […]

Avoiding self-inflicted extinction. What are the solutions?

Avoiding self-inflicted extinction. What are the solutions? thumbnail

Humankind has the unenviable duty to address the looming threats of runaway climate change and environmental collapse. At risk are Earth’s millions of species and our human civilisation, all of which could face severe hardship or even extinction by the end of this century. It seems like an impossibility: to meaningfully reduce our impact while […]

Turning Trees Into Enemies. The New War on Forests

Turning Trees Into Enemies. The New War on Forests thumbnail

The San Marco Square in Florence in 2017. You can see the ancient trees of the square being cut as part of a plan that involved the removal of several hundred trees in the whole city. The action was accompanied by a propaganda campaign against trees that looked curiously similar to that used to justify […]

The Next Big Crisis: Drinking Water

The Next Big Crisis: Drinking Water thumbnail

You might be looking at the next global crisis right now. Because as easily as most people get a clean drink out of the tap, billions of people can’t take that for granted. This problem is only going to get worse. For decades water access has been a slow-growing crisis as many parts of the […]

Bill Ryerson – Dealing With The Elephant In The Room: Overpopulation


Worldwide, three new humans are born every second. Every day, 225,000 more mouths are added to the global dinner table. That adds up to 80 million new people per year — the population equivalent of the five largest cities in the world. That’s like a new Shanghai, a new Beijing, a new New Delhi, a […]

Is there enough water and land on Earth to meet global food demands?


Do We Have Enough Resources? Currently, we already produce more food than we need to feed the existing global population. According to Gordon Conway, author of One Billion Hungry: Can We Feed the World?, an equal division of all the food on earth would provide every person with 2,800 calories a day, which is more […]

The Anthropocene extinction

The Anthropocene extinction thumbnail

The Sixth Extinction There have been five major extinctions in the earth’s history and twenty lesser extinction events. They are all cataloged by Wikipedia here: Extinction events And here, below, are all the extinction events since the KT extinction. The event 2 million years ago was, of course, the start of the ice ages. However, […]

America’s ‘Cadillac Desert’: Is there a substitute for fresh water?


Thirty years after Marc Reisner penned Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water his prophesy is being fulfilled. As the chalky rings which mark previous higher water levels around Colorado River reservoirs grow ever wider, Grist reports that major disputes are now afoot over the remaining water supply. Modern economists have long told […]

The ecologists who think moving to cities will save the planet

The ecologists who think moving to cities will save the planet thumbnail

Getty Images / H. Armstrong Roberts / Stringer As far as professions go, conservationists are not known for their optimism. And, with the future of the planet looking so bleak, who can blame them? By 2100, the world is on track for more than three degrees of warming, sliding past the targets set by the […]

Mysterious “Dead Zone” In Arabian Sea Far Worse Than Expected


Thanks to advances in robotic technology, scientists have been able to study a massive “dead zone” in the Arabian sea – a region with so little oxygen that virtually nothing can live. Scientists began to observe the oxygen-starved zones in the 1970s – which naturally form in the deep sea, but are also found wherever excess nitrogen and phosphorous-based fertilizers run off into coastal […]

Climate change is ‘not as bad as we thought’ say scientists

Climate change is ‘not as bad as we thought’ say scientists thumbnail

CLIMATE change is likely to be markedly less severe than forecast, a study claimed yesterday. It predicted that the impact could be up to 45 per cent less intense than is widely accepted. But the study emerged as other scientists said winter waves pounding the Scottish and Irish coasts have grown grow by up to […]

Fukushima Seven Years Later: Case Closed?

Fukushima Seven Years Later: Case Closed? thumbnail

Investigators at the Fukushima power plant. Official investigations into the Fukushima nuclear disaster conclude that upholding international safety standards alone guarantees nuclear safety, But the plant manager’s account of the catastrophe sheds  new light on the story, writes Franck Guarnieri of MINES ParisTech university. Courtesy: The Conversation.   On March 11, 2011, a nuclear disaster struck Japan. […]

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