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Is There Life Before Death?

Is There Life Before Death? thumbnail

As the conversation about Near-Term Human Extinction (NTHE) grows increasingly deafening, I notice many people behaving as if they are already dead—and in fact they may be. Do we have 15 years, 20 years, 50 years? Should I move to another location? What’s the point of doing the job I now have? Why even have […]

Population growth will fall to zero in Asia by 2050

Population growth will fall to zero in Asia by 2050 thumbnail

Asia’s rapidly ageing population means the region is shifting from being the biggest contributor to the global workforce to subtracting hundreds of millions of people from it, according to the International Monetary Fund. The reversal of the so-called “demographic dividend” will drag on global growth and also that in Asia, the world’s fastest growing region, […]

What if it IS Different for Oil This Time?


It’s time we prepare ourselves. It may actually be different for oil this time… Yeah, I know. It’s an article of faith for investors. Anytime you hear someone say, “It’s different this time,” you can chuckle to yourself with an air of superiority, because you know, you KNOW, that person is just wrong. And not only […]

Is There Such a Thing as a “Net Energy Cliff?”

Is There Such a Thing as a “Net Energy Cliff?” thumbnail

New research outlines how energy resource depletion and declining energy return on investment (EROI) may affect prosperity. Modern, prosperous lifestyles are heavily dependent on the availability of abundant, low-cost energy supplies. In fact, a society and its component parts (people, groups, organisations, institutions) are physical systems that require inflows of affordable energy resources with high […]

Art Berman: Don’t Get Used To Today’s Low Oil Prices


Oil expert and geological consultant Art Berman returns to the podcast this week to address head-on the question: Was the Peak Oil theory wrong? With the world “awash” in sub-$50 per barrel oil, were all the warnings about persistently higher future oil prices just a bunch of alarmist hand-wringing? In a word: No. Art explains […]

When Trucks Stop Running: Energy and the Future of Transportation

When Trucks Stop Running: Energy and the Future of Transportation thumbnail

I left off last week’s post – “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees, Industrial-Scale Renewable Energy Does” – by mentioning the existence of a rather excellent resource. By that I didn’t mean an energy resource, but rather a book – a book that nonetheless gives a rather fine breakdown of our various energy resources and their […]

Icebergs to be towed from Antarctica to United Arab Emirates for drinking water


Icebergs to be towed from Antarctica to United Arab Emirates for drinking water Icebergs could create micro-climates in the region and bring rain to the arid landscape Simulations predict it will take up to one year to tow an iceberg to the UAE

Real Economic Growth Is 2%


Bill Gross, a fund manager at Janus Capital, says real economic growth in the U.S. is a 2 percent number going forward. Prior to that, Jean-Claude Trichet, former ECB president, says he agrees with Emmanuel Macron on respecting rules and reforming France. Alan Krueger, a professor at Princeton University, remembers the legacy of economist William […]

Humans prosper because of oil, natural gas


The global warming alarmists who want to shut down pipelines, cap wells, limit exploration and make wind and solar the major sources of energy aren’t doing humanity any good, according to a new assessment by a world-recognized think tank, says Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. If the green crowd that is pursuing the 80 percent greenhouse-gas emissions reduction […]

The Times, They Are a-Changin’


Monetary policy is on hold: The Fed has set a pattern of interest rate increases and is sticking to it. Fiscal policy is also on hold. Republican scorpions bottled in the House of Representatives are split between deficit hawks and deficit doves, and those favoring a border tax and those joining the president in skepticism […]

Oil just dropped to a 5-month low below $46

Oil just dropped to a 5-month low below $46 thumbnail

Oil prices struck a new 2017 low on Thursday as mixed U.S. stockpile data compounded bearishness that has permeated the energy complex in recent weeks. U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude fell below $46 and international benchmark Brent breached $49, both sinking to the lowest level since Nov. 30, the day the Organization of the Petroleum […]

Why the Phrase ‘Late Capitalism’ Is Suddenly Everywhere

Why the Phrase ‘Late Capitalism’ Is Suddenly Everywhere thumbnail

A job advertisement celebrating sleep deprivation? That’s late capitalism. Free-wheeling Coachella outfits that somehow all look the same and cost thousands of dollars? Also late capitalism. Same goes for this wifi-connected $400 juicer that does no better than human hands, Pepsi’s advertisement featuring Kendall Jenner, United Airlines’ forcible removal of a seated passenger who just […]

The Return Of Bearishness In Oil Markets


The oil bears are gaining leverage over the bulls as confidence in the stability of crude prices continues to wane. Oil prices traded above $50 per barrel for most of the first quarter, falling back into the $40s in March, although it quickly rebounded back above $50 in April. The high level of OPEC compliance […]

What Is Shaping the Global Oil Market?

What Is Shaping the Global Oil Market? thumbnail

In today’s “Futures in Focus,” Dan Deming of KKM Financial discusses the outlook for oil and impact on the market from geopolitical unrest. He speaks with Vonnie Quinn on “Bloomberg Markets.”

Aramco, IEA warn of future supply crunch


Two of the most influential voices in the oil market today separately set out a stark picture of a coming crude supply shortfall. The IEA and state-owned Saudi Aramco both pointed to the sharp reduction in investment levels since the oil price began to fall in 2014, and warned of trouble ahead. The IEA said […]

Peak oil demand ‘not in sight’ in next few decades – Aramco CEO


The peaking demand on oil will not loom over in the next few decades, Aramco’s CEO stated at the 18th International Oil Summit held in Paris on Thursday. “Long-term factors truly define and impact the energy industry, not misplaced notions like ‘peak oil demand’ or ‘stranded resources’,” he said, according to the Saudi oil company’s official […]

EIA: Global Oil Supply to Lag Demand After 2020

EIA: Global Oil Supply to Lag Demand After 2020 thumbnail

Global oil discoveries fell to a record low in 2016 as companies continued to cut spending and conventional oil projects sanctioned were at the lowest level in more than 70 years, according to the International Energy Agency (EIA). Both trends could continue this year, and the EIA warns that global oil supply could lag demand […]

The Autopsy Is in: Natural Gas Killed Coal

The Autopsy Is in: Natural Gas Killed Coal thumbnail

In case anyone doubts the death of coal, experts just issued the autopsy. A new report from the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University looks at exactly what’s causing coal’s demise. It finds that cheap natural gas is responsible for roughly half the decline in U.S. coal consumption. Falling demand for electricity and […]

What Myth Will Replace The American Dream?


There is a thinking in primordial images, in symbols which are older than the historical man, which are inborn in him from the earliest times, eternally living, outlasting all generations, still make up the groundwork of the human psyche. It is only possible to live the fullest life when we are in harmony with these […]

Electric Car Boom Seen Triggering Peak Oil Demand in 2030s


Electric cars are coming fast — and that’s not just the opinion of carmakers anymore. Total SA, one of the world’s biggest oil producers, is now saying EVs may constitute almost a third of new-car sales by the end of the next decade. The surge in battery powered vehicles will cause demand for oil-based fuels […]

People aren’t buying enough gas


Lackluster gasoline demand is once again raising concerns that the oil market won’t be able to escape the doldrums. Demand for U.S. gasoline has recovered since January, but remained below 2016 levels throughout much of this year. Now, analysts are worried weak consumption will cause gasoline stockpiles to keep building and eventually result in weaker […]

Alternative Fuels Seek to Keep the Party Going


With Earth Day as a backdrop, alternative fuel advocates, including natural gas vehicle (NGV) proponents, put on their party hats and marked a variety of milestones in the clean fuel sector, starting with the metropolitan transit authority in San Antonio, TX. VIA Metropolitan Transit on Thursday rolled out the first of more than 400 new […]

IMF Boosts Global Growth Forecast to 3.5% Despite Geopolitical Angst


The global economy is on course for its best performance in several years despite trade tensions and looming geopolitical threats, the International Monetary Fund said ahead of a meeting of world finance chiefs in Washington this week. Investors are skittish over a potential U.S. standoff with North Korea, France’s elections and Washington’s fresh use of […]

The Price Of Oil Might Soar This Year

The Price Of Oil Might Soar This Year thumbnail

Well here’s something totally and definitely unexpected: oil prices are forecasted to rise this year. Nobody saw that one coming. No one. Uh uh. Not a single person. Ever. Oil is expected to rise by $10 a barrel in 2017, according to analysts at Citigroup, reports CNBC. In a note published earlier this week, the […]

Oil Price Volatility and US EIA Data

Oil Price Volatility and US EIA Data thumbnail

A number of news media pieces have recently suggested that oil prices may fall due to soaring output in the US.  Output from US light tight oil (LTO) may not rise as quickly as some EIA reports may suggest. One source of confusion is that the EIA creates many reports and some are more reliable […]

Fracking Bolsters the American Economy


Our friends at Institute for Energy Research shared this guest post with us, which was written by their founder and CEO, Robert Bradley, Jr. and recently published in Forbes. Warning: low-cost, clean energy may be hazardous to your health. Or so say environmental activists who will trot out any line of attack in their crusade against fossil fuels. For years, […]

Citi Sees $65 Oil By Christmas


Maybe the surge in U.S. shale production won’t kill off the oil price rally after all. Oil prices could rise as high as the mid-$60s per barrel by the end of the year, according to a new analysis from Citigroup. That even takes into account the ongoing rebound in U.S. shale production. U.S. oil production […]

‘Alt’ Data in Emerging Markets


In increasingly volatile, global markets, news that is meaningful for investment portfolios doesn’t just come out of Washington, New York, London or Brussels. Real-time, breaking news can surface from an oilfield in Nigeria, a street protest in Jakarta, or a business conference in Brazil. Or any of the countless other places in emerging economies, which […]

Tom Whipple: Peak Oil Review – 17 Apr 2017

Tom Whipple: Peak Oil Review – 17 Apr 2017 thumbnail

Quote of the Week “The shortcoming of oil replacement by the drill bit has been quite drastic … Discoveries are not keeping up with production.” Per Magnus Nysveen, head of analysis, Rystad Energy.  Last year, 10 billion barrels of oil were discovered, around one third of global consumption, including well-appraisal activity, said Nysveen. He added […]

Population: Threat to the economy

Population: Threat to the economy thumbnail

As of Thursday, April 13, 2017, India’s population, based on the latest United Nations estimates, was 1,339,040,095, only some 47 million more than China’s total population on that day. The UN estimate (Worldometers) records India’s population as 17.86 per cent of the total world population as against China’s 18.47 per cent. In 2016, India’s population […]

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